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Troubleshooting Guide for Hayward Pool Heat Pumps

Download Hayward Owner's Installation Manual PDF

Check the installation of the heat pump first to assure it is installed per the installation manual. Ensure the electrical hook-up is correct by checking the breaker is sized correctly for your unit and the wiring is per the National Electric Code. Reference the installation manual to ensure that the plumbing is installed correctly.

Circuit Breakers: if you suspect that a circuit breaker may be tripped, turn the breaker to the off position and then back to on. Visually checking the breaker is on is inadequate, as some switches move only a short distance when they trip. Toggle the switch to off then on every time you suspect it is tripped.

Troubleshooting cooling cycles of a heat/cool unit: If you are troubleshooting problems with the cooling cycles of a heat/cool unit, the following charts cover the majority of issues. If you are unable to resolve or determine a problem, additional info can be obtained by contacting the HAYWARD Service Department.

Troubleshooting Guide for MECHANICAL Thermostat Control

No Power to Unit
Make sure power is on.
Breaker is thrown Check the breaker / see note above.

Thermostat not turned up high enough
Turn thermostat up until unit comes on.

5 minute delay timer still running
Be sure the 5 minute delay has passed.
Make sure filter is clean

Low water flow
Make sure filter pump is on.
Unhook cleaning devices (skimmers, crawlers, etc.)

Heat pump is not running
(Note: the pool filter pump must be running before the heat pump will operate.)

Outside temperature too low
Check outside ambient temperature / wait for warmer temperatures for unit to operate. (refer to Operating Principles)

Fan not functioning
Call HAYWARD for service info.

Heat pump running but not heating
Make sure thermostat is high enough
Adjust thermostat for higher heating temperatures.
Refer to pages 4 to 7 to find your thermostat instructions.

Heat or RUN does not come on.
System Component failure. Call HAYWARD for service info.

Thermostat set too high
Turn thermostat down.

Heat pump runs continually
Electrical component failure
Turn off the filter pump. If the unit is still running after 2 minutes, turn off the power to the unit and contact HAYWARD for service.

Bad valve or improper water flow
Check valve settings and ensure water flow is sufficient (is the filter pump running continually?) If heat pump continues to cycle, turn unit off to prevent compressor damage.

Low refrigerant, low ambient temp, or high humidity with low ambient temp
Check evaporator coil for severe frost.
Turn unit off to prevent compressor damage.

Heat pump is cycling (on / off too quickly)
If heat pump continues to cycle, turn unit off to prevent compressor damage.

This is normal and there is no reason to be concerned Water coming from bottom of unit Possible water leak.
Turn the unit off for at least 2 hours, but leave the filter pump running continuously. If water dries up then it is only condensation. Otherwise there is a possible leak.


Troubleshooting Guide for DIGITAL Thermostat Control

Lights Run (green)
No power to heat pump
Tripped circuit breaker/ no power supply check breaker and ensure that the unit is properly installed.

Faulty electrical component
Call HAYWARD service department for info.

High / Low Pressure Switch Outside temperature too cold.
Check ambient temperature, if lower than 50� F,

Unit will not run
check water flow to heat pump. .
-Clean your filter
-Make sure all valves are open and bypass valve is closed.
-Ensure pool filter pump is on
-Normal operation for TCO function
-PS Water Pressure Switch Low or no water flow
-Turn off fountains, crawlers, etc.
-Outside temperature too cold.

Check ambient temperature. Wait for warmer temperature

Loss of refrigerant
Call HAYWARD service department for info.

Switch failure
Call HAYWARD service department for info.

Fan motor failure
Call HAYWARD service department for info.

Coil obstruction
Call HAYWARD service department for info.
Perform cleaning procedures described in this manual.

Air flow obstruction
Call HAYWARD service department for info.

LP Low Pressure Switch
Check water flow to heat pump. .
Clean your filter

Low water flow.
Make sure all valves are open
Ensure pool filter pump is on

Set unit to ACP if you have the heat / cool option.

Refer to text on HPC-5 control board.

Check pool temp. Wait until pool needs heat.

High water temp
Call HAYWARD service department for info.
Have a professional adjust to proper levels

Refrigerant is overcharged
Contact HAYWARD for service info.

Switch Failure Contact HAYWARD for service info.
HI High Pressure Switch

2-speed filter pump Make sure speed is set to high SH OP
Temperature sensor Failure Contact HAYWARD for service info.

888 Thermostat reset Normal operation Temporary display. Shows for 1-2 secs when the unit is first turned on.

Refer to owners manual of the remote device.

RHD Remote device is controlling the unit. If you do not have a remote device connected, call HAYWARD for service info.

PST Push button stuck Release the button

PNL Control not receiving data from panel Control Problems Call Hayward

CEL Panel not receiving data from

control Control Problems Call Hayward

CHC Board self-check error Board Failure Call Hayward

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