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Heat Siphon Pool Heat Pumps

  Heat Siphon Pool Heaters   Why Choose HEAT SIPHON?

Designed for maximum protection against chlorine, bromine, and other corrosive pool chemicals.  Heat Siphon units are backed by a Lifetime Factory Warranty on its titanium heat exchanger, and 5 years on its compressor.  A Heat Siphon heat pump will effortlessly raise your pools temperature into the 80-90 degree range, and/or your spa to 104 degrees.

In addition to heating the water, the swimming season can be extended in cooler climates by as much as 50 percent, plus a HEAT SIPHON unit performs well year round in warmer geographic locations.

HEAT SIPHON units require little to no maintenance, and typically last 7 to 10 years.


Temperature Control – Easy-to-program controls offer simple, straight forward mechanical operation of unit.

Cabinet – Maintenance free, non-metal construction.

Digital Controls  - Sophisticated but simple 2 button digital Control.  Digital models have the HEAT SIPHON Digital Player Controller built-in offering many additional features and options, a more sophisticated problem detection system, a 4 digit LED display and 4 discrete lights to provide constant status feedback.

Pool Spa Combo - Dual Thermostat lets you set pool & spa temperature separately and simply select either one

Automation System Ready - Digital Player has EC MODE (external control) screw down terminals built in to allow remote ON/OFF switching via hard-wiring to all 3rd party pool/spa controllers

Wireless Ready - digital player control is ready for plug-in digital passport (add on) provides a wireless gateway to the HEAT SIPHON digital football pool spa control system
Digital Display - shows water temperature and  error codes while status LED’s show  current  operation modes

Titanium Heat Exchanger - Comes equipped with a 100% pure titanium heat exchanger guaranteed corrosion free for life of unit.

The pure titanium heat exchanger tube material was selected based on corrosion tests at 100 F with a pH of 4.75 and chlorine levels 5000 parts per million (1000 times greater than normal pool water) Although this is a severe test, it simulates realistic possible conditions such as chlorine tablets in skimmers and out of balance pool water. Cupronickel, 304 & 316 stainless steels. and other alloys were tested including Titanium.

*The Manufacturer will replace your heat siphon FREE if your heat exchanger ever corrodes.  As long as you own it.

Scroll Compressor  - Silent scroll technology uses minimal energy to achieve maximum output. Combined with low speed fan, lower RPM’s use less energy and operate at lower sound and vibration levels making HEAT SIPHON heat pumps super quiet.

Digital or Analog Control Board  -  Simple dependable no frills single knob 24 volt controls are used on all C Series or Analog models, while the Z Series or Digital models have a sophisticated feature set, LED display including status and water temperature and are wireless ready.

If you want to spend more up front to get an even lower electric bill, then the The Z-Series option may be for you.

DIGITAL Control Board  -  The digital display - shows water temperature, set-point, error codes and alert messages while 4 status led's show current operation modes:  Green led for pool blinks while heating and is solid on when the pool is at temperature.  Yellow led for spa works the same.  Red led blinks for alert or error codes and stays on if service is required.  Blue led is on if the player's built in pump feature for off cycle heating is active or shows wireless communication is occurring.

Dual thermostat for pool spa combos
- lets you set pool & spa temperature separately and simply select either one by changing the mode.

Automation system ready - digital player has an ec mode (external control) with screw down terminals built in to allow remote on/off switching via hard-wiring to all 3rd party pool/spa controllers.

Wireless ready - digital player control accepts the plug-in digital passport (add on) which provides a wireless gateway to the HEAT SIPHON digital football pool spa control system.

Digital models have three modes - POOL, SPA and Patent Pending AUTO-PIC:

POOL - Heats to the Pool set-point
SPA - Heats to the Spa set-point
AUTO-PIC - Automatically picks the right set-point (pool or spa) all by itself with no wires or other controllers or any connections to anything.  You just turn your valves (manually or motorized) to circulate pool or spa water through your Heat Siphon and AUTO-PIC DOES THE REST.  It "learns" the heat-up rates of the pool (slow) and spa (faster) and based on the rate it picks the proper set-point.

ANALOG Control Board  -  Analog models are lower cost & have a single knob, simple 24 volt series control circuit and mechanical thermostat.  Many of our customers prefer the simple no nonsense design.

Pool Spa Combo - analog single thermostat requires manual setting to pool or spa set-point

Automation system hookup - simple series analog 24 volt control circuit allows easy hard-wire hookup to an external controller. Just turn the thermostat up all the way to 10 and let the controller turn it on/off.

Upgrade path - digital player retrofit kit as an add-on are available to change your analog HEAT SIPHON to digital if you later decide to go wireless and will provide all player features to analog unit.
  Heat Siphon heat pump pool heater    
  Heat Siphon Digital Control Board
Heat Siphon Digital Display
  Watch Video of Heat Siphon Heat Pump
Heat Siphon Videos

Heat Siphon  Z-Series  |   Digital Control Panel
  Heat Siphon Z200HP
For pools under 10,000 gallons with a solar blanket.
6.0 $2795.00
*Free Shipping
  Heat Siphon Z375HP   80/80/80
6.7 $3395.00
*Free Shipping
  Heat Siphon Z575HP   80/80/80
6.7 $3795.00
*Free Shipping
  Heat Siphon Z700HP 80/80/80
6.5 $4595.00
*Free Shipping
Heating & Cooling   |    Pool Chillers
  Heat Siphon Z575HC
6.5 $5295.00 *Free Shipping

Special Order: Please inquire about production time
  Heat Siphon Z575CP
Chiller Only

$4295.00 *Free Shipping
Heat Siphon C-Series Analog (Dial) Control Panel
  Heat Siphon C200HP
For pools under 10,000 gallons with a solar blanket.

6.0 $2695.00
*Free Shipping
  Heat Siphon C375HP   80/80/80
6.8 $3295.00
*Free Shipping
  Heat Siphon C575HP   80/80/80
6.7 $3695.00
*Free Shipping
Three Phase Units
  Heat Siphon Z250HPX       $3695.00
*Free Shipping
Heat Siphon Z375HPX 6.26 $4295.00
*Free Shipping
  Heat Siphon Z575HPX
    6.7 $4695.00
*Free Shipping
  Heat Siphon Z700HPX 6.5 $5395.00

*Free Shipping
  * Free Shipping in the U.S. Exclusions Apply.  See Details.
  Heat Siphon Model Specifications (Single Phase Units) AHRI Certified
MODEL 200HP Z375HP Z575HP Z575HC Z575CP Z700HP
  BTU  48,000 96,120 126,792 124,000 100,000 145,200  
  COP   6.0 6.7 6.7 7.0   6.5  
  Compressor   Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll  
  Heat Exchanger   Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium  
Phase 1 1 1 1 1 1  
Breaker Amps 30 50 50 50 50 50
W x H x D
32.5” x 31”x 37” 32.5” x 39” x 37” 32.5” x 39” x 37” 32.5”W x 39”H x 37” 32.5”W x 39”H x 37” 32.5”W x 39”H x 37”
Shipping Dimensions 34” x 36”  x 39” 34” x 46” x 39” 34” x 46” x 39” 34”W x 46”H x 39” 34”W x 46”H x 39” 34”W x 46”H x 39”D
Weight 200 250 350 350 350 350
  Shipping Weight   225 275 375 375 375 375  
      Analog Digital
  Thermostat   Electronic Digital + Thermistor
  Accuracy   1.5°F Diff - 106°F Max 1°F Diff - 106°F Max
  Restart Time Delay   Solid State Digital Software
      ALL Models
  Air Flow   5000 CFM Discharge Vertical Up
  Water Flow   25 GPM minimum 80 GPM maximum
Pressure Drop less than 2 psi @ 80 GPM
  Cabinet   PVC  - UV Stabilized flame retardant
  Hardware   All 18-8 Stainless Steel
  Full Flow Condenser   Grade 2 pure Titanium tube in PVC Housing
  Control Circuit   24 volt AC 40VA current limiting transformer
  Low Pressure Switch   Auto-reset (CO 93 / CI 135 psig)
  High Pressure Switch   Auto-reset (CO 560 / CI 400 psig)
  Expansion Device   Thermostastic Expansion Valve

All Heat Siphon Models - Full Term - Parts & Labor Included (Not Pro-Rated)

Two (2) Years Parts and Labor, Five (5) Years on the compressor and lifetime corrosion-free heat exchanger. The condenser is warranted corrosion-free for the life of the unit.

Download Heat Siphon Warranty PDF

Free Shipping* * Free Shipping in the U.S. Exclusions Apply.  See Details.
BTU The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one lb of water one degree Fahrenheit.
COP Coefficient of Performance The higher the #  The less electricity used
PRICE We should be the lowest  delivered price on the web. 
Please let us know if we are not.
DELIVERED PRICE All of our heat pumps are delivered to your home with a lift gate truck that will lower the heat pump to the ground for you. Each shipment is completely insured. We have an strict  NON-CUSTOMER-TORTURE policy.  We have a FREE SHIPPING Limited-Time Offer.  Visit the INTERNET SPECIALS page for more details and expiration date.
HEAT SIPHON Owner's Manual PDF
HEAT SIPHON Installation Manual PDF



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