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Pool Heater Reviews, Heat Pump Installation Photos and Testimonials

We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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Posted December 2003 by Scot  

Dear, Just to let you know our new Gulfstream heat pump is all up & running & working well, thank you for your great service & quick delivery, even the delivery driver was very helpful. Will recommend your company. Thanks again

Heat Pump 

Posted December 2003 by Walter B. Florida

In all of the correspondence I have had through the years with different vendors and manufacturers, your response to my questions is undoubtedly the best response I have ever received. Not only did you answer all my questions, you have cleared up all the confusion I have had on this subject. I am so impressed with your response that you can expect my order tomorrow morning at the start of your business day. My pool is 15 X 30 and the sales people I have talked to said I should use a minimum of 100,000 BTU's. I will take your recommendation over theirs as we use our cover almost daily and I believe you are correct. I want you to know how refreshing is to have someone share their opinion as honestly as you have. Thank you very much.

Kopec Enterprises

Posted December 2003 by Misono & CJ W. Deerfield Beach, Florida

I've emailed a few pictures of our gloriously warm pool and the cool looking mega-quality "Darth Vader" of heat pumps. Allow me to thank you again for taking a truly personal interest in being sure that we had the right equipment and fastest installation possible for a job that brought a few surprises. We begin our quest for the right pool heater --- and FAST installation. We wanted to swim!!! Our priorities we definitely right. We are thankful we found you. Your prices were better and clearer than five other firms. You can sit anywhere but a pool...satisfies many needs. Thank you for letting us meet our goals quickly. Obviously the electricians and pump makers know you well, and jump to do the job right. Imagine my surprise when the owner of the pump factory calls the same day to confirm all is working after sending two extra technicians out, and just minutes after speaking with you. Yes, you do have right products and the best service. The rarest of combinations with the best prices. We checked thoroughly before ordering - and you were the best on all counts. We'll be recommending you to our friends for a long time. Feel free to provide us as a reference -- one of many you have I know. It would be an honor. Again our best wishes and thanks

Heat Siphon

Posted Date by Patrick H British Columbia

Last winter I purchased a scroll type heat pump from you after asking you many questions through email and on the phone. Today when I received my electric power bill it reminded me of why I bought the heat pump. We live in a moderate climate on Vancouver Island in Canada and the summers are warm (70’s and80’s, rarely in the 90’s) but not hot and the winters are reasonably mild (high 40’s and 50’s) so the heat pump works for a while at least every day. Before purchasing the heat pump we had electric element heating for the pool. I was getting tired of the enormous cost of heating the pool and gave you a call. I just wanted to say thanks again. My electric bills went from nearly $500 per month during the spring and fall (shoulder swimming seasons) to $170!! And the heat pump was the only thing I changed. So I’m saving over $300 a month in spring and fall and around $150 in summer. At that rate it won’t take long for the heat pump to pay for itself. And even though heat pumps are widely available here it was less expensive for me to pay the exchange rate on the currency plus the shipping to my door than to buy it locally. Plus your service was as good as having someone standing beside me. Installation was a breeze and you were very responsive to my questions. I wish I could find local businesses that understood what customers want as well as you do! Keep up the good work. Everyone in climates like western Canada (similar to Seattle) should heat their pool with a heat pump from you!

Heat Siphon

#8 Posted Date by Ruth & Mike Zupko Pleasant Valley, Utah

We have been very satisfied with our Siphon Heat Pump. It arrived in record time. It was installed in July and has been very efficient. Our electric bill only increased about $30.00. We have still been using it even though the temperature has dropped in the 30's at times. It was like a hot tub yesterday even though the outside temperature was in the 40's. staff have been very accommodating with any questions we had.


We like Asa's friendly and personable attitude. I would recommend this company for it has efficient and friendly service. I will use them for my next purchase. Thanks you are great. P.S I am often asked if it will work in dry climate like Utah.  It works great.  We have not had any problems with it and turn it on as soon as the weather is above 40 degrees. The pool is 96 now,  I like it warm like a hot tub in the early morning.  We really appreciate your recommendation and service.  Thanks again


      Installation photo zupko 1 Installation photo zupko 2 Installation photo zupko 3

Heat Pump

Posted Date by John E. New York

Just wanted you to know that our pool is closed and the pump we bought from you this year worked well and did not put us in the poor house for electrical costs. Nice product. Quieter than I thought it would be. easy to move around and install. Thanks

Heat Siphon SX 3.25

Posted Date by Dane W Alabama

We want to let you know we are extremely happy with our recent heat siphon 3.25 purchase. It works great! Very easy to install. I was a little skeptical about the ability to keep the pool warm , but that changed now that we are using it. It keeps the pool at a constant 90 degrees. We use a solar cover at night. It has been in the upper 40s and low 50s this week with highs in the mid 70s. It was well worth the cost to be able to extend our swimming year. Thanks again.

Heat Siphon SX 3.25

Posted Date by Piotr Z Connecticut

I also want to thank you for your help. We are very happy with the unit you recommended. Installation was very easy. We have lived in our house for two years (this is our third summer to be exact). Only few times the water temperature got to 70 degrees because of the trees in our back yard (it had to be over 90 few days in the row). Now we keep it at 85 degrees. Until now my wife used the pool once. Now she swims almost every day and my 12 year old daughter is in the pool for hours. Sometimes she stays in the pool with her friends until 10:30 PM. I will e-mail you some pictures soon. Thanks again

Heat Pump

Posted Date by Jim R. New Jersey

I just wanted to touch bases with you to let you know that I have installed the heat pump pool heater and it is working very well. My pool is 16 X 24 and goes from 3' to 7' deep. The unit heats the pool one degree per hour and keeps it at our set point of 83 degrees very nicely. When I was ordering it I indicated that should you have customers in the area and would like to see it in operation (summer only) I would not mind if you set them up to see it. I have no problem putting my email on your site. People who sell good equipment at a good price should be made to shine.

Raypak RHP100

Posted Date by Jose A. Massachusetts

Sorry I did not write earlier to let you know how well everything went from the truck depot call to the actual install. It's just too bad that not all business transactions run as smoothly as did this one. I admire your honesty and dedication. Now for the Rheem / Raypak RHP 115. Installation is relatively straightforward especially after some drawings. The drawings proved to come in handy especially since I added a couple of valves that removes the heat pump from the water circuit altogether. I did this to ease servicing (if when it needs it), reduce the amount of chlorine going through the pump when I shock the pool and to reduce head pressure on the heat pump if when it need not run. One thing I must say, and which I hope you mention to your customers buying from you, is that flexible PVC can save a few headaches. It comes specially handy when you to put in your last piece of pipe and can quite make both ends meet. Also try to minimize sharp angles - the less drag the higher the flow. I realize the Raypak was an overkill for my 24 foot aboveground. However, I figured it would work less to keep the temperature at 90-92. Yes, that's where we keep it in order to get my wife in the water. And yes the water out of that jet comes out quite hot when the two speed filter pump motor is running on the lower speed. definitely nor lukewarm like i thought it would be. We reel the solar cover on every late night and cut the circuit breaker off so that the heat pump doesn't have to overwork during the night's cooler air to keep the water's high temperature. We then turn on the heat pump at 8:00 every morning before leaving to work. we really never get to see the Rheem go on, but as my wife can tell you, the temperature is up there by the time she and the kids get home at 5:00. Again, thank you for your professionalism and "no pressure" style

Heat Pump

Posted Date by William S San Francisco, California

I started heating my pool on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon it was ready to swim. The installation went smoothly and things are working fine. Let me know if you need a reference in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks for all of your help and input.

Rheem 100

Posted Date by Linda Roberts  

The heat pump was delivered today. Shipping company was courteous; brought it right to the end of the driveway. Box looks fine. Remind me again where I'll find the warranty registration. Also thanks for the coupons; I also bought a salt chlorinator. it was a pleasure doing business with you, and I'll be sure to recommend you to friends and acquaintances. I'll probably drop you a note letter to let you know how the installation went.

Heat Siphon

#7 Posted Date by Jeff Pennsylvania

Here's a few pics for the website. Thanks again!

      installation photo jeff 1 installation photo jeff 2 installation photo jeff 3

Heat Siphon

#6 Posted Date by Paul Nasiatka Long Island, NY

Just a quick note to say that I received the heat pump yesterday and the delivery went flawlessly. I plan on installing it this weekend and will let you know how it goes. I hear that these pumps are getting very popular on Long Island (the driver told me he delivers a lot of them) and I will strongly recommend to people that ask that they talk to you first. I have attached a few photos of my heat pump pre and post installation. The pump works great and in the first 12 hours of operation raised the pool temperature 6 degrees from 82 to 88. Regards


  Installation nasiatka 1 Installation nasiatka 2 Installation nasiatka 3 Installation nasiatka 4 Installation nasiatka 5
    Installation nasiatka 6 Installation nasiatka 7 Installation nasiatka 8 Installation nasiatka 9

Heat Pump

Posted Date by Larry L. C Houston, TX

We installed the heat pump mid-July with no problems what-so-ever and it immediately tested our 100%. It arrived in terrific shape which well of the trucking industry. We appreciate your cooperation and attention in attaining the heat pump. We surely will be referring others to you as they become acquainted with our heat pump. Unfortunately that won't occur for some time as winter in Houston doesn't just sneak up on you til late. In fact, the water is at a constant 88 degrees w/o the heat pump but the pump still had enough sensitivity to turn on if we turned the thermostat full on for a test. We are completely satisfied and our pool contractor was impressed. Thanks, All is working out as planned.

Heat Pump

Posted Date by Jeff E. York, Pennsylvania

Greetings! Just wanted to let you all know that we successfully received and installed our pool heat pump here in York, Pennsylvania. After less than 24 hours in operation, our pool is very comfortable 80+ degrees and we couldn't be happier! Keep up the great work and we'll be sure to recommend you to all of our pool friends! Thanks again!

Heat Pump

Posted Date by Joe S Connecticut

I purchased a heat pump from you about two months ago and just wanted to let you know I finally had the chance to install it (we have had so much rain up here I haven't had the chance until now!) I turned it on yesterday morning and the temperature was a chilly 70 degrees, today my whole family will be swimming since it is now at 82! Thanks for the help in choosing the right model for my pool. (18 X 34 above ground oval) and for the great price. I installed the whole system myself and also wanted to pass along the following information to you for any of your other customers. I was having trouble with the GFI breaker, it would always break as soon as I connected it to the heater. I called the heat pump company Monday morning and they sent me the information to get the breaker working. Regards

Heat Siphon

#5 Posted Date by Jon Baron Massachusetts

I just wanted to send you some pictures showing the final result of my heat pump installation. Everything works great, just as you described! I was careful to follow all the instructions from the manual and from what you had said, the pool was warm and ready to use in 24 hours. Now it's finally summer up here, 98 today! Thankfully, the heater only kicks in when I need it, set it and forget it. I really appreciate all your help. I had done significant research on the Web, and you were, by far, the most knowledgeable, provided the best selection, and the best price. This was a big investment and I'm glad I did it right. Regards


      Installation photo baron 1 Installation photo baron 2 Installation photo baron 3

Raypak RMHP 100

#4 Posted Date by Jim McManamy Connecticut

I've attached a few pictures of the new heat pump installation. Everything went very well. The pump arrived very quickly and installation was a snap. It's very efficient. I use a solar cover at night and the pump only needs to work just a few hours each day to keep my pool at 85 degrees. Thanks a lot.


      Installation photo mcmanamy 1  Installation photo mcmanamy 2  Installation photo mcmanamy 3 

EUS Mark 6

#3 Posted Date by Jana H. Ohio

Got my heat pump installed yesterday!! I ran the 220 wire to the unit and got an electrician to make the final connections and checked  the voltage and whatnot - saved me a lot of money doing all the preliminary work. I did the plumbing myself - 3 valves, 2 unions, a check valve, 10 feet of PVC, nearly a dozen elbows and a can of cement later... I got it working. What a day for this "I will try anything" hack plumber. The water is still very cold but the unit is working perfectly so far. I cannot wait to actually get in my pool and swim after nearly a month of looking at cold water!! Thanks so much for your patience and help during the sales process... I had a million questions and you answered them all quickly! You gave me great advice and a fantastic price!! Thanks again for all your help! It has been an extreme pleasure doing business with you!!


        Installation photo jana 1  Installation photo jana 2 

Heat Siphon

#2 Posted Date by James Henry Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hi Asa, Here are some pics of my pool heat pump in Tulsa, OK. As you can see it has raised the pool temp almost 10 degs already and it has only been running since 2pm yesterday. It has only been about 85deg air temp here during the day and around 70 at night. I don't know exactly how many gallons my pool is but it seems that this unit will have no trouble keeping it warm! I did the entire install in one day by myself (yes I'm a little handy at this staff) but I didn't have to take any special tools to do this installation... just the fact that the heat pump install is so straight forward makes it easy. Thanks recommending the heat pump! Sincerely, James H.


    Installation Photo Henry 1 Installation Photo Henry 2  Installation Photo Henry 3  Installation Photo Henry 4 

Heat Pump

Posted Date by Brock H. Westport, CT

The Connecticut and Massachusetts pool industry is controlled by the "chemical and propane" guys, so I wasted untold hours trying to get any good info about heat pumps or salt-water chlorinators to no avail. Got nothing but spin and comments like "salt-water chlorinators corrode your equipment" and "heat pumps are expensive and less reliable than propane/LNG", and "you still have to shock and balance your pool even if you have an auto-chlorinator." A call to and my heat pump and chlorinator were on the way to Connecticut. Asa was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout. I've been totally happy with his advice and my selection. My pool guy, who opposed me every step of the way, finally installed the equipment and when he saw the great results, he was pretty surprised. The electricians inquired about doing the same installation in their own pools. I'm now recommending to other Connecticut and Massachusetts friends.  I've found nothing equivalent to in New England.

SX 3.25HP

Posted Date by Roy F. Westfield, MA

Just wanted to let you know the heat pump SX 3.25HP arrived this morning at 11:15. I did not expect it to be here so soon. Excellent service!! The shipping co. called yesterday morning to ask if someone would be home to accept delivery today between 11am and 3pm. I have the day off, so it worked out perfectly. The driver unloaded it out on the street and brought it down my driveway on a pallet jack. I put it in the garage for now. The driver was very polite and helped me put it in the garage. So far, I am extremely pleased with the whole transaction. As soon as the electrican runs the 220 line out to the filter , I will begin the installation. Thanks again for the prompt delivery.I cut the metal banding and opened the top of the shipping box to inspect the unit. Looked down all four sides and could not see any signsof damage. I'll leave it in the box until I'm ready to install it. I'lllet you know when I get it up and running.

Heat Pump

Posted Date by Mark O Florida

Regarding our heat pump, two months ago I told you I would let you know how installation went. However I fell from a ladder pruning a tree, and broke an arm and a rib, which led to a cast, pins, pain and time at home watching TV (what a waste)....but finally, just last week, (with my son's help) I was able to wire and install my heat pump. It started right up and brought our pool from 74 to 85 overnight. Now it maintains 88 in our 6000 gal. pool running fewer than 4 hours a day (pool covered at night). As advertised, it was easy to install, and it is quiet and dependable. It seems to be very well made piece of equipment. Thanks for your helpful website, your advice and quick responses.


Posted Date by Richard & Kathleen P. Florida

We purchased a pool heater earlier in the year. We are very happy with the heater. It's quiet, energy efficient and reliable. Thanks for a great product.


Posted Date by Cheryl S. Lake Worth, Florida

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how satisfied I am with your pool heater. It heats up my pool quickly and it is so simple to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

Heat Pump

Posted Date by Max King Spain

Just a quick line to let you know that my pool heater is fixed and running fine - we are extremely pleased with the performance and our pool is at 30 degrees. Please feel to use me as a referral if you have enquiries from the Costa Del Sol. Hope business is good and there is a fair chance of some further deals from people who are expressing interest. Kind regards to your staff

AquaCal Heat Wave

Posted Date by Eloy G. Florida

Let me begin by saying the hardest part of this letter is keeping it short. I can not explain how happy and satisfied I am with the heat pump and the service I received from your company. I hope that those customers who find your website truly believe every word that has been written by other customers as well as my own. I was amazed by your customer service, after faxing you my order on a Thursday night I was shocked to hear from you the next day.


Not only did you call to tell me you received my order but to inform me that you were issuing a $100.00 credit for a price discrepancy that printed out on the order form. (That is unheard of these days with most companies; for a company to give a credit without the customer fighting for it!). Your customer service is truly amazing, the call the following day, the faxing of the order form and the confirmation letter mailed to my home in my opinion are signs of a company that cares about their customers. The delivery of my heat pump in two days if you don't count the weekend was remarkable.


I never thought it would get here in less than 1 or 2 weeks. Not only was the delivery of the heat pump great but the solar blanket arrived the very next day after I called you with the dimensions of the pool.I truly hope that by posting this email on your website I can be of assistance to your company by letting everyone know who looks at it what a great experience it was doing business with you. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and neighbors (I already have) and hope to do business with you again in the future. Your website will be the first site I go to for all my pool needs. We are now enjoying the pool thanks to you and your company, we have not been in it since mid August and look forward to using every month from this day forward

Heat Pump

#1 Posted Date by Phil Florida

Installation went well, and the heater started right up. The thermostat has now shut it down at 85 degrees


      Installation photo phil 1  Installation photo phil 2  Installation photo phil 3 

Raypak Electric

Posted Date by Carl S. Annapolis, Maryland

The Raypak heater has been installed and its operating well. Thanks again for your help

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