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Pool Heater Evaluation
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Heat Siphon Videos

Our goal is to demonstrate what a heat pump can do 24/7 365 days a week on a pool in dry desert weather conditions.

Below you can view Heat Siphon videos, broadcasting the pool and the heat pump control panel, a thermostat in the water inlet and the water outlet of the heat pump to demonstrate the changes in the water temperature. There is another thermostat broadcasting the air temperature at the same time.

For our test we used an inflatable aboveground pool that holds around 8,000 gallons. We selected this type of pool because above ground pools lose heat faster and we love a challenge.  For this size pool, 18 ft round, we need at least 50,000 btu's for a desert weather application.

  Our swimming pool heat pump test pool in Washington State. This pool is located one hour away from the Canadian border.  We shot this video last November, its a great example on how the season can be extended here and also in the areas of Canada  
  Swimming Pool Heat Pump operation demo of low temperature operation. Filmed by Jason on 12/17/2008 Las Vegas, Nevada.
Weather conditions: 32 F  at 3:00 PM.

This video is in my backyard in Las Vegas Nevada on December 17th, 2008 during a VERY rare snowstorm which ended up covering the entire city with 2 + inches of snow, some parts of town got 8+ inches and it lasted on the ground for over a week. In this video, my old Heat Siphon was running in the afternoon when it started to snow and I went out to take a video, showing it running in 32 degree air with 90% humidity and actually heating my pool. The water in the video was only 65 degrees because I had the heater off for the previous several days, otherwise it would maintain my pool in the low 80s every day without a problem. This heater does not have power defrost, it is a standard heat pump and later on that day it did shut itself down because of too much snow/ice build up. After the snow melted overnight, the heater came back on the next morning with an air temp around 36 and continued to heat my pool just fine.
  Swimming Pool Heat Pump operation demo of low temperature operation. Filmed by Jason on 12/16/2007 Las Vegas, Nevada.
Weather conditions: 35.1 F  at 11:00 PM
  Swimming Pool Heat Pump operation demo of low temperature operation. Filmed by Jason on 11/10/2007 Las Vegas, Nevada.
Weather conditions: 48.6 F , 30% Humidity at 1:30 AM



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