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Pool Heater Evaluation
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Pool Heating in Elmhurst, Illinois

  We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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Rheem RMHP 115 Pool Heat Pump

Posted by Ron Click Here to see Photos  

Well, I didn't know what I was doing, but I looked at pics on your site, asked at pool store and at Home Depot..... after 10 trips to Home Depot (because I kept forgetting stuff) I got it pretty slimmed down and simplified.

I poured a concrete slab (something I've never done before) looking up instructions online.  The unit came and I needed help moving it, but me and 3 other guys got it on the slab.  Next....I looked for an electrician.  My pool is in the center of the backyard and because I have a concrete patio between house and pool....all bidders said to trench around patio and pipe to side of house.

I got the job done by a family member who gave me a break at $600 + 2tickets to a Cubs game...everyone else was over $1000 to put in a new breaker, run conduit and wire.  It took  1 guy about 6 hours, including couldn't have cost more than $150 so these guys were trying to rake me over the coals....and given the economy, these bidders should have been happy to work!! 

Anyhow, attached are pics of the final install.  I was able to run flexible tubing from skimmer to Filter and from Pool Frog back to the return on side of pool.  Even though Rheem has backflow check valves in it, Installed on between heat pump and Pool Frog for extra safety.  Contractor used PVC piping, 50 amp breaker, and a disconnect with Seal Tight next to the pump.

Ice cold air coming out of top of pump....if someone could invent a way to funnel that back into a home/office/lifeguard shack/ they would truly be "green"....heating pool, and using same energy to cool the office/home.

Here are the heating stats on pool (we're swimming in it today)Heat Pump finished install and had power at 4pm CST.....Chicago air temp  75.  I set filter to hi speed and heat pump to 87, let the pump run all night. By 9am next morning (or 17 hours later) pool was at 80 degrees (night time temp was high 50's low 60's), I let it run to about noon before taking cover off to vacuum and noon or within 20 hours of install my 10,000 gallon 21' round above ground pool was at 87 degrees.....  I couldn't wait to jump in..... We didn't get 87 degrees until fathers day last year, using solar panels and solar cover. These pumps are amazing and efficient....couldn't believe I'm swimming on May 20th in bath temp waters....

Dear Mr. Starr,

Thank you for sending the photos. Wow is all I can say. Bravo. It is important that you put the check valve between the outlet of the heater and the chlorinator. 10 trips to Home Depot is about right. You are right about electrical quotes. I have seen the same heat pump job bid at $600.00 and $3600.00. My Generator for my house was done for $2100.00 and I had quotes up to $8000.00 and they said that I had to fix the dry wall. The $2100.00 never tore up the wall to begin  with. I asked them how many hours they thought it would take. They said 2 men for two full days. I told them I could do it alone in 5 hours.  You made a nice clean looking piping job. I am proud of you. I hope that you have a great summer. Too bad you didn't ask me. I would have done the job for just 2 Blackhawk playoff tickets and lunch. :)

Thanks again. Sincerely,


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