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Pool Heater Reviews, Heat Pump Installation Photos and Testimonials

We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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Posted March 2008 by Bill Maryland

Greetings,  Just wanted you to know what a fantastic experience we had with your company. Jason turned the order in less than 24 hours! My son and some of his friends were going to Hilton Head for the weekend and had offered to install the heat pump. I called Jason on Thursday and he had the pump delivered the next day! There was a lot more effort on his part that I won’t go into, but he did a fantastic job. My son and two of his friends hooked up the new pump in about 3 hours (mostly spent humping the heavy equipment and going to the hardware store). They were not professional installers, just good at home improvement projects. It was up and running that day and by the next day, they were swimming in a very warm pool! Buying from you saved me $3000.00 over the local dealer price. My dealer offered to install the heater if I bought it online for $1400. That seems like a lot for 3 hours work. I’m not against anybody making a fair profit, but who wants to be ripped off?  You guys did a fantastic job. Feel free to use my email. Please also thank Jason for his exceptional service.

Jandy AE2500 TR

Posted February 2008 by Wayne South Carolina

The Heat Pump arrived on Friday. The trucking company was great. They pushed the unit right into the garage for now. The unit is a little larger than I anticipated.  I would be happy to write a testimonial to your wonderful service to post to your website.

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #57 Posted December 2007 by Jim Whandley Cocoa Beach, FL

My SX5.0 is installed and keeping the pool at 87 degrees, I lose about 4 degrees overnight with the cover on but after less than 2 hours running, I’m back to 87 again. I haven’t gotten my electric bill yet but I think it will be reasonable. The installation went very easily, I did have an electrician friend help with the electrical work though. I am very happy with my experience buying from you. Even though everything was done by internet or phone, I am really reminded of the way it used to be buying things from my small town business friends years ago. I felt that you were truly interested in seeing that I had a good experience and would do what was necessary to make my experience a pleasant one. Everything went exactly as planned, thank you and keep up the good work. I’ve attached several pictures, one with Oliver, our King Charles Spaniel, checking out the installation and a shot of the pool area decorated for Christmas. Thanks for making this a pleasant and lowest cost experience.



Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #56 Posted November 2007 by Bill Davis Cypress, TX

Thanks for all the help I received from you and Mr. Strong in my purchase of a Heat Siphon SX5.0 heat pump. The quality of your service was exceptional. Also, I could not be more pleased with the performance of the unit. I received it in November, hooked up the piping then, but I did not get around to doing the electrical hook-up until last weekend. Nothing was very difficult, and my electrical work needed only a minor adjustment to pass inspection - not too bad for an accountant. All materials, piping and electrical, were under $300. I turned the unit on at 4 PM Saturday with pool water at 68 degrees and no cover. Sunday morning the water was 76 degrees. Monday morning it was 88 degrees. I thought I'd see if it would go to 100 just for the heck of it, but when my wife thoughtfully suggested this might not be good for the pool plaster, I shut it down at noon on Tuesday pushing 96 degrees. I have no doubt it would have gone to 100. It's amazing, and I love it. This is a new toy I'm really going to enjoy. Thanks again. Based on the numbers other companies advertise on their web sites, it appears 6.0 kilowatts is about correct for this size heater. I have been keeping the pool at 90 degrees! - what my daughter and grand children like. With a cover that I did decide to buy last weekend, I only have to run the heater for three to four hours a day in this weather, overcast days in the high sixties to low eighties and nights mid forties to mid sixties. I run the pool pump from 11 am to 7 pm. The heater runs from 11 am until 2 or 3 pm and doesn't come on again until the next day. Maybe $3 to $4 a day at 12 cents/kilowatt plus taxes? We'll see when I get the electric bill. When the sun comes out to stay and the air begins to hang around 80 more consistently, I'll start backing off on the temperature. I don't think the heater will be running much at all. Of course, by May it will be off until late September. I couldn't be more pleased and impressed.



Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #55 Posted November 2007 by Paula Monfort Winterpark, FL

We have our new heat pump in and love it !! What a cost saver and it works so fast and efficiently with our spa and pool. Your company was very personable and we appreciate all the help you gave us! Thanks for everything !



Raypak 8300TIPD

Installation #54 Posted October 2007 by Jeff Ancker La Quinta, CA

The Rheem 8300 TIPD is now installed and running. Thank you for your valuable information and experience which helped me choose the right heat pump. I will attach a few photos for you to post on your site. The installation is in La Quinta, CA near Palm Springs. In 60 degree weather with 45% humidity the heater was raising my 55 degree pool water by two degrees per hour and on a separate test with the same weather conditions my spa water was raised by 18 degrees per hour. I am very pleased with the performance and look forward to not having those high propane bills!



Heat Siphon

Installation #53 Posted October 2007 by Jim Harvey Costa Rica

I've emailed photos of the pool heaters and the swimming pool. By switching from propane to your heaters and pool covers, our fuel bill went from $5,000.00 per month to $200.00 per week. I really never believed that the savings would be so great. I cannot thank you enough for your help and also for your great service. If you have potential customers that have doubts, they are welcome to call me.



Jandy AE3000

Installation #52 Posted September 2007 by George Barhydt Goshen, IN

I have just finished installing my Jandy AE3000T heat pump. The instructions were excellent and all went very well. It will be about six months before swimming season returns to northern Indiana. I told my pool builder to put me first on his Spring list of pools to open, as I will be ready and cold water will not be a problem. Thanks again for your good service. Please see enclosed pictures of the installed unit and place on your website if you wish. Thank you


  Jandy AE3000T remote Jandy AE3000T remote Jandy heat pump installation jandy pool heater installation

Jandy AE2500

Installation #51 Posted September 2007 by Bob Serrano Roswell, New Mexico

Here are a few photos on my heater setup. The crazy valve setup allows me to disconnect the pump from the heater without losing pool operation. Should you want more information on the dome or from me please call me or email me. Thanks for the in sight on the heater operation.


Raypak 5100

Installation #50 Posted September 2007 by Joel Thompson Elka Park, NY

Here are a couple pictures of the Rheem heat pump we bought last spring. It's in a novel application as a heat-recovery machine in a solar greenhouse. The 3000 square foot greenhouse has no other heat source, even though it often gets below zero here in the mountains of New York. The heat pump takes heat out of the indoor air during the day and stores it in a 5000 gallon tank, where it is used for night-time heating via pipes cast into the concrete floor. During the summer the heat is used to make hot water for a nearby hotel. A side benefit is free cooling of the greenhouse, reducing the amount of ventilation we need. I mounted the heat pump on an overhead rack to keep it above head level, and to get the warm air from the top of the greenhouse.



Heat Siphon SX 5.0

Posted July 2007 by Larry H. Acton, MA

It was a pleasure dealing with Asa when purchasing our Heat Siphon SX5HP. Besides having the best prices by far, Asa is very patient, answering all questions in your investigation phase and he is a no pressure salesman. He never pressures you to make a sale. When you are ready to buy, he will sell you what you just want. He does not promote a deluxe model with added bells & whistles unless that is what you want. He will make recommendations if you ask, but he leaves the ultimate decision up to you. It is a pleasure to deal with Asa. He takes the apprehension out of buying such a costly product over the internet. Just as important as purchasing from a reputable dealer (which Asa undoubtedly is), it is just as important to purchase a quality product backed by a solid warranty from a reputable and responsive company. We are very happy with our choice of the Heat Siphon and with the support from "ThermoAmp" (the parent company).


While you hope to have a fault free product and to never have to make a warranty claim, it is reassuring when it happens that the company you are dealing with is reputable and responsive. Our unit wouldn't start after the first winter. Heat Siphon did not have any authorized repair representatives in our immediate area, so they asked me if I knew of anyone that could service their unit. I recommended the company that has the contract on our home's central A/C units. Without any further questions or paperwork, Thermo Amp contacted them, gave them authorization to investigate and to repair the problem with my unit and faxed them all the necessary documentation. They even handled the billing directly. I never even saw an invoice! I could not have encountered a more reputable and responsive company. So, I highly recommend Asa to purchase your unit from and from personal experience, I can recommend Heat Siphon as a quality product backed by a reputable and responsive company.

Heat Siphon SX 5.0

Installation #49 Posted March 2007 by Sal DeMarco Palm Coast, FL

It has been a few months since we installed the heater. The installation went very smoothly. The old heater lasted 15 years. It never functioned as well or as economically as the SX 5.0 heat siphon. The first time we turned it on the water temp. was 78 degrees and it brought the temperature up to 90 degrees in approximately 4 hours. Amazing. The electrical hookup was a snap. The plumbing was much simpler than the old one. I want to thank you for your help in determining the correct heater for us and the quick, on time delivery. Attached are three photos. Two showing the installed heater and one of our pool.



Jandy AE2500TR

Posted February 2007 by Kenneth Miami, FL

We received the unit today, How did you get it here so fast? It seems intact, but obviously I won't know if it's o.k. until I have it installed. Thanks for your help.

Heat Siphon SX 3.25

Posted January 2007 by Richard Lexington, Ohio

I ordered my heat pump(sx3.25) on Thursday after 3:00 pm and the trucking company called Friday morning to tell me it would be here Monday morning. That's the quickest processing time I have ever herd of. I was checking the Heat siphon web sight and they claim I will need at least 25 lbs pressure to operate this system. I have a new 3/4 pump and it runs 11-21 and calls for back wash at 21. what would be your suggestions to raise this to 25 lbs of pressure. I really didn't think I would have to buy a new pump also. Thanks for the great processing time. Thanks for your help and Thanks for pointing out that was GPM and not pressure. It takes a big load of my mind as I was looking at specs on my pump and it sounded low. Thanks again I can see why you have so many satisfied clients.

Jandy AE2500

Posted December 2006 by Nigel Coral Gables, FL

What great service from both of you - fast response. They came out the next day and replaced panel and cover. Jandy is great.

Jandy AE2500 Heat/Cool

Posted December 2006 by Steve Chesapeake, VA

I really appreciate your rapid response for the recent upset. Thanks again and rest assured I will spread your name to everyone and anyone I know with a pool or going to get a pool. By the way am Isupposed to contact the number you sent for pickup? Or should we just wait to here/ Thanks again, this heater/ cooler is working fantastic!!!!!!!

Jandy AE 2500

Posted November 2006 by Jonathan Tempe, AZ

Thank-you for your great service and expert advice. I purchased a Jandy Heat Pump from you last month and it has been providing great service for the past two weeks! The installation was simple, as you stated. The most difficult part (expensive) was getting a new power drop run through the backyard. The delivery person moved the unit next to the pad I had prepared in the backyard, I uncrated it and moved it the 2 feet to the pad, the electrician made the electrical connections and the local pool service company made the plumbing connections. My wife was concerned about making such a large purchase over the Internet but you came though and delivered a great product on time and in great shape. Your email and my research had me convinced that the Jandy was the right choice. I tried to look into competitive prices but all other online offers were more expensive than and even after contacting Jandy I could not find a local supplier. The weather has been cool and dry here in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix) but the Jandy unit has done well at getting my 25,000 gal pool from 46 to 80 degrees and holding it there. My children are looking forward to swimming on Christmas Day!

Heat Siphon SX3.25

Posted October 2006 by David Honolulu, HI

I want to let you know that I received my heat pump and wish to thank you for arranging the delivery which was just perfect, including a lift on the truck and carrying the heat pump right to the pool equipment pad. I finally got it connected and now working this week. It's great. Thank you again. (Things happen a little slower in Hawaii)

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Posted October 2006 by Al Port Charlotte, FL

I wanted to thank you again for your help today. I called Susan and she walked me through hooking the line back up. I would recommend you to anyone I know that is looking fora pool heater. Your customer service is A+.

Jandy AE2500

Posted October 2006 by Ray Homosassa, FL

Got heater today. Thanks for great shipping. Is it OK to plumb the unit and continue to filter pool without electricity being hooked up? That's not scheduled yet.

Jandy AE2500

Posted October 2006 by Dave Port St. Lucie, FL

No worries, I figured that was the case so I have placed my order this afternoon. I find you and your company to be very professional. Having managed a distribution/internet order business previously, I know how hard it is to gain people's trust. I appreciate all of your information and am looking forward to getting our heater installed. We just had our pool finished about 1.5 weeks ago and choose not to get a heater upon contract, as we figured that it would stay approx. 76 degrees. After having it for that period, and speaking with several people, we came to the conclusion that it wouldn't. Again, thank you for bearing with me and I look forward to swimming in the winter.

Jandy AE2500

Posted October 2006 by Jeff and Traci Navarre, FL

Wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the new heat pump. Lou (sales) was very helpful in informing us on what we needed to get going. We live in Navarre, Fl. Outside of the Destin area and wanted to extend our pool season a few months each year. The purchase was very easy and delivery was prompt and professional. I had the pad poured, unit wired and piping in place in about 2.5 hours …. We were putting warm water in the pool less than 24 hours from delivery of our new system. Thanks again.

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #48 Posted October by Jim Cummings West Islip, NY

It was a lot more work then I thought having to run 130 feet of wire and about 15 feet of plumbing but it was well worth the the time. The heat pump is even better then I thought it would be. I purchased a unit that was larger then needed for my pool but it runs less and heats it up faster. Asa was so much help in deciding what unit and brand would be good for me. He NEVER failed to answer a question or email and all he advice was sound without the pressure or sales pitch you get from so many other companies. I can not say enough about his company or Asa himself. Here are the Pictures of the final product.....



Heat Siphon HP5.0

Installation #47 Posted October by Dick Soverns Palmer, AK

Looks kind of rough, but there will be a retaining wall across the front and side, and the area will be a lot larger. Thinking in terms of a larger pool next year, but will have to check the capacity of the pump to heat it first. Wife and daughter love the water temp.



Jandy AE2000

Posted September 2006 by Bob North Ridgeville, Ohio

Well the heater is keeping the water at 84 degrees without a problem. My kids love it and send theirthanks to the "pool heater guy" that helped Dad get it going. After all it's Sept 19th in the Cleveland area, we had a high only of 70 degrees today but we're still in the pool today - Awesome!! Thanks for all your help and patience that you exhibited with an online purchaser and home installer throughout the process. I'll write you up a nice letter and some photos for your reference collection but I couldn't be happier with you and your firm for helping me get this pool heater thing right the first time. I will most certainly promote you and your firm at any given chance. It's nice to know there are reputable businesses such as "" outthere.

Jandy Ae2500

Posted September 2006 by Steve Tampa, FL

Thanks for your quick response. I will give Jack a call on Monday. I wish all companies were as dedicated to customer service as yours is. From questions on which heater to buy to service after the sale – you are number one with me. Thanks again for all of your help and guidance.

Kopec 650TI

Installation #46 Posted September 2006 by Eric New Hampshire

I'm a satisfied customer of yours. I've been using my Kopec 650 TI for 3 years now and it is still chugging away. I fixed a near disaster from last year. I apparently have been closing the system wrong. I use compressed air to drainall the water (so I thought) but the beginning of this year both the inlet and outlet pipes had cracked and pushed off the top. I glued them back in place leak free. (Just lucky I guess!) My question - how do you drain the darn thing? I found the drain plug but I can't figure out how to open it. Thanks in advance



Heat Siphon SX 5.0

Posted September 2006 by Bill and Alice Vansickle Florida

Trust you and yours are well. Here are some pix of the final installation of the Heat Siphon. The truck driver and I horsed the pallet truck through the yard and placed the pump right next to the pad. I did the plumbing the day after the electrician ran the 220 feed. It took only five hours to raise the temp from 78 to 84; quite impressive. We are both more than happy with the Heat Siphon and recommend it without exception. Feel free to use the photos and any emails on your website. It's great to be a member of your extended heat pump family. By the way, the truck driver was delivering two other heat pumps from you in the same area on the day he delivered ours. Small world.

Heat Siphon DHP 5.0

Installation #45 Posted September 2006 by Paul Hilliard Elizabeth City, NC

Just wanted to let you know that I successfully installed my Heat Siphon today, there were no problems and I finished in about 3 hours. I wanted to submit to you some photos for your web site. The customer service at your company is outstanding and I tell everyone about you and your company. This was the reason I came back to buy my second heat pump. Well take care and thanks for the great service, and I’m now ready for spring to enjoy this new baby. :)



Heat Siphon SX 5.0

Installation #44 Posted September 2006 by Thomas Rut Moscow, Russia

Thomas bought his Heat Siphon for his villa in Cypress last March 2006. This month we received this great testimonial letter from him... Asa, You must have steadfast determination to embark on a project like this when you own a holiday villa in North Cyprus, but the result is spectacular year round swimming over the Mediterranean Sea! (see photo). We ordered the single phase 50 Hz Heat Siphon SX 5.0 with scroll compressor on March 14 and arranged for air freight to Larnaca airport via AIT worldwide logistics.


After some UK flight routing problems, the unit arrived at Larnaca on March 20, but required a further week before completion of customs clearance formalities. On Marchh 27 I had made arrangements for collection at the dock, but the local freight forwarding company had inadvertently dispatched the unit on a delivery truck with the wrong address. Driving around the island with mobile phone soon wrangled the truck down in a local retail park to transfer the unit onto my truck. Driving across the Turkish controlled border proved to be very interesting as they took a decision on how much duty to charge me.


After considerable debate and discussion with head office, they eventually waved me through without paying any duty (which was wonderful as I had already paid European Union duty at South Cyprus customs!). Arriving to the villa I was fortunate to have some neighbors come across to help me move the Heat Siphon onto the concrete foundation. Beyond that, it was a simple matter of running underground electrics, making plumbing connections (although drilling through reinforced concrete required some rather serious air drill equipment!), and commissioning the unit. Within 72 hours we had the pool up to a very cozy 82 F and all the children in the estate were laughing and having a great time.


It was a joy to see the dream come true – the first heat pump in North Cyprus! While the logistics of air freighting a heat pump all the way from America to a remote region such as North Cyprus can be tedious and difficult, I must praise Asa and the AIT team for their follow-up and support. I really want to thank Asa for including some critical PVC fittings to help complete the installation, for if he hadn’t, I doubt I would have found them on the island. I priced heat pumps in Europe before contacting and found that even with shipping and customs costs, I was saving money by doing business with Asa.


Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #43 Posted September 2006 by Bob Williams Palm Bay, FL

Here are some picture of our pool before and after the heat pump install, we had 84 degree water in less than 24 hours.


Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #42 Posted September 2006 by George Chehalis, WA

We FINALLY got the pool installed two weeks ago, and fired up the heater. It took a few days, but it got the pool up to 84 degrees. It’s wonderful getting into a nice warm pool while it’s 45 degrees outside and raining. Thanks for guiding us to this unit. I’m a little nervous about the electric bill, but at least it’s cheaper than propane. We live about 1500 feet from the Newaukum River in Lewis County.


When we were installing our heat pump last month, we thought it would be prudent to elevate the heater a bit because we have had some flooding before (10 years ago), so we built a concrete pad that was about 18 inches higher than native ground…I think you might guess where this is going. Tuesday morning when we got up the river was roaring through the backyard and the heat pump was above water with about 8 inches to spare. We haven’t given up on this swimming season yet, so the heater was running the whole time and we went swimming a few hours after this picture was taken. It was 50 degrees outside and raining - water raging all around - but the pool was a calm and balmy 85.


Once again, I think you got the worst of the weather up north…but we did get a few inches of snow. I have attached a photo from this morning – and unlike last time, I can assure you we won’t be swimming today!


Heat Siphon HP5.0

Installation #41 Posted August 2006 by Guy New Brunswick, Canada

Guy purchased his heat pump from us in 2005. This is the original email that we received from him:


Good morning Asa, I received the heat pump yesterday, everything is fine, I'm going to store it in my garage for the winter and then install it in the spring. I'll keep you posted on how that goes and maybe send some pictures as well. Again I thank you very much for all your help with my order from the selection of the unit to the delivery. If anyone is looking for a heat pump I'll be sure to send them your way. This was the first major purchase I made over the internet from the United States and between my customs brokers and you the transaction and delivery went flawlessly.


Guy On June 2008, we received another email from him with some pictures and an update:


Hello Asa, I purchased my heat pump from you a few year ago and finally got some pictures taken of the pool. I thought I would send some. We're starting our third season with the pool and the heater is worth every cent. I started the heat pump and within 48 hours the water went from the low 60s to 84 degrees, something my pool guy told me it would take 3 to 4 days. Anyway just thought I would update you and tell you how pleased we are with your products and service. Guy


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