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Commercial Electric Pool Heater Units

Special High KW electric heat pumps are available upon request.

We have electric pool heater units starting at 5.5 KW - 57 KW (Approximately 194,000 BTU's) for large pools and up to 300 KW (approximately 1,000,000 BTU's).Most units are available in single or three phase and we also offer heaters up to 300KW for commercial applications.

For more information, models, specs and to size your pool or spa please contact us and ask for a high KW heater.

Commercial Gas Heating Units

Commercial Gas Pool Heaters are used by Municipalities, Hotels, Resorts, Schools and wherever more than 400,000 BTU's are needed.

Please click on the brands below for more information on gas and electric pool heat pumps.

  Raypack Commercial Pool Heating Units Laars Commercial Pool Heating Systems  


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