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Pool Heater Reviews, Heat Pump Installation Photos and Testimonials

We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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Kopec 650Ti

Posted December 2004 by Greg Monroe Township, NJ

You guys are great!

Heat Pump

#22 Posted December 2004 by John Griffin Florida

I received an installed the heat pump and I have an 82 degree swimming pool now. When I started up the unit this morning in overcast skies at 56 degrees, the pool temp was 67 at 9 am, by 2 pm the pool temp was 81, still with overcast skies and 66 degrees. The heat pump used 40 KWH (meter readings) during this test. I have attached a picture that you may use as desired. If you would like me to uplink a good reference to you website I can do that. Thank you

    Installation griffin 1

Heat Siphon SX5.0

#21 Posted October 2004 by Hazel and Joe Kerrigan Liverpool, UK

We are now home to a cold, wet & windy U.K., wishing we were back in warm & sunny Florida! Just a line to let you know how pleased we are with our pool heat pump. It was delivered without any problem, at least once we'd sorted out the problem with our phone, it was! It was all up & running in no time & the water heated up very quickly. The unit looks smart, & is quite quiet compared to the one fitted to our next door neighbor’s home. It was lovely & warm to swim in, in fact we had to lower the temperature a little! 


Thank you for all your help & advice with our purchase. Nothing was too much trouble & you were always so speedy in replying. We shan't hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know of who's looking for a pool heater.

  Installation kerrigan 1  Installation kerrigan 2  Installation kerrigan 3 

Above Ground Pool Heat Pump

Posted October 2004 by Cindie Las Vegas, NV

I live in Las Vegas and had just purchased an 15x30x52" above ground pool in August by the middle of September it was much colder than normal for this time of year and our water temp. dropped to 60 degrees. I went in search of a pool heater and after checking out all different types I decided on a Heat Pump. There was just one problem, I went to about 7 different pool stores and they either didn't know what one was or they said they don't work in our climate its not humid enough, one company said you can't heat an above ground pool because the sides are metal and it would never work. They all said gas was the way to go. That's when I called you. I received my Hayward hp1100 in the second week in October. We installed it in 1 day. Although we did make 7 trips to home depot. The day we turned it on the water temp was 60 degrees. We ran the unit for 48 hours non stop and was swimming in it 2 days after we turned it on at a temperature of 94. We keep a solar blanket on the pool at night and when we are not swimming and it is now Nov 19 and we went swimming last night in 90 degree water. The high day air temp is in the mid 60s and the low at night has been in the mid 40s. I run the pump all day to keep it at this temp. But it is way cheaper than using a gas unit. So many people have pools in Las Vegas and they really should know about heat pumps. They work great, my family is thrilled that we can probably swim all year.

Hayward HP1100

Posted September 2004 by Frank Long Island, NY

After running for 31.5 consecutive hours, my 28,000 gallon, 20 x 40 L-shaped pool, has reached 83F (84 at the surface and 82 at the 8' bottom) from it's initial 71F. 31.5 hrs x 6,000 watts for the heater plus 1,584 watts for the pump (I factored-out 1/3 pump time needed anyway for routine filtering) = 7,584 watts x $.18 per KW = $43.00. Average air temp in this period was 70F with average RH not less than 80%. This RH is abnormally high for September in Long Island, NY, due to a tropical depression from Ivan. I mention the RH because it increases the heat pumps efficiency. The pool has a blanket and the sky was overcast. I made a pencil mark next to the heater thermostat dial as I slowly backed it down from it's max set point until the unit stopped. Working backwards - the pool contains 245,000 lbs of water. which needed 3,200,000 BTU's to raise it 13F. This means the heater delivered an average of 101,000 BTUH, which agrees with it's published rating. Heavy rain is forecast for today, but the sun will shine on Sunday for the kids to swim. In the spring I will need a reel cover. Unfortunately, as I was piping the heater, the kids trimmed the new blanket with the bubbles up, so it's in 2 separate pieces. Maybe I can stitch the parts together with nylon thread. The heat pump is sturdy, has a quiet scroll compressor and has a compact footprint. The kids dig the way it sends up a column of vapor from the coil condensation. I may install a condensate pump beneath the unit to capture the copious amounts of condensate runoff and discharge it to my flower beds. The unit set upon a steel table to keep it free from leaves, snow and rain drop splash-back. Asa - you may want to post this on your site because I sought this kind of real life info from consumers while contemplating buying a pool heat pump. There must be more people out there like me. I'm glad I decided against a gas heater - with the combustion odor and a big ugly propane tank, along with it's inability to capture free heat from the atmosphere.

Kopec 525

#20 Posted September 2004 by Don Ladyn Phoenix, AZ

Here are photos of construction and the Kopek unit. They are self-explanatory. I threw in the rainbow to prove it actually rains here once in awhile. And, there's one of me. Use photos as you like and share w/Kopek. I was the GC on pool construction. Managed 14 trades, did negotiations and scheduled all. I got the thing done, ground break to filled, in about a month. The heater was ordered "just in time" and was here 4 days before plumber needed it. Thanks for your letters of advice and I look forward to years of warm water winters.


Installation Ladyn 1  Installation Ladyn 2  Installation Ladyn 3  Installation Ladyn 4  Installation Ladyn 5 
Installation Ladyn 6  Installation Ladyn 7  Installation Ladyn 8  Installation Ladyn 9  Installation Ladyn 10 
    Installation Ladyn 11  Installation Ladyn 12  Installation Ladyn 13 

Heat Pump

#19 Posted September 2004 by Linda  

Love my new heat pump. I keep the pool at 88 degrees so I can jump in anytime. Darth Vader has grown on me just like you said it would. I appreciate all the time you took helping me decide on which heat pump to buy. You must have the patience of a saint.


  Installation Linda 1 Installation Linda 2

Kopec 650

#18 Posted August 2004 by Jim Archer Warwick, RI

Well, the scroll compressor is scrolling, the fan is blowing really cold air out the top, occasional strange water squishing noises are coming from it and, best of all, warmish water is coming in to the pool! I finished hooking up the last bit of electrical at about 9:15PM. Then, I turned the breakers on one by one, checking the power on all the way to the heater. Finally I turned that last one on and the green light came on. I switched the heater on and, as expected, it did nothing.  About 5 minutes later it fired up on its first try! So at 9:30 when the heater started the pool temp was 74 degrees.


The outside air temp was 63 degrees. By 11:00PM the water coming in to the pool was noticeably warm and the air coming out the top of the heater was very cold. So it seems to be working properly. (follow up email:) I finished off the wiring today and did a few other little odds and ends. I ran the 4 #12 TCO wires from inside the electrical panel up through the conduit, into the electrical box and then in to the pump house through a hole in the wall behind the electric box. I don't think it's a great idea to run these control wires in the same conduit with the 220VAC line, but I could see no other way to do it. The TCO is not wired, as I'll need to call the manufacturer for instructions next week. But the wire is run. I have some pictures of the mostly finished install here.


All I did after I took them was foam up the gaps in the holes that the water pipes and electrical conduits run through (you can see these same holes in the earlier pictures, before I put the pipes and conduits in). So that's it, except for TCO override wiring is I decide to use it. I plan to clean up the junk behind the heater and if you like I can send some more pictures after I do that. If you would like any particular pictures just let me know. I can resize these also if you like. Also, the shower you see behind the heater does not work. In fact, the junk behind the heater is what's left of the shower stall, which I demolished to make room for the heater. The gray pipes to the left of the heater are the pipes I mentioned that used to carry pool water to the now removed solar panels that used to be on top of the house. I was not able to use those pipes as electrical conduit, because they are full of rain water. I may get rid of them at some point, but for now they are not hurting anything. The electric box contains the 50A GFCI 220VAC breaker.


The box and breaker came as a complete assembly from Home Depot. Actually, all the materials used - except the heater itself - came from Home Depot. The last pic is a picture of the pool house, which should have been included in the before pictures. The pump and filter are in the back of the building, accessed through a door not in this picture. I want to thank you for all the help you have given me during this entire process, from pre-sale to complete install.


You have been a great help and I do appreciate it! If I ever run across anyone who needs a pool heater I'll certainly send them your way. (follow up email:) Well, the job is finally done. I called the factory and spoke with someone who explained exactly how everything worked and how to wire it. I wired the TCO last Saturday and it seems to be working just fine. The pool keeps its temp at about 91 degrees, which seems to be where people like it the best. We'll see what happens in September, but I am not too concerned. I just have to find a cover for it now. Thanks again for all your great help. I have given your web site to a few friends of mine with pools!


Installation Archer 1  Installation Archer 2 Installation Archer 3 Installation Archer 4 Installation Archer 5
Installation Archer 6 Installation Archer 7 Installation Archer 8 Installation Archer 9 Installation Archer 10
Installation Archer 11 Installation Archer 12 Installation Archer 13 Installation Archer 14 Installation Archer 15
      Installation Archer 17 Installation Archer 18


#17 Posted September 2004 by Andy Colby Charlton, MA

I wanted to shoot you a few pictures from the installation of the heat pump purchase. We installed it on April 19th and since about a week later the pool has been at about 80 degrees. Again we purchased the RHEEM RAYPAK RHP 100 and it seems to work great in our 20X40 in ground. Thanks again for all your help. Feel free to post these if you like.

  Installation Colby 1 Installation Colby 2 Installation Colby 3

Hayward HP2100

Posted August 2004 by Richard  

Well, since a lot of your customers send you follow-up msgs, I guess I'll be no different. 8/19: Ordered the Hayward HP2100. 8/25: Arrived on the lift gate truck as advertised. 8/29: Went to Home Depot, purchased patio blocks and sand and did my 1 hour of actual work in this whole saga. 8/30: Pool guy set the heat pump in place and plumbed it 8/30 (glad I didn't try to do it, actually looked more complicated than I thought it would be) 9/8 Electrician started digging trench and tunneling under sidewalks and bushes to run the 50A line. Rain cancels the work for the day. 9/14 Electrician finally returns to finish the job. 9/15 (TODAY) finally fired up the Hayward this morning. Set the target temp. to 82F. Heater says that water going through it is only 70F at the start (shiver). Meanwhile, a hose springs a leak - nothing that some duct tape can't hold for a day or 2 until I get to Home Depot. Air temp was 66F this morning, will only get into the 70's the next few days, eventually with rain from whatever is leftover from Ivan. I expect it will be at least a couple of days until the water temp hits the target? Hoping to get 1 good swim in before closing it for the season here in central NJ. Thanks again for all your help and for the heater at a great price!

Kopec 650 TI

Posted July 2004 by David S. Germantown, New York

My thanks for your assistance in this sale. Our Kopec is up and running within 24 hours of arrival. Everything appears to be in order. My family is really enjoying the 91 degree pool water. The thermostat is only set halfway up the dial, and the unit does not need to run for long. It has been a great buying experience. My sincerest thanks.

Heat Pump

Posted July 2004 by George L  

I just wanted to report to you on the installation of the heat pump which I recently ordered from you. It is great. Yesterday I got it up and running at about 11:30. I measured the pool temp at 74 degrees, which was just a little cool for me, so I covered the pool with the blanket you also sent me. My pool is roughly 12 x 26 and four feet deep all around. From the instructions, I expected to need to run the pump for at least three days. However, at 7 AM today the water temperature was 85 and I had to turn the pump off. Instead of a pool I found myself in a hot tub! If my experience is typical, the Captain makes an idea choice for anyone in a Divosta community with a standard size pool. It is parked right outside the glass door of the bedroom and you cannot hear it when it runs over night. Because the pool filter was placed in an awkward position by the developer, some ingenuity was required to run the pipes. Let me know if you would like to see a diagram. Thanks again for your help.

Kopec 650TI

Posted July 2004 by Pastor Bob M. Missouri

The Heat pump arrived on Wednesday by way of the lift truck and they placed the pump on the pad for me. I called my heating/cooling contractors - they came that morning and hooked it all up and we turned it on Thursday about noon, the pool's temp was 82, by 5:00 p.m. the water temp was 90 degrees. This is the first time the water temp has been over 85 let alone 90 all summer. Future pool heater people, my wife and I never purchased anything over the internet. You don't have to search far to find on the internet selling pool heaters. They are the best, they were very kind, courteous, answered all of our questions, assured us and calmed our fears. We ordered on Thursday, it arrived less than a week later and one week to the day - our heater was hooked up and warming our Southern Missouri outside pool. Thanks, you are the best!

Heat Pump

#16 Posted June 2004 by Mark Hubsch Yardley, PA

We finally got the pool dug and the heat pump installed. I'll let you know how well it works for us but I wanted to let you see the final installation before fences go up. Thanks again for your help.


  Installation Hubsch 1 Installation Hubsch 2 Installation Hubsch 3 Installation Hubsch 4

Heat Pump

Posted June 2004 by Mike & Joan Hannibal, NY

The Heat pump is connected and works great ! It raised the pool 6 degrees in 24 hrs. We are swimming in 87 deg water in central New York... hard to do without some help .... Thanks again

Heat Pump

#15 Posted June 2004 by Charles Heap Spain

Well Asa, here we are in June, three months on from completing the installation of the heat pump we bought from you! Time sure does fly when one is having fun and we sure are now the pool is at my temperature. After much trialing we have decided that 32dC is ideal at this time of the year with 34dC in winter, we are real softies. Prior to retirement I was an Energy Consultant so I take a real interest in cost and performance of energy related plant so I have monitored the heat pump From the start.


To my delight the costs are proving less than expected and in its first three months of operation the heat pump has run for a total of 604 hours and cost 199 euros in electricity, an average of just over 2 euros a day. As I now swim every day I feel that this is very good value and of course our friends love it. Now we are in summer and the sun has real heat the heat pump barely runs as the solar heating system has taken over. They work well together with the solar control system automatically ensuring that no heat is lost by the solar panels when the sun goes in. In fact I think its an essential part of the total installation.


Anyway, there are three small pics below: the heat pump, the steps which lead from the heater to the pool, and of course the pool itself. Also attached as jpeg files are three larger versions in case you prefer these, hope the pics are of use to you.


  Installation Heap 1 Installation Heap 2 Installation Heap 3

Heat Siphon SX 5.0

#14 Posted September 2004 by Tammy Tinoco Costa Rica

I need to tell you how thankful I am with you for join me during all the process to buy my four SX 5.0 HP50 Heat Pumps. I did a thousand questions and you were always there for me. Now I couldn't be happier with the result... no more gas, no more expensive bills!!!! Thanks a lot!


  Installation Tinoco 1 Installation Tinoco 2

Heat Siphon

#13 Posted June 2004 by Tim McDonald Florida

Hope these photos are OK.

Picture 001 - Finished project looking West from Sliders

Picture 003 - View from Northwest.  You can see the Navigator I bought from you!  Love it!!!

Picture 005 - My "Guard Dog" on guard.

006 - View from West.  Catch the 'heat pump" purchased from you, on the
side.  The Aqua Rite is on the wall hidden in this picture.  Really
love both of these products!!!

Picture 007 - 18 inch raised
planter Waterfall.  The Navigator keeps the pool absolutely spotless and
the Aqua Rite takes care of the water sanitizing needs.

Picture 009 - Ferocious guard dog???

Picture 010 - And this is where I hang out on weekends.  Swimming, BBQing and relaxing.


Installation McDonald 1  Installation McDonald 2 Installation McDonald 3 Installation McDonald 4 Installation McDonald 5
Installation McDonald 6 Installation McDonald 7 Installation McDonald 8 Installation McDonald 9 Installation McDonald 10
      Installation McDonald 11 Installation McDonald 12



#12 Posted June 2004 by Jim L. New York

Here are some pictures for your website. We installed our Rheem Raypak RHP 100 heat pump and opened our pool on May 3. The water was 53 degrees. After about a week of running during the daytime, we had it up to 83 and were swimming. Spring temperatures in upstate NY can be quite cool. I am surprised how little the unit runs in order to maintain the temperature in the mid 80s. After cool nights, it will run for a few hours when the pump comes on in the morning. Installation was a painless and it fired right up. I did the plumbing myself and had hired an electrician do the wring. I figure we saved about $700 compared to purchasing locally. I couldn't be happier with the unit and the service you provided. Thanks again


        Installation Jim 1 Installation Jim 2


Heat Siphon

#11 Posted June 2004 by Harold Ivey Mississippi

Well of course, you were right. The Estes delivery man helped me place the carton next to my pre-positioned pad, and every thing else went flawlessly. Plenty of flow, apparently, because the heat pump started as soon as I turned on the pool pump. In less than an hour, the water temperature was up almost four degrees! At that point, I adjusted the thermostat, and I think 83 degrees is where I'm going to leave it. Here are four pictures of the completed installation. The first, taken looking north along the edge of the deck, shows how close the Heat Siphon is to my Endless Pool (1616a). Photo 1621a is looking east towards the deck.. Photo 1612a is of the control end of the heat pump. I figured if I went ahead an wrapped the pipes now, it would be one less thing to remember later. Finally, 1648a is taken from the deck, with the heat pump visible through the deck railing. Here also is one view of the modification to the original water quality system (1603a). The lower pipe at the top of the photo, is heading towards the supply side of the heat pump. The valve at the top right that doesn't connect to anything is now connected to the Heat Siphon return. I'm using three valves, just in case the weather gets so bad I have to drain the unit, that I can go back to the little electric heater. Sure hope I don't have to do so, though! You have my permission to use this text and any of the photos on your web site.


      Installation Ivey 1 Installation Ivey 2 Installation Ivey 3


Heat Siphon

#10 Posted May 2004 by Rob Warren Massachusetts

Just wanted to update you on the heat pump you sold us over the winter. It is installed and working like a charm. When we opened the pool on April 1st the water temperature was a cool 56 F. The air temperature was mid to low 50s. The pool temperature is now 88 F with air temperature around 65. The entire family is now using the pool. Normally the wife and I would not use the pool until mid July when the water became 83 degrees. May 4th we were in the pool and loving it. The neighbors think were crazy but after a very cold winter on Cape Cod we deserved it. The heat pump you sold us was the first thing we ever purchased on the internet. Having been a police officer for 24 years (and seeing many people scammed on the internet) I was not to thrilled about making such a large purchase with someone I have never met. You patience to our many questions and willingness to spend long amounts of time on the phone helped us make the decision to buy from you...(not to mention we saved $1,800.00 over a local dealer). Prior to making a purchase we checked with several others who purchased from you. They all stated what we now feel. You are an honest businessman who can be trusted, your prices are great and we are glad to recommend you to others. Ps. The local dealers are not happy you are around...I wonder why? Attached are some pictures of the before during and after. Total cost for electrician was $150.00. Total cost for plumber was $110.00. If I had done it myself (which could easily have been done) would have been approximately $75.00 and two days work. I have given your name to several people in the area...hope to do business soon.


  Installation Warren 1 Installation Warren 2 Installation Warren 3 Installation Warren 4 Installation Warren 5
        Installation Warren 6 Installation Warren 7


Kopec 650SCTI

#9 Posted April 2004 by Michael Brown Greenwood, Indiana

We installed 2 weeks ago, and we brought the pool temp from 58 to 80 in 48 hours. The air temp went from 72 the first day to 82 the second. On the third day, air temp was 84 and pool temp went to 86. We swam the first week of May in Indiana. That’s pretty awesome. The heat pump runs very little now that the water is up to temp.


  Installation Brown 1 Installation Brown 2 Installation Brown 3 Installation Brown 4 Installation Brown 5
      Installation Brown 6 Installation Brown 7 Installation Brown 8


Kopec 650SCTI

Posted March 2004 by Ron New Jersey

The pool heater arrived on Friday by 4 PM via a courteous driver who rolled the skid with heater strapped on into my back yard and onto the porch next to the pad I had installed. Saturday morning at 10 the licensed electrician and two buddies arrived, lowered the heat pump onto the pad, put in the breaker box and wired the heat pump. I went to the local pool supplier and bought flexible PVC and a few elbows and by 1:30 PM I had the "Darth Vader" pushing hot water into my 70 degree pool. Please note that I am a musician, not a plumber or pool tech and installation was a snap. Sunday morning the water was at 78 and we leveled it off at 81by 1:30, just 24 hours later. This is now Tuesday evening and it has only run three times. I added about an inch of water to the pool level which immediately brought "Darth" to life and the pool never lost a single degree of heat. My family has been in the pool more this week than all of last season. Thanks for your courteous and immediate help in answering my questions. Since all of the local Atlantic City pool dealers knew absolutely nothing about heat pumps, I had to rely on a dealer 1200 + miles away for help. Thank goodness I pushed the right buttons on my computer and found your site. Last week at this time I was "thinking" about a pool heater........this week I went for an evening swim in 81 degree water.

Heat Pump

Posted January 2004 by Sam B. California

Just wanted to say thanks again for the pool heater. It's doing a great job at keeping the pool warm and my electric bill low. I stated it up last Monday for approx 6-8 hours of runtime a day till Sunday ( my sons B-day party). The water started out at 48 deg. On Sunday it was 86 deg. I turned it down to halfway and it's maintaining approx 78- 80 deg now. I have a lot of people at work that are interested in your pool heaters now. Thanks Again

Heat Pump

Posted January 2004 by Charles  

I'm sure you will appreciate an update on things over here. I finally got the sensors last Friday even though DHL said they were delivered somewhat earlier. The latter is true but they delivered to the wrong address and only after I chased them and they investigated did they find out they had delivered to the wrong address! Fortunately they were able to recover the goods and make the real delivery. So here we are at last with a complete delivery.


You some $1,000 out of pocket and me $100, neither due to our own mistakes but I guess that's life! However more seriously I'm truly sorry that the deal did not work out quite as you planned and accordingly thank you for your tenacity in seeing it through. Should you wish to add me to your reference list please feel free to do so. For myself, although I have yet to install the valves, the heat pumps are working well and I am swimming at 06:30 am and enjoying it which is something I never did before (I like my creature comforts). Also for your information I am monitoring the actual hours run, the temperatures and the contribution from the solar and believe me this year without the heat pump it would have been cold. Operating costs are not too bad but I will reserve judgment for a while, the heat pump size is perfect but curiously my rotary compressor 3.25 costs less to run than a friend's 2,25 piston even though my pool is larger than his.


Prior to retirement I was an Energy Consultant so I take a real interest in cost and performance of energy related plant so I have monitored the heat pump from the start. To my delight the costs are proving less than expected and in its first three months of operation the heat pump has run for a total of 604 hours and cost 199 euros in electricity, an average of just over 2 euros a day. As I now swim every day I feel that this is very good value and of course our friends love it. Now we are in summer and the sun has real heat the heat pump barely runs as the solar heating system has taken over. They work well together with the solar control system automatically ensuring that no heat is lost by the solar panels when the sun goes in. In fact I think its an essential part of the total installation. Anyway, There are three small pics below: the heat pump, the steps which lead from the heater to the pool, and of course the pool itself. Also attached as jpeg files are three larger versions in case you prefer these, hope the pics are of use to you.

Heat Pump

Posted January 2004 by Mark S St. Paul, Minnesota

Just wanted to thank you for recommending the heat pump for my pool. The thing is incredible, it managed to raise my 18x36 pool's temperature from 64 to 75 degrees in a single 8 hour run during a day when the maximum temperature was only about 75. I am diverting the pool return to the deep end drain, so the whole pool is being warmed instead of just the top layer.

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