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Techno-Solis Solar Heating

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Why Choose Techno-Solis Solar Heating?

Using solar energy to maintain the temperature of your swimming pool will extend your swimming season.  Solar heating a pool is environmentally friendly and will allow you to trade high gas and electric bills for an economical heating system with low operating costs. provides a variety of solar pool heaters and solar pool covers to improve your swimming pool.


Swimming pools can dramatically improve a person or family’s lifestyle.  They are an outlet for families to spend quality time together, they are a safe and fun place for kids to play, and they are a great excuse to have a neighborhood party.  If your swimming pool is frequently too cold to swim in, then you are missing out on all of these great experiences. Thanks to solar heating you can have the backyard lifestyle that you’ve always wanted without being burdened with sky high monthly heating bills.


5 Reasons to Heat Your Pool with Solar:


1. Solar Lengthens Your Swimming Season*

If your swimming pool is often times too cold to enjoy, then you aren't getting the most out of your investment.  A solar heating system can literally double the amount of time you use your pool.


2. Economical

Pays for itself in savings in less than three years time.  Compare to other heating methods.


3. Adds more value

A solar pool heating system adds value to both your home and pool.


4. Solar Requires Less Maintenance*

Unlike gas and electric heaters, which should be serviced by a technician every year, a solar heater requires very little servicing. Again, that means less cost and less hassle for the pool owner.


5. Solar Energy is Environmentally Safe

Solar pool heaters give off "clean" positive energy, and do not pollute the environment like other conventional heating sources. * Information derived from Natural Resources Canada.


If your swimming pool is frequently too cold, then you are not getting the most out of your valuable backyard investment.  Depending on regional location, installing a solar heating system can potentially double the amount of time spent enjoying your swimming pool.

About Techno-Solis Solar Pool Heating

Over thirty years ago Techno-Solis revolutionized the pool heating industry with a solar collector that not only heats more efficiently, but also does not require routine repairs like other solar pool heaters. Since then, our company has grown dramatically but our quality, performance and customer service have remained unsurpassed.

Techno-Solis is the premier provider of pool, residential and commercial water heating products.  We offer our customers only the highest quality products with excellent dealer support.

With offices in the United States and Canada, as well as distributors throughout the world, its no wonder our products are installed on almost every continent and in every climatic condition possible.  Whether freezing temperatures, blistering heat or hurricane force winds, our solar thermal panels and heat pumps are built to last.

We easily surpass quality and performance standards set by all mandatory solar testing agencies such as The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and the National Solar Test Facility (NSTF).

Building A Great Solar Panel

At Techno-Solis we pride ourselves on quality. Here’s a glimpse at how we ensure that our solar heaters are the most efficient and reliable solar panels on the market today:

STEP 1: Materials

We use a combination of the very highest quality Polypropylene, Carbon Black, and non-depleting UV Stabilizers to guarantee an efficient and durable panel.

STEP 2: Extrusion

Extrusion is the process of converting the material into a panel form. Techno-Solis is one of the few (if not the only) manufacturers that does all of its extrusion in-house. Our "in-house" extruding expertise gives us the assurance that each of our panels meets the highest standards of quality. Also, by using the same material throughout the panel (even the weld) we eliminate weak points or uneven expansion and contraction in the finished product.

STEP 3: Assembly

Once the extrusion is complete, Techno-Solis uses highly skilled technicians and the latest technologies to assemble each solar panel. Techno-Solis is the only manufacturer that goes the extra mile by adding a reinforced bead weld to provide additional strength and protection.

STEP 4: Testing

Before leaving our factory, EVERY Techno-Solis Panel passes a weld, seam, flow and pressure test at 95psi of water. This guarantees a perfect product.



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