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Unlisted Heat Pumps

If the heater that you are interested in is not listed, it means that it isn't one of our favorites and doesn't meet our standards.  Please call for pricing if you can't find the brand that you need.

We can get you any brand in the world probably for less than you will find locally. There might be reasons that you absolutely need a certain brand. Maybe it is a insurance damage replacement or maybe your brother has one and maybe he's buying your heater.

Please call us for a price.  As long as you know how we feel, we think that we have done our job. There are only one or two that we won't sell at all because we really want you to be happy and enjoy your warm pool water for many years to come.

Some possible reasons that some heaters don't meet our standards:

The manufacturer is not based in the USA and they have not figured out how to do a service call in the continental USA in less than a month. There are many private labels from the mainstream manufacturers. Pool stores are famous for that. It is always best to have the manufacturers name on the heater for warranty work later. Private labels can be from different manufacturers from year to year and make everything confusing and difficult

Some companies have not performed in what I think is a responsible manner with warranty support and general customer service. I get the email from customers with problems with heaters that they bought elsewhere. I do my best to help out. I know what manufacturers are doing what they should and back away from those that fall below my standards.

Some manufacturers don't want their prices shown because it makes it hard for their pool builder friends who want to sell a $3000 heat pump for $6000 to a new home buyer. They are protecting the contractor and not the end user. That goes against my beliefs. I would rather you buy a heater and get a European vacation for the same price.

Some are so small and new to the industry that there is no track record of quality and reliability. It is too soon to see how they will handle things years from now. Some of these heaters have lifetime warranties on some parts. You need a way to judge how they will perform. Past behavior is one of the best ways to tell. When I sell a heater, I go with my personal experience over 23 years. I have watched the manufacturers and the equipment in the field. This is an investment that will last many years and there is no reason to gamble.

Some have voided warranties. I get emails about voided warranties from people asking for help. None of my customers ever had that happened to them. I won't allow it. If you live in a northern state and forgot to drain the heater for the winter, you might be in trouble though.

Some claim that their product advertising information is copyrighted and trademarked material. They want to use it only on their own literature and web site. What can I say, I don't understand how someone who is proud of their product wouldn't want the world to know about it. If the performance numbers and heater features are first class how on earth could they not want to spread the word.

Some don't want any information listed about their heaters, so that it's hard for their customers to compare them and possibly see better numbers from another brand.

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