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Pool Heater Reviews, Heat Pump Installation Photos and Testimonials

We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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125 TI

Posted December 2010 by Garry H. Cave Creek, AZ

I just wanted to Thank You for all of your assistance in helping me determine which pool heat pump would be best for my pool. Not only were you very helpful in answering all of my questions it was greatly appreciated that you picked up the phone and called me to make sure you had answered the questions that were asked. I would also like to add about the ease of installation of the unit I purchased the instructions and the information you provided me in e-mails and phone conversations made the whole process go very easy. You and your company were very helpful in getting the unit to me on time so that I could have a warm pool for my family for the holidays. Since this was a second home in a different state the logistics were a little challenging. I was able to in one day plumb and wire the unit and have it running. Thank you again for all of your help and I would highly recommend you and your company to anybody.

Heat Siphon DHP2.25

Posted October 2010 by Pierre G. Homer, NY

I purchased my Heat Siphon heat pump earlier this summer for my indoor pool in Homer NY. My old propane heater was costing around $500/month to heat the pool during the winter months. Your analysis projected my heating costs to be around $150/month and you were spot on. My electric costs to operate the Heat Siphon have been running between $125 and $150/month. At this rate, my heat pump will pay for itself within the first year. I was concerned that the heat pump would not be able to keep up once the colder weather arrived, but that has not been the case. We've had a few weeks of 30 degree nights and with some supplemental heat (I added a pellet stove to heat the room), the Heat Siphon has maintained the pool at 82 degrees running about 12 hours each day. It does chill the room quite a bit which is great in the summer. As you recommended, I added a heat source (pellet stove) a few weeks ago and it provides ample heat for the Heat Siphon to do its thing. Even with the heat pump running, the room stays at around 65 degrees with the pellet stove on a medium setting. The biggest benefit has been the dehumidification we've been able to achieve with the Heat Siphon. I have an exhaust fan on a humidistat and when the heat pump is on, the fan is never called into service. All in all, things have worked out better than I had expected. You were all so helpful in answering my questions. I installed the pump myself without problems. Thanks so much for the great service. I would highly recommend

Heat Siphon Z575HP

Posted August 2010 by Scopedoc Cairo, Egypt

Hi guys and gals ! i am located in Cairo, Egypt and this is our first pool. Weather is like in Arizona and so I opted to buy a heat pump for winter use. After lurking on several forums I contacted a company called Poolheatpumps two weeks ago. To my extreme surprise, as I was driving back from my clinic I received a call from the President of the company. I parked and commenced a 15 minute long-distance conversation with Kevin Haagen who answered all my questions and more. All of this based on a simple inquiry from someone 6000 miles away ! Suffice to say that I opted to buy from them. And then the fun started.... First, the unit I wanted was a 4.5HP . Kevin sent back that it was being phased out soon and I would be better off with the 5HP still in production. AND at the SAME PRICE and higher BTUs ! Second, they quoted me for the analog unit as I requested since it would be less things to go wrong over here. Well, today I got an email saying: I just got a call from the factory and they are out of C5HP 50 hertz compressors. It will be 8 weeks before that compressor will be available. So, I hope you do not mind, but we are going upgrade and send you a Z575HP in 50 Hz for the same price. So you will be getting a digital heater instead of the analog and slightly more BTUs. BTW, The new unit is $400 more expensive and i am not paying any difference! I am truly impressed by the level of honesty and dedication and EXCELLENT customer service shown by this company. This is just a comment from a satisfied customer!

Heat Siphon 2.25

Posted May 2010 by Brandi Andover, CT

Everything looks correct. Thanks so much for answering ALL my questions. It was refreshing to talk to someone who really knows about the product they are selling. Kind regards,


#67 Posted May 2010 by Tim Rains Sammamish, WA

My pool is now heated! Pictures are attached. The hardest part, besides digging the trench, was finding an electrician that didn't want thousands of dollars to wire the heater. 85 degrees and happy, despite the 60 degree temperatures in WA right now. Thank-you for all the help.



Heat Siphon Z575HP

Posted May 2010 by Adam Dix Hill, NY

I thought you would like to know that I installed the heater and it is working great. I had some leftover pavers from a patio I built and used them as the base. That was the most difficult part of the entire installation and it wasn't that difficult. We love it and look forward to long enjoyable swimming seasons for years to come. I already have some friends that are interested in replacing there heaters with a heat pump similar to the heat siphon we have and will be sure to direct them your way.


Posted May 2010 by Rich Brenwood, NH

We installed the heat pump on Monday and it is working great. Today the water is 82°. This is the biggest item we have ever purchased on the internet and it couldn't have been easier.


Posted April 2010 by Stanley Manchester, CT

The heat pump ( 105k btu) is now installed and working. I am really enjoying the pool It is great to have the water temperature in the low 80's. You do a great job with customer service. I really appreciate the support that you have provided.

Heat Siphon DG5.0

Posted March 2010 by Ed Delanson, NY

Just thought I'd let you know, I got the Heat Siphon SG5.0 digital you recommended below up and running. It was very easy to start up compared to gas heater, just hook up the wires and the water, turn them all on and wait for the countdown. None of that checking to see if the gas is actually flowing even though it is on, then bleeding, trying to start and waiting for any possible build up to dissipate, repeat until starts for a half hour or so, then calling the gas man for a service visit or to debug. VERY nice to just turn it on and it works with the heat pump. Also, I had been told that heat pumps were noisy and was concerned with it right next to the pool because the pump was already noisy and you could hear the old gas heater over that too, but not too loud. HOWEVER, other than when the fan first kicks on you can barely hear the heat pump over the pool pump. VERY NICE, can't believe it is quieter. I'm still going to pursue the noise barrier that I thought I was going to need, but not just for the pump. If you know what to listen for (low pitch under the high pitched pump, but only) you can tell whether the HP is running, which I like so I don't have to walk clear over there to check it out. Also, I note that you can only just hear the low pitch in the pool area, it appears that the lower frequency sound (large wave length) cannot bend around the house corners and must be too long a wave length to fit through the windows/doorways into the house, like the high frequency (short wave length) pump noise can. Someone ought to put noise level in the technical data for the heat pumps data available. Maybe a little more specific/scientific (numbers, dB, wavelength size compared to window size, like for people like me), than mine above, but mine has the advantage of being closer to normal English for non-engineers/scientists, and less like geek talk. :-) Thanks again for the advice! We'll see how long it takes to heat, but the pool has to get cleaned first, as the filter is still getting clogged up and shutting down the heater.

Heat Siphon

Posted March 2010 by Peter G Merrick, NY

As promised, here are some pictures of my heat pump.  It works just great!  12' X 24' Pool went from 67 degrees to 84 degrees in only 1.5 days in the middle of May.  I can see myself extending the swimming season into October now.  Thanks for all your help.


Installation #65 Posted March by Jeff Paxton Columbia, SC

Follow up email after purchase. I have been very pleased with our heat pump.  It was easy to install it is easy to operate and so far it has been very reliable.  We have had zero problems with this unit.  Also, it has paid for itself in energy savings in only 6 months time.  What more could I ask for. Nice unit. Jeff Paxton Chief Engineer Embassy Suites



Heat Siphon SX5.0

Posted December 2009 by Hazel and Joe Liverpool, UK

Follow up email received from Hazel and Joe, who purchased their Heat Siphon back in 2004


Once again we are extremely impressed with the customer service we received from you. In our book, that's so important, & that's why we prefer to do business with you rather than others (even if they're located nearer to us)!  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone!

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Posted November 2009 by Carl Regina, SK, Canada

Everything is working fine. If you need a letter of recommendation you can use me as a contact. we have the Heat Siphon SX5.0 on a 27 foot round above ground pool in Western Canada. The temperature outside has been low for this time of the season at a high of only 72F and lows of 38F. I have had the heater running for 2 half days when the temp hits over 50F and the water has come up considerably. The start up water temp was only 53F and now it's at 76F in 2 days. We will be going in tomorrow. Thank you for all your help

Heat Siphon SX3.25

Posted October 2009 by Chris Bonney Lake, WA

I just wanted to say that the Heat Pump arrived yesterday on time ;-) But the truck didn’t have a ramp, or a tailgate to lower it down. I ended up having to help the deliverer. We had to use a long ladder I had, with a big sheet of plywood to slide it down safely. That went fairly well but it still was nerve-racking.

Anyway, I was able to get the unit plumbed up, and wired up and turn it on this morning. I appears to be producing about 4-5 degrees, though its hard to tell. I’m sticking a thermometer in front of the water outlet, and the pool water is about 83 and what is coming out appears to be about 87-88… So it clearly is working well. ;-) I want to run the temp up to 90 J My wife will like that. Other than that… I LOVE IT !! ;--)

Heat Siphon DX3.25

#64 Posted October 2009 by Donald Natale Downington, PA

I just wanted to drop you a line about how satisfied we are with our Heat Pump we purchased from your company. We live in the Northeast in Pennsylvania and have used propane to heat our pool for the past 7 years. We were very reluctant to try a heat pump for the pool not living in a warm climate like Florida. After many talks with you and making the purchase in March of this year, we could not be more happy, Our pool was always the correct temperature and our Electric Bill never was more than 80 or 90 dollars usual. You have a great product and great service. Thanks again and we will think of your company whenever we purchase pool supplies.



#63 Posted October 2009 by John Wright Ft Lauderdale, FL

Just a quick note to let you know how satisfied I am with  I received the unit 48 hours after ordering and the installation was done the next day.  The unit works perfectly and now we have a pool that can be used 12 months a year instead of 6 or 7.  If any prospective buyers would like to contact me, feel free to use me as reference.  Thanks again



Heat Siphon DX5.0

Posted July 2009 by Karen W. Florissant, MO

I have been meaning to get back to you about our new Heat Siphon. In May our normal gas bill was $800.00 + to heat the pool. This year it was $400.00, and that includes our air conditioner. It works great even when we want 90 degrees in 65 degree weather. Thanks for your help in choosing the right pump for our pool.

Pentair HP1200R

Posted June 2009 by Wayne Moultrie, GA

The Best experience I have had sofar while building our pool...and our house. Your staff, You, and Jason have been very helpful and always followed up. Jason made sure our heater was shipped same day even when I was very close to the deadline. Thank you again.

Heat Siphon DX5.0

Posted June 2009 by Bill St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you for your prompt attention to this sale - everything is exactly as was discussed over the phone with Kevin and I will notify you when we're ready to have the unit shipped, probably in 2 to 3 weeks.   I found your website to be, by far, the best organized and most informative of all that I visited, and having immediate weekend phone contact with a knowledgeable reprehensive to answer all of my questions was a huge factor in making this purchase. It's a rare treat these days to find a business that is as customer oriented and available as you guys are! Thanks and best wishes for your future success.

Heat Siphon DHP5.0

Posted June 2009 by Melinda and Craig Allison Park, PA

Wow, we're impressed. Your way of doing business is unparalleled! Craig is in sales and he rarely acknowledges the action of others unless it's outstanding. Your attention to our needs has been phenomenal. To begin, you took our call on a holiday weekend. Next, you understood when we initially canceled our order. Finally, when we called again yesterday, you immediately got back in the saddle to resurrect our order. Truly, we don't find this attention to the customer often in today's marketplace. We want to thank you. We truly appreciate it and want you to know. As for providing us with any photos or info. in advance of the delivery, that would be great. We would like to share those with our electrician so he's fully prepared to install on Saturday.  Again, thank you! We'll let you know if we have any questions. Looking forward to a warm pool, thanks to you!

Raypak RMHP 115LHHC

Posted June 2009 by Ellen Chesapeake, VA

Thank you so much for your help in selecting our heat pump. Our pool is now the neighborhood after-party pool! After the all-day 4th of July picnic at the neighbors' home - with a pool - they asked if they could come over and try out our heated pool, thinking it would be at least 2 or 3 degrees warmer than their pool. It was more like 6 degrees warmer! Everyone was amazed at how warm and comfortable the water was, and no one wanted to leave - at least not until the early hours of July the 5th!

I never imagined how much a few degrees difference in water temperature could dramatically increase the use and enjoyment of our pool. We are nolonger at the mercy of the sun to heat our pool! Cloudy days are great swim days now, unlike in years before when it would take days of sunshine to replenish the warmth one day of clouds could take away. This summer, we can now swim any day and at any hour, as long as it isn't storming. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!

The heat pump set-up behind our pool shed came out great. First, we removed all the grass and weeds and then graded the area so the highest point would be next to the pool shed where the pump would be placed; this would prevent rain or pool water from ponding near the pump. Then, to discourage weeds from growing back, we covered the area, first with multiple layers (4-6 sheets) of newspaper, followed by a layer of landscaping fabric, well secured with pegs. We then put down a cement paver base with paver edging securely installed along all four sides. For aesthetic and practical reasons, we then surrounded the paver base with landscaping rocks. It looks so good that the neighbors ask for tours!

Again, Kevin, thank you for your help in selecting the absolute best heat pump for our pool. The other day, one of the young ladies enjoying our pool said to her mother, "This is the best pool I have ever been in!" My family and I totally agree with her.

Jandy AE2500

Posted May 2009 by Richard Mount Juliet, TN

Thank you very much for all your help. The order arrived in just 2 days. One day before you said I would have it. I don't know how you do it but thanks again.  I had the Jandy Model AE-2500 up and running by the end of May and it works great.  Thank You,

130 TI

Posted May 2009 by Rob Montross, VA

Hi, The heat pump arrived today. Thanks.  I sincerely thank you for your choice of freight carriers. The FEDEX-FREIGHT delivery service was everything one would expect from a professional freight service (as ontrast to most of the local freight delivery service groups in this area). The driver was extremely courteous and helpful, allowing me to avoid the typical 'confrontations' I generally encounter with the delivery of large/heavy equipment. I will definitely recommend "pool heat pumps . com" to my friends and neighbors when asked about our new pool heater.

Heat Siphon DX5.0

Installation #62 Posted May 2009 by Don Campbell Flower Mound, TX

I just wanted you to know how much I like the new Heat Siphon DX 5.0 that I purchased from you.  It arrived safely and I was easily able to install it myself.  I had an electrician connect my Single Phase 220 power yesterday morning.  We turned it on at 11:30 am and I showed a 10 degree rise in the pool temp ( 72 to 82 ) in 24 hours.  It reached my desired temp of 85 this afternoon at 5pm.  We had a cool night last night (64) here in Flower Mound, TX., a suburb of Dallas, and it was about 85 today.  I have lots of shade over my pool so this will help us get it warm early and keep it warm all season long and well into the fall.  My grandkids are coming over on Saturday and we'll enjoy the warm water.  Thanks again

Heat Siphon DX5.0
#61 Posted May 2009 by Jim Herd Hagerstown, Maryland thanks for your help, I must say doing business with your company was a great experience. Not only did I get a great price on my heat pump, I felt I got really expert advice on what to buy and how to install it. Your website is really very good and is chock full of great easy to find content. It was the website that attracted me to your company. But once I made the decision to buy I was delighted with the communication about my order and your amazingly fast response to my E mail with questions about the install. And finally being able to reach someone on the phone at that moment in the install when there was that one last question really made the whole experience a pleasure. The install is now complete and the unit is really moving the needle (quietly I might add). I am raising the temperature on a 22,000 gallon pool  by over one degree an hour! It makes me wonder why I have waited so long to add a heater? Thanks again for all your support. Please feel free to use my letter as a testimonial for others as I can recommend the company completely.



Heat Siphon HP5.0

Posted March 2009 by Don Durand, Michigan

As per our conversation, I am writing to confirm my satisfaction with the Heat Siphon heat pump. Let me start by saying that the free shipping was awesome! UPS delivered the heat pump in my driveway without any scratches or damage (it was a little bigger than I expected). I installed the unit on its own deck (4'X4') so it did not sit in any water. It was a breeze to install, just as stated. I am one of those folks that open their pool early so that I have no surprises when we actually want to swim. Needless to say the pool was opened April 11th, 2009. Outside temperature was 46 degrees, pool water a chilly 35 degrees. I ran the heat pump 9 hours a day for 5 days. At the end of the 5th day the outside temperature was 55 degrees and my pool water was 80 degrees. NO KIDDING!! If you are thinking about a pool heater, look no further. My satisfaction with the Heat Siphon and with Kevin are unsurpassed. This heat pump is truly, truly amazing........ Thank you

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Posted March 2009 by Jeff Leander, TX

Finished installing the heater Mid-March after a very fast delivery from you guys. It was up and running in time to fire it up and have my family and I swimming for Spring Break. We'd had a cold spell the week before and the water was COLD but the Heat Siphon cranked it up fast with the help of some sunshine and some warm air from a weather warm-up right when we fired it up. It's an amazing device. It's going to really help us get more out of our pool. Thanks for the good advice and friendly service. Very much appreciated.


Posted Janary 2009 by Rob S. Miami, FL

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and excellent service with my recent purchase. The heater arrived yesterday just as I had scheduled. I have to tell you, that I was very nervous about ordering something for $3000 on line, but you made it painless and efficient.

Raypak RMHP 115

Installation #60 Posted September 2008 by Ron Starr Elmhurst, IL

Well, I didn't know what I was doing, but I looked at pics on your site, asked at pool store and at Home Depot.....after 10 trips to Home Depot (because I kept forgetting stuff) I got it pretty slimmed down and simplified. I poured a concrete slab (something I've never done before) looking up instructions online.  The unit came and I needed help moving it, but me and 3 other guys got it on the slab.  Next....I looked for an electrician.  My pool is in the center of the backyard and because I have a concrete patio between house and pool....all bidders said to trench around patio and pipe to side of house.I got the job done by a family member who gave me a break at $600 + 2tickets to a Cubs game...everyone else was over $1000 to put in a new breaker, run conduit and wire.  It took  1 guy about 6 hours, including couldn't have cost more than $150 so these guys were trying to rake me over the coals....and given the economy, these bidders should have been happy to work!!! Anyhow, attached are pics of the final install.  I was able to run flexible tubing from skimmer to Filter and from Pool Frog back to the return on side of pool.  Even though Rheem has backflow check valves in it, Installed on between heat pump and Pool Frog for extra safety. Contractor used PVC piping, 50 amp breaker, and a disconnect with Seal Tight next to the pump. Ice cold air coming out of top of pump....if someone could invent a way to funnel that back into a home/office/lifeguard shack, they would truly be "green"....heating pool, and using same energy to cool the office/home. Here are the heating stats on pool (we're swimming in it today) Heat Pump finished install and had power at 4pm CST.....Chicago air temp 75.  I set filter to hi speed and heat pump to 87, let the pump run all night. By 9am next morning (or 17 hours later) pool was at 80 degrees (night time temp was high 50's low 60's), I let it run to about noon before taking cover off to vacuum and noon or within 20 hours of install my 10,000 gallon 21' round above ground pool was at 87 degrees.....  I couldn't wait to jump in..... We didnt' get 87 degrees until fathers day last year, using solar panels and solar cover. These pumps are amazing and efficient....couldn't believe I'm swimming on May 20th in bath temp waters.....



Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #59 Posted May 2008 by Peter Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Hi Poolheatpumps team, I wanted to let you know I have received the Heat Siphon and had it professionally installed last week. My main hesitation prior to ordering was the noise it may cause.  My experience with house heat pumps was that they seemed excessively noisy. As you explained by phone, the Heat Siphon is relatively quiet with the Scroll compressor.  I may not have to put in any hedges or other sound dampening measures as I had anticipated.  My neighbors have indicated the noise does not bother them either, so all went according to plan.  The pump works just as I had imagined.  I have a 18X36 sized pool I keep it covered with a solar cover.  Air Temperature when Istarted up was 60 F and the Pool temp was 66 F at 9 pm on Tuesday.  By 9pm Wed, the pool was 75 F and air temp was 60 F.  By Thursday morning at 7 am the pool was 79 F .....and by that evening I was looking at 82F. Over the week-end  I only had to run it only once by the day to maintain the temperature in the low 80s ( weather has gotten much better). It hasn't been below 80 F for over a week which is the first time in 13 years.  We have been using the pool more in the last week than all of the last 2 years.  Thanks again for all your help



Jandy AE3000 TR
Installation #58 Posted May 2008 by Ken Kirkland, WA

Thank you for your help in selecting a heat pump for our pool.  We live in the cascade foothills and our source for heating the pool prior to the heat pump was a propane heater. Our propane bills went from $1,000 per month in the winter before we built the pool to $5,000 per month after we installed the pool.   To be sure it is a nice pool – It won an award as the best new residential concrete pool in the state of Washington for 2008 by the concrete industry.  However I felt that $4,000 was too much to heat a swimming pool. That is when I called you. After getting the dimensions of our pool it is 22ft by 44ft you recommended the Jandy AE 3000 TR heat pump at a delivered cost of just about one month’s propane bill. I installed the heat pump this winter and I set it to 87 degrees I lowered the propane temp to 82 degrees.  


I found that the heat pump worked great whenever the outside temp was over 50 and that even in the coldest Washington weather the propane almost never came on. What that equated to is our propane bill went from $5,000 to $1,000 and our power bill went from $800 to $1,000. That is a monthly savings of $3,800 every month and We only paid a little over $4,000 for the heat pump.  Thanks again for all of your help and support.



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