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About Our Company

    When it comes to choosing the right pool heater we know it can be confusing. We are here to help guide you to pick the highest quality heat pump from some of the most reliable manufacturers that will give you the highest savings in operational costs and will give you and your family many years of warm water and happy pool experiences.

We supply a variety of pool heating methods available in a full range of capacities and models, from gas pool heaters, propane pool heaters, pool heat pumps, electric pool heaters for spa hot tubs and even solar pool heaters to heat and cool your in-ground pool or above ground pool any time of year for the perfect temperature. If you would like assistance estimating and comparing heating costs for different heating methods, our professionals can assist you.

Quality support is provided to all of our customers and we invite you to check our credentials and our customer reviews to discover how thousands of clients just like you have been delighted.

Call toll free 1-800-741-9956 to speak with an expert to discuss your preferred swimming temperature and usage patterns, or get a free pool heating cost analysis online. An expert will evaluate your pool size, pool environment and other performance factors and provide a customized analysis that will show your recommended heater size, costs and savings.

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Pool Heater Reviews and Testimonials

  Best Pool Heater Reviews
I couldn’t be more happy with my pool heat pump. Even though it was costly up front it will more than pay itself off. It heated our water so quickly to our desired temperature (way less than 24 hours even). It is so very quiet and so efficient. It barely turns on and is able to keep the water temperature at the level desired. We have barely seen a change in our electric bill..we were shocked!  We unfortunately had to drain our pool in the middle of pool season because our liner had a hole in it.. so we refilled our pool with COLD hose water, turned on the heater.. and once again in about 12+ hours we had 90 degree pool water again. The customer service was great from this company. I was so confused on what size heat pump I needed to buy and the stores around me were not very helpful. I emailed what I was looking for and within hours I had someone calling me and walking through which product would be perfect for my needs. THAT”S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I don’t EVER write reviews for products but my experience was so great that I needed to let others know that are looking that this is what they should get and where they should purchase from!


Cleveland, Ohio

Aquacal Tropical 115 Heat Pump

Pool Size: 21ft Round Pool, 12,000 Gallons

  Best Pool Heater Reviews
We live in central NJ. Our heavily shaded in-ground pool (21,000 gallons) had a propane heater system that needed major repairs. My wife and I are engineers, and we ran the numbers for all of our heater replacement options using our experience with the propane system as a reference. We decided that the cost savings and environmental benefits from a heat pump outweighed any inconvenience from the reduced heating rate compared to natural or propane gas. We brought in three pool companies to quote the work. All of them gave nonsensical reasons for not installing a heat pump, and the price quotes reflected their lack of enthusiasm. One company did let on that the incentive for installing heat pumps isn't great because pool companies cannot provide service to heat pumps (only companies qualified to work with AC coolants, like a heating & AC company). Thus, we went the semi-DIY route by ordering the heat pump unit from and couldn't be happier with the results. Asa (the owner) was an excellent resource and was willing to match a lower price on another website. We called a number of heater companies and chose a Gulfstream unit due to their warranty, excellent customer service and the footprint of the unit working well with the pad originally sized for the propane heater. We were able to bring in electricians not associated with the pool companies and got significantly lower quotes for the work. We hired some strong arms to swap the heaters on the pad and did the plumbing ourselves. The heating rate and energy consumption matches our expectations and we were pleasantly surprised how warm the water felt coming out of the pool jets. We are grateful for the service and information that provided for this project. Everything went very smoothly and we saved a good deal of money compared to working with a local pool company!


Montgomery Township, New Jersey
Gulfstream HE150RA Pool Heat Pump

Pool Size: 21,000 Gallons
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