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Warranty Calls and Service Testimonials

When you need us most

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When you buy a heat pump from us, 99% of the time everything goes perfectly. We have spent 13 years on the web learning as much as we can while at the same time sharpening our skills to give you the highest chance of loving us, being impressed and satisfied with your pool heater.

Sometimes not everything goes perfectly after your purchase and the installation of your pool heat pump. It might be a relaxing Sunday afternoon and you are happily enjoying your heated pool when suddenly the heat pump stops working... not an enjoyable moment anymore for you and your family. What to do next you ask yourself?  Where was that manufacturer's phone number? What kind of heat pump do I have? Where is my sales receipt? Am I still under warranty? Relax, if you purchased your heat pump from us, we got you covered and things will be fine again pretty soon. This is when we prove to you that we are not just the pool heat pump experts but also experts in good-old-fashioned customer service.

If you were to purchase your heat pump from your local pool guy chances are that you will still have to contact the manufacturer directly because the factory will only communicate with the pool owner directly to trouble shoot and arrange an appointment for service. Your pool guy can't service your unit unless he is HVAC technician with a refrigeration license. (not likely) Heat pumps don't fall under the "pool equipment category" but in the "air conditioning equipment" category. We know this because we have 31 years of mechanical, residential and commercial air conditioning / heating experience.  Don't ever buy a heater from a manufacturer. When we see that, it is usually because they are desperate and about to go out of business. 99% of manufacturers only sell through distribution and not direct but if they did it is still better to get it from us as then you have an advocate for you if you ever need anything. When we call them they take our customer concerns very seriously. The same goes for reconditioned heaters from any manufacturers. You don't want to start out with someone else's problems.

When you purchase for us, things are different. We have an almost  24 hour answering system in place. One of our team members  will answer your questions, redirect you to the manufacturer and email a copy of your sales receipt if you need one almost 15 hours a day. If you have any other concerns after contacting the manufacturer for service, we will be there for you.

If the manufacturer delays in servicing your unit in a timely manner we will take over by contacting them directly to speed the process. The day that you purchase your heat pump from us you will receive more than a new heater, you will have the security of our reputation in state-of-the-art customer service backing up your investment for years to come.

We don't have any unresolved customer service issues.

Below  are some examples of customer service  issues that we have handled. We are trying to show  the progress  that we have made from the first contact that we received in chronological  order from new to old. We invite you browse through these e-mail strings regarding service calls, lost parts during shipment, delivery of mislabeled units etc. Some more serious than others. We daily keep close track of any outstanding customer  service calls and we make sure they receive the highest priority until the issue is resolved.

I wanted to thank you for your help with the heater. I have to say that when it works it is absolutely superb. I just wish that these little things didn't go wrong. FInally after replacing both a faulty water pressure sensor and a faulty thermistor everything is working beautifully again! We had family over for the last two weekends and the nieces and nephews really enjoyed the warm pool.
Thank you again for your continued help. I have to say that you have been absolutely wonderful to deal with and your support has been a huge help!
Have a great summer!

Good afternoon,

I received a phone call from Dusty at RN Smith Heating and Cooling out of Lancaster, OH today; they had received a service call from Cathy @ Raypak to come fix the heater! I am so appreciative of your help as it appears that my warranty is going to be honored! You are one of few businesses that stand behind their customer once they have purchased a large item.  I can’t express my appreciation enough!!!!  People need to know that there are business’s out there that will stand behind what they sell and WHO those companies are.

I will touch base with you after they come next week to hopefully report a positive ending!

Carey R.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the customer service, especially to Asa for alot of hand holding during the whole process.  We were very nervous making such a big purchase "online",  and with the freight issues we had along the way., I was extremely anxious.  Asa,  you were fantastic, and everything you said you would do, you did. You were so professional, knowledgeable and went above and beyond our expectations.  Thank you.  We now have our heat pump hooked up and running, pool temp is 85...LOVE IT!  I will recommend your company to anyone I know looking to purchase a heat pump!!

Kim from Nova Scotia

Kim and her husband ordered a heater from our company in July and it was shipped to them accordingly.  The unit at some point along the way was damaged internally and when the customer got the unit installed it did not work.  She was distraught and wanted to cancel her order and get a new unit locally but I spoke with her and asked that she allow us to get her a new unit as quickly as possible.  We arranged pick up of the damaged unit and shipped a new unit.  When the second unit arrived and was installed it to had been damaged in transit also. 

Kim was in disbelief as was I.  I arranged again to have the unit picked up and shipped a third unit with a different carrier keeping in touch with Kim each day to update her on the status of the shipping.  This last attempt to get her a heater worked, it shipped without damage, got there in 1/2 the time and is working wonderfully.  The customer did not have to allow us to make this right but chose to do so and although it took some time with all the border crossings and all she now has a working unit at no additional cost to her.  Kim was wonderful to work with, my heart went out to her for having to go through all of this but she let me work with her and we got her pool heated.

Thanks to your advice I was able to fix the fan – got the blades off the old motor and put them on the new one. Now it works just fine – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Sincerely Yours,

Dear Greg:
Thank you for writing to me. I hope that you and your family are well. Well you have my respect for getting this far. All the manufacturers will say to use a licensed electrician for the wires. The way I get old fan blades off is to cut the shaft off the old motor with a hacksaw and then sand the shaft to get the rust off. I then use penetrating oil on the cleaned shaft and hub and get something to support the fan hub like maybe a big socket and I hit the shaft with a hammer to get it out of the hub. Then use a punch if it still is stuck in the hub to get it the rest of the way out. They all rust to the hub. If you can do that without bending any of the blades you are in good shape. No motor comes with the blade attached. That would be hard to ship without bending the blade and then your heater will shake. It sounds like you just need a blade, not a motor?

Let us know if you need more help.


Thank you for the prompt response! I, actually, have the motor (exactly the same model) – bought on the internet. I thought it’s simple job, but ran into trouble when I was trying to remove blades from the motor shaft. They are sitting very tight, probably central hub was heated and then put on the motor to insure very tight fit. So what I need is an assembly – motor and blades. I can give you all information, if needed – can you put motor and blades together?

Best Regards,

Wanted to update you on the latest with my Jandy Heat Pump..   Well after nearly 12 months of trying to get some response from Jandy, eventually talking with Jack Zurich (the name you provided by mail, dropping the ball for a while which ended up in us talking by phone) Jandy actually sent an engineer out to look at my pump..  The fact the poor guy had to drive from New Jersey to get here is another story.

After 10 minutes looking at the unit and talking through my closure process for the winter he looked into the unit and saw the tube leading from the coil to the outside peacock value and said ummm the older unit, this is not something you could have avoided based on what you have been doing, we will replace the unit free of charge..  Yipeee!

So yesterday 2 weeks after the visit  a truck arrived with the new EE version of the unit, now all I need to do is change the plumbing (they seems to have change quite a lot on the new unit including how it connects to the in and out water line) and fire her up.  Hot tub here we come an now we have a longer swim season here in New England!

Clearly not good news for you – I was on the verge of buying a replacement but I thought I would let you know it worked out in the end – with a little perseverance and with your help providing the name at Jandy..  THANK YOU

Appreciate it, I will be a loyal customer for the future should I need any pool equipment..

Thanks again,

Dear Charlie:

Thank you for writing to us.  We hope that you and your family are well. Sorry that you had to go through all that. I am not disappointed that I don't have another sale. That is great news that you have a new heater. I can wait another 12 to 16 years for you to need a new heater. :-)  Please let the office know if you ever need anything else pool or HVAC related and we will take care of you. We are still available almost 16 hours a day 7 days a week. Have a great season ! 

I wanted to follow-up and close the loop.  An in-house Zodiac technician came to my home on Thursday, inspected my pump, and determined that the cause of the break within the heat exchanger was unknown and replaced the exchanger under warranty.  He works throughout the northeast and sees many heat exchangers that are damaged from freezing and in his words “never saw a heat exchanger break in the way mine did”.   I wanted to thank you for getting involved.  My experience proves that it does matter where you buy.   The result I received from Zodiac was a direct result of your intervention and the influence  has given your buying power.  It is one thing to have the buying power, it is another to be willing to get involved and use this influence on the consumer’s behalf.  Thanks for getting involved and helping us reach the desired outcome.

Thanks again,
Mike R.

Thank you for helping get a replacement shipped for the defective one I got.  I really appreciate your assistance and I have attached a letter for your use on your website if you think it is appropriate.
Once again,  thanks,

* Mike ordered a pool heat pump that unfortunately arrived damaged and started leaking Freon.  An expert from our company, spoke to him on Saturday and arranged to pick up the damaged heater and ship a new unit out to him by Monday.

I wanted to contact you and thank you for all the help you gave me yesterday.  It appears that your suggestion to reset the heater worked.  It has been up and running for the last 24 hours.  I cancelled my service call for Monday.  I never did hear from the warranty guy, but if he calls, I will let him know we no longer have a problem.

You and your company certainly know how to provide great customer service and I really appreciated it.

"Franklin Gothic Medium Cond" lang="0" I'm sure you will appreciate an update on things over here.  I finally got the sensors last Friday even though DHL said they were delivered somewhat earlier.  The latter is true but they delivered to the wrong address and only after I chased them and they investigated did they find out they had delivered to the wrong address!  Fortunately they were able to recover the goods and make the real delivery.

So here we are at last with a complete delivery.
You some $1,000 out of pocket and me $100, neither due to our own mistakes but I guess that's life!  However more seriously I'm truly sorry that the deal did not work out quite as you planned and accordingly thank you for your tenacity in seeing it through.  Should you wish to add me to your reference list please feel free to do so.

For myself, although  I have yet to install the valves, the heat pumps are working well and I am swimming at 06:30 am and enjoying it which is something I never did before (I like my creature comforts).  Also for your information I am monitoring the actual hours run, the temperatures and the contribution from the solar and believe me this year without the heat pump it would have been cold.  Operating costs are not too bad but I will reserve judgment for a while, the heat pump size is perfect but curiously my rotary compressor 3.25 costs less to run than a friend's 2,25 piston even though my pool is larger than his.

Anyway , enough waffle from me, all the best, Charles

Note: This was a shipment to Spain. Part of the shipment got lost and never recovered. We sent a replacement

Dear Mr. Heap: Thank you for the kind words. If is OK with you I would love to post your letter. If you ever want to send me some photos they would look great on the site so people can see your installation. I always follow through to make my customers satisfied. I am happy that all is well now.

(Follow up letter from Mr. Heap)
Well , here we are in June, three months on from completing the installation of the heat pump we bought from you  Time sure does fly when one is having fun and we sure are now the pool is at my temperature.  After much trialing we have decided that 32dC is ideal at this time of the year with 34dC in winter, we are real softies.
Prior to retirement I was an Energy Consultant so I take a real interest in cost and performance of energy related plant so I have monitored the heat pump from the start.  To my delight the costs are proving less than expected and in its first three months of operation the heat pump has run for a total of 604 hours and cost 199 euros in electricity, an average of just over 2 euros a day.  As I now swim every day I feel that this is very good value and of course our friends love it.  Now we are in summer and the sun has real heat the heat pump barely runs as the solar heating system has taken over.  They work well together with the solar control system automatically ensuring that no heat is lost by the solar panels when the sun goes in.  In fact I think its an essential part of the total installation.
Anyway  there are three small below: the heat pump, the steps which lead from the heater to the pool, and of course the pool itself.  Also attached as jpeg files are three larger versions in case you prefer these, hope the pics are of use to you.
Finally but seriously, do I need to register the purchase with the manufacturer in order for the guarantee to be effective and if so can this be done over the web?
Guys,  I really appreciate your rapid response for the recent upset.   Thanks again and rest assured I will spread your name to everyone and anyone I know with a pool or going to get a pool.  By the way am I supposed to contact the number you sent for pickup? Or should we just wait to here/   Thanks again, this heater / cooler is working fantastic!!!!!!!
Dear Steve:
 It is good to hear back from you. The warehouse or the freight company will call you when they are ready for a pick up. If you don't hear anything by next Friday please send me an e-mail and I will request it again. I would love to see some photos of the heater and the pool if you ever get a chance. Enjoy your pool. I am here if you need me.

* 10 Months after Steve purchased his Jandy AE2500 he discovered that he didn't receive the Heat & Cool model. We discovered that the box was mislabeled from the factory. This has never happened before. We picked up his old heater and sent him the proper one at no cost for him.

Thank you for all that you have done for me. You pointed me in the right direction, educated me on heat pumps, and gave me some recommendations, and prices. After lots of shopping around, I came back to you. Not only for your support and knowledge, but you absolutely had the best prices out there.

Everything you promised was delivered on. The heater is installed and works like a champ. It's heating the water twice as fast as the old unit. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for everything, Patrick

[follow up email after need to service the heat pump]-

Jack called me from the airport (he was traveling that day) to assure me that I was going to be taken care of. 30 minutes later someone from their office called me and said they would be out to the house the next day.

Well, they came and corrected the problem (a thermo sensor wire had loosened up during transit) it was a quick fix, and the heater is working like a champ.

You were absolutely right about their customer service. It was top notch, just like you said, and it was my biggest factor in selecting Jandy in the end.

Thanks, Patrick

Florida, Jandy Pool Heat Pump Owner

Thanks for your quick response. I will give Jack a call on Monday. I wish all companies were as dedicated to customer service as yours is.  From questions on which heater to buy to service after the sale – you are number one with me. Thanks again for all of your help and guidance.

Florida, Jandy Pool Heat Pump Owner

I wanted to thank you again for your help today. I called Susan and she walked me through hooking the line back up. I would recommend you to anyone I know that is looking for a pool heater. Your customer service is A+.

Dear Al:
Thank you for writing back to me and the kind words. I am happy that all is well.  We are here for you if you need us.
* Al purchased his Heat Siphon on 02/05. He recently contacted  for technical support.

What great service from both of you - fast response. They came out the next day and replaced panel and cover.
Jandy is great.



...Mr.Kopec did call me and after discussing the matter he stated he is sending me a new unit. I agreed to be home when the new unit arrives so it can go right out.
I was on edge the entire weekend thinking about this and I must say after speaking with Mr. Kopec I was at ease. Some of my friends that know about what had happened are beside themselves that I spoke to the owner of the company and the matter was resolved the next business day.
The best part is I am still married and the wife didn't throw me out! You guys are great!


Just wanted to get back with you and let you know that the Captain is running smoothly...

Thank you for your diligence and persistence with EUS on my behalf. Your advocacy for your customers with manufacturers is a valuable part of your service.


Don B.

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my pool heater. I was finally able to get the new motor installed 2 weeks ago, only to discover that my pool pump wasn't working. I was able to get that repaired this week, and have had everything running now for a couple of days. The pool temperature is slowly increasing and I'm hopeful it will be ready for swimming in the next day or two. I dropped the first motor you sent off at UPS today to return to you. It should be there by the end of the week. Thanks again for everything.


Another happy customer


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