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Pool Heater Evaluation
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Testing a Jandy Heat and Cool Pool Heat Pump

Video tests for Jandy AE2500 Heat & Cool Pool Heat Pump

We installed a Jandy AE2500 Heat & Cool on our 18' round above ground pool. These videos will show the results that you could expect to experience with a heat & cool model operating in the defrost mode at cold desert temperatures. For our test location we selected Las Vegas, Nevada because of their low humidity conditions and their colder temperatures during the winter, very similar to Phoenix and Tucson.

We want to thank Jason for running out of his house at 2 AM in his underwear holding a video camera to capture these great moments in heat pump history.  We also want to thank Jason's neighbors for not calling the police as we know that this backyard production could have been taken the wrong way.

We want to also thank Jandy for graciously supplying us with their top of the line heater when other manufacturers might be intimidated by a this type of extreme weather test.

      This is our Jandy AE2500, putting out 118,000 BTU's, on our 18 foot round above ground pool, keeping the water temp at about 90 degrees in Mid February 2008, with high temps around 65-70 and lows in the mid 30's, very low humidity 20-30% and it works just great.  
    JandyAE2500, 118,000 BTU's heatpump running in Las Vegas, NV, keeping an 18 foot round above ground pool at 90 degrees with low humidity, night temps around 35 and daytime highs about 68 degrees.  
    February 5th, 2008 Jandy AE2500 pool heat pump coming out of hot-gas-defrost mode, turning back on to heat the pool with an outside air temp of about 37-38 degrees.  
    This is a JandyAE2500 Heat/Cool pool heat pump, running in hot-gas-defrost mode during cold weather in the 30's, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  
    JandyAE2500 Heat/Cool pool heat pump starting at 6:45am in Las Vegas Nevada with air temp of 37 degrees and humidity of 70%  
  JandyAE2500, 118,000 BTU's heat pump running in Las Vegas, NV, 18 foot round above ground pool with air temperature of 111 degrees and 5% humidity.
    July 15, 2008JandyAE2500, 118,000 BTU's heat pump running in Las Vegas, NV, 18 foot round above ground pool with air temperature of 85 degrees and 30% humidity.  


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