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How to Reduce Pool Heating Costs          Calculate Pool Heating Costs

There are several ways to reduce heating costs if you are considering to purchase a pool heater.  If you choose to heat your pool with a gas or propane pool heater, you will need to take several steps to maintain efficiency.

Use a Solar Pool Blanket

Also called a ‘pool blanket or solar pool cover, solar blankets keep evaporation to a minimum, keep out debris, reduce chemical consumption and help heat the pool water.  According to the US Department of Energy, solar blankets, can reduce pool heating costs 50 to 70 percent, can reduce the amount of water that needs to be added to a pool by 30 to 50 percent and can reduce the pool's chemical use by 35 to 60 percent.

Turn Down the Temperature

Always choose the lowest setting on your thermostat which remains comfortable.  Maintaining a constant temperature, without overheating, can reduce the monthly heating cost.  When your pool will not be in use for over 3 days, lower your thermostat setting.  Completely turn off the heater if it will not be in use for longer periods of time, to lower monthly heating bills.

Upgrade Your Heater

Upgrade a gas or propane heater to a swimming pool heat pump or solar heating system.  Pool heat pumps and solar heating systems are more cost efficient to operate long term.

Be Consistent with Maintenance

A well maintained heater will work more efficiently, reducing your monthly operating costs and allowing it to typically last five or more years. It's best to have a qualified pool professional install the heater and even perform complicated maintenance or repair tasks.

Read your owners manual for a recommended maintenance schedule. You'll likely need to tune up your pool heater annually.   Also, scaling in the burner or heat exchanger may decrease efficiency over a period of time.


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