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Titanium Heat Exchangers

We carry Heat Exchanger parts that can be adapted to other heat pump brands. Please contact us for more information and specifications.

Titanium heat exchangers utilize rifled titanium, in a coaxial, or “tube in tube” configuration. The rifled titanium tubing inside the heat exchanger swirls the water and refrigerant efficiently.  The expanded surface area of the rifled titanium maximizes its contact with the refrigerant and water, providing heat transfer at a greater rate. And since it’s titanium it will never corrode or wear out.  The results are more heat for less money, making a pool heater with a Titanium Heat Exchanger the most efficient pool heat pump in the world.

Uncoated bare titanium heat exchanger tubing eliminate ALL corrosion and maximize heat transfer efficiency.  That's one of the reasons why our heat pumps have the highest COP (Coefficient of Performance) in the industry.

Heat Siphon Heat Exchanger

Heat Siphon
3.5 Titanium Heat Exchanger

70,000 - 80,000 BTU's

Heat Siphon Heat Exchanger

Heat Siphon
5HP Titanium Heat Exchanger

100,000 - 125,000 BTU's

Gulfstream Heat Exchanger

Titanium Heat Exchanger

90,000 - 110,000 BTU's

Call for Pricing  
Gulfstream Heat Exchanger 

Titanium Heat Exchanger

120,000-136,000 BTU's

Call for Pricing  

Titanium Rifled Coil
Gulfstream Titanium Heat Exchanger


  • 100% Pure Titanium

  • Designed and developed for the best performance and highest efficiency in the industry

  • Rifled Coaxial Tube-In-Tube

  • Increased Surface Area

  • Long lasting with A LIFETIME heat exchanger warranty

  • This is the next generation of heat exchangers that let you enjoy your pool and not worry about the chemicals hurting your investment

About Titanium Heat Exchangers

Titanium is IMPERVIOUS to corrosion, which means it will never corrode or wear out.

Because Titanium is so expensive, heat pump manufacturers have looked at various alternative heat exchanger tubing materials and designs to try to lower their manufacturing costs.  Some use only one wrap of titanium tubing in their heat exchanger which drastically reduces efficiency (COP).

Another potential solution is to use less expensive copper tubing just like the gas heaters do.  After all, copper is a very good heat conductor.

The problem with bare copper is that it will rapidly corrode in high chlorine pool water and a green copper oxide coating will form which is a very poor heat conductor.  If corrosion continues then the tube wall will leak and ruin the heat pump system.

To protect the copper some manufacturers have looked at various plastic coatings, however, plastic coatings are just as bad as copper oxide at heat conduction.  They insolate the hot refrigerant gas inside the tube from the water outside, lower heat transfer efficiency.  This increases the compressor watts and lowers your COP.

In fact, all plastic materials have  heat transfer coefficient less than 1% of copper or titanium metal, so even a thin coating of any type of  plastic will significantly decrease heat transfer and efficiency.  Only the thinnest coating can even hope to come close to bare Titanium in heat conduction and even then the thinner it is the more likely it is to have a small pinhole or incomplete coverage of the vulnerable copper tube underneath.

How Does a Heat Exchanger Work?

Titanium heat exchangers are used to move heat from one area to another.  Pool water is swirled around a twisted tube

(water simply passes over round tube in a straight line). The action of the water increases heat transfer and acts as a self cleaning mechanism, eliminating scale and corrosion on the surface of the tube.

The net result is significantly lower operating costs.

How Titanium Heat Exchangers Work

How does a heat exchanger work?

Please note: We strongly recommend that you check your water balance weekly and visit your pool professional regularly. Good water balance is easy to maintain. Though our Titanium heat exchanger is designed to withstand pool water that is out of balance, bad water chemistry can cause damage to or failure of other equipment on your pool. Most importantly, poorly maintained pool water is unhealthy for you, your family and your friends using your pool.


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