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AquaCal Geothermal Pool Heat Pumps Choose the right geothermal pool heater 
  AquaCal WaterSource      
  Water Source Pool Heating Applications
Water Source heat pumps bring the warmth of the tropics or the cool of the mountains to your backyard or community swimming pool and spa. The Water Source transfers free heat from nearby wells, lakes, canals, or oceans to your swimming pool. It's safe, efficient, and gentle on the environment.

Features & Benefits
  • ThermoLink Patented Titanium Heat Exchanger* (WS03 and WS05 only)
  • Best warranty in its class
  • Electronic control and monitoring system
  • Attractive marine grade aluminum for strength and durability
  • Super efficient scroll compressor
  • Dual pool and spa thermostat standard on all models
  • Heat and cool standard on WS05 & WS10
AquaCal Geothermal Watersource Heat Pump
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If you need a geothermal water to water pool application or a ground water heat pump system for residential, commercial or industrial use, please contact us  or fill out a geothermal inquiry form.

When it comes to heating your pool year round with a pool heat pump, we recommend geothermal water to water pool heaters.  Geothermal heat pump systems can be referred to as Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) and operate by harvesting heat from the greatest known solar collector in the world: The Earth.

The heat collected from the constant stable ground temperature is then transferred into your pool. This Geothermal swimming pool application works because although the air temperature in the winter could drop in some places to 30 below zero, underground temperature will remain in a constant 40 to 70 degrees depending on your location.

We specialize in Geothermal Water to Water GSHPs. This system can be used when you have a lake, pond or well, where an adequate supply of suitable water is available. The heat from that water source will be collected, concentrated with a heat pump and then applied it on your swimming pool to elevate the water temperature.

Note: Water to water heat pump models are specifically built for swimming pool heating only. If you need a Water to Water heat pump for a residential or commercial building heating applications please let us know as we have other models built especially for that application.


  Model   BTU COP Price Order
  55,000 7.4 $4,709.00 Call to Order
93,000 5.5


Call to Order
  229,000 6.2 $15,515.00 Call to Order
         Specifications AHRI Certified Watersource Heaters
WS03 WS05 WS10

  kW Output   16.1 27.3 67.1
  BTU Output   55,000 93,000 229,000
  Coefficient of Performance   7.4 5.5 6.2
  kW Input   2.2 5.0 10.8

  Voltage/Hz/Phase*   A A, B & G B & G
  Maximum Fuse Size   A-30


  Minimum Circuit Ampacity   A - 18.4 A - 40.1
G - 13.2
B - 64.1
G - 28.8
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A
  Heat or Heat & Cool   H H & C H & C
  Water Flow  

  Minimum/Maximum water flow Pool/Spa (m3/h)   5.7/15.9 5.7/15.9 11.4/13.6
  Minimum/Maximum water flow Source (m3/h)   2.3/3.2 4.5/5.7 11.4/13.6
  Minimum/Maximum water flow Pool/Spa (gpm)   25/70 25/70 50/60
  Minimum/Maximum water flow Source (gpm)   10/14 20/25 50/60

  Weight (kg)   150 166 477
  Weight (lbs)   330 366 1,052
  Length x width x height (cm)   94 x 82 x 82 94 x 82 x 82 154 x 88 x 101
  Length x width x height (in)   37" x 32" x 32" 37" x 32" x 32" 61" x 35" x 40"

  Weight (kg)   170 186 590
  Weight (lbs)   375 411 1,300
  Length x width x height (cm)   117 x 99 x 130 117 x 99 x 130 176 x 115 x 122
  Length x width x height (in)   46" x 39" x 51" 46" x 39" x 51" 69" x 45" x 48"
  *"A" voltage - 208-230V/60Hz/1ph; "B" voltage - 208-230V/60Hz/3ph;
"D" Voltage - 380V/50Hz/3ph "G" voltage - 460V/60Hz/1ph
   AquaCal Warranty

AquaCal Warranty Information

    AquaCal Geothermal Owner's Manual PDF
AquaCal Geothermal Warranty PDF*
AquaCal Geothermal Brochure PDF

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How Does Geothermal Work?

Water to water Geothermal pool heating systems are known either as Open Loop or Closed Loop. The advantage of an open loop system (existing well or lake on the property) versus a closed loop system (buried pipes) is that with the open loop the upfront investment can be much less than in a closed loop geothermal system as you have less materials, less construction, earth excavation and as a result, there are less labor costs.

 The difference between a Water Source Heat Pump (water to water) and an Air Source Heat Pump (air to water) is in a water to water the heater is geothermal and comes from the earth. In air to water heat pumps the heat is taken from the outside air and transferred to the water. that is a good way when the temperatures are above 45 degrees as they are for most people's swimming seasons. If you have an indoor pool in a cold weather state you need to go geothermal or air to water with a gas or electric element back up for the winter.

Geothermal Benefits

The benefits of a Geothermal pool application are that you will never have to worry that it is too cold outside for your heat pump to operate at 100% of its capacity. The ground is always warm to a heat pump. is an authorized distributor of AquaCal Geothermal heat pumps.

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