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Heat and Cool Pool Heat Pumps

If you need a year round pool heating application or want to heat in colder than average conditions please contact an expert.  Regular pool heat pumps shut down between 45 and 50 degrees depending on brand, location, weather and other factors.

Heat & Cool units can operate at lower temperatures, sometimes as low as 35 degrees depending on the application. We can help you get a better idea of the temperature operation limits by brand name and model number. Pleasecontact us to assist you better.

Pool Chillers and Heat-Cool Models

Extend your swimming season with year round pool heating applications.
Heat-Cool units extend your swim season even longer by
giving you the option to cool your swimming pool water on hot summer days and warm the water in the spring and fall, to get the most use out of your swimming season.

Just the right heat pump for climates that have cool temperatures, but also have extremely hot summer months. With a Heat-Cool heat pump, your water temperature will always be comfortable.  You can relax in your pool during the hot days of summer with cool, refreshing, chilled pool water.

How Do Pool Chillers Work?

Pool Chillers and Heat-Cool units have a unique reversing cycle which enables the heat pump not only to take the chill out of the water, but also to put it back in, cooling your pool water during the hot summer months!

Usually a heat pump will capture heat energy from the air with the evaporator coil. Using refrigerant and several other components, the heat is transferred over to your pool water. By reversing this process, the heat pump can actually take heat out of the water, transfer it to the Freon, and run it through the evaporator coil. The coil releases the heat into the outside air.  In colder conditions, a heat pump will freeze up when the ambient air drops below approximately 45 degrees. With a heat-cool unit, the ice will melt off in a matter of minutes when in defrost mode. Standard heat pumps rely on the ambient air being drawn across the coil, which could take hours to defrost, depending on the air temperature.


An advantage of heat-cool pool heaters is that when some models are in the heating mode, they will heat the pool at colder outside air temperatures compared to heat only units, because they have an active defrost.  This makes them ideal heaters for geographic areas that have wide temperature variations between day and night, and will extend your swimming season as long as possible.

Chillers and heat-cool pool heaters are beneficial for a variety of uses.

-  Sport, swim clubs and high-end hotels provide cold dunk spas where cooling the water is needed.

-  Fish farms in the Aquaculture industry that use them to keep the fish warm so they can mature faster.

-  Green house nurseries need this type of heat pump to heat the floors and air of their green houses.  This helps plants grow off season or even in season to provide the optimum growing conditions for the agriculture.  Encouraging faster and healthier growth, so they have quality products that get to the market faster.

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Pool Chillers   |    Heating & Cooling Units
SALE Heat Siphon Z575 CP
Chiller Only
  98,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium $4395.00

Special Order: Please inquire about production time
AquaCal SuperQuiet 166R
126,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium

  AquaCal TropicCool
Chiller Only
    Digital, Scroll, Titanium

  AquaCal TropicCool TC1000
Chiller Only
    Digital, Scroll, Titanium

SALE Heat Siphon Z575 HC
124,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium


Special Order: Please inquire about production time
SALE Gulfstream HE 125 TA
  120,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium


SALE Gulfstream HE 150 TA

  136,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium
  Jandy JE3000TR

  120,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium

  Raypak R6350ti-E-HC

  110,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium

Raypak R8350ti-E-HC
125,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium

  Ultra Temp 120R

Digital, Scroll, Titanium

Ultra Temp 140 HC
Heat 140,000
Cool 80,000
Digital, Scroll, Titanium

  Hayward HP21104TC
Low Ambient
  110,000 Digital, Scroll, Titanium

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