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Waterco Pool Heat Pumps

  Waterco Electro Heat Pool Heaters

Waterco commenced business in 1981 in Sydney, Australia as a distributor of PVC pipes and fittings. Since then, through a series of acquisitions as well as internal growth, the company has expanded into manufacturing and distribution of an extensive range of pool and spa products as well as water treatment equipment.

Waterco heat pumps offer efficiency & reliability and have been designed to provide cost savings and the ultimate performance.  All Waterco Electroheat heat pump pool heaters are manufactured with titanium heat exchangers, scroll compressors and user friendly controls.  Waterco makes it easier and less expensive to enjoy and extend your swim season.

    Waterco AquaFlow heat pump pool heater

AquaFlow Series
  Waterco Geyser Series Heat Pump
Geyser Series
  Waterco Aqua Heat Series Heat Pump
Aqua Heat Series

ElectroHeat by Waterco    |    Pool Heat Pump Prices
Waterco AquaFlow XL65 65,000 $2,400.00
Waterco AquaFlow XL80 80,000 $2,800.00
Waterco Geyser XLR40 40,000 $1,900.00
  Waterco Geyser XLR50   50,000 $2,000.00
  Waterco Geyser XLR65   65,000 $2,300.00
  Waterco Geyser XLR80   80,000 $2,400.00
  Waterco Aqua Heat XL50   50,000 $2,200.00
  Waterco Aqua Heat XLR50   50,000 $2,200.00
  Waterco Aqua Heat XLR70   70,000 $2,800.00
Waterco Aqua Heat XLR90 90,000 $2,900.00
  Waterco Aqua Heat XLR110   110,000 $3,200.00
Waterco Aqua Heat XLR130 130,000 $3,700.00
  Unit Dimensions
Weight W x H x D
  AFX065T261   170 44 x 24 x 30  
  AFX080T261   175 44 x 24 x 30  
GEY040T261R 120 46 x 27 x 12.5
  GEY050T261R   120 46 x 27 x 12.5  
  GEY065T261R   120 46 x 27 x 12.5  
  GEY080T261R   120 46 x 27 x 12.5  
ANX050T261 120 29 x 22 x 32
  ANX050T261R   120 29 x 22 x 32  
  ANX070T261R   130 29 x 22 x 32  
  ANX090T261R   195 30 x 35 x 34  
ANX110T261R 215 35 x 37 x 39
  ANX130T261R   220 35 x 37 x 39  

  Warranty Information    One (1) year parts. One (1) year labor. Five (5) year Compressor. Ten (10) year Heat Exchanger.

Download Waterco Warranty PDF
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BTU The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one lb of water one degree Fahrenheit.
COP Coefficient of Performance The higher the #  The less electricity used
PRICE We should be the lowest  delivered price on the web. 
Please let us know if we are not.
DELIVERED PRICE All of our heat pumps are delivered to your home with a lift gate truck that will lower the heat pump to the ground for you. Each shipment is completely insured. We have an strict  NON-CUSTOMER-TORTURE policy.  We have a FREE SHIPPING Limited-Time Offer.  Visit the INTERNET SPECIALS page for more details and expiration date.
Waterco Owners Manual PDF
Waterco Warranty Information
AquaFlow Series
Geyser Series
Aqua Heat Series

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