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Aquaculture Pool Heating

        About Aquaculture   Breeder Heat Pumps   AquaLogic Heat Pumps

We welcome all Aquaculture farmers and exotic fish enthusiasts to our website.

The application of a heat pump for aquaculture water heating is the most energy efficient way to heat up fresh or salt water. You can heat up your pond for only a fraction of the cost that other traditional methods might cost. Each year we receive more and more requests and inquiries for heat pump applications in aquaculture. The benefits are many and your investment will pay back immediately in monthly savings versus gas or electric element heaters.

You will also have less to worry about because our recommended heat pumps have a titanium heat exchanger; titanium being the safest metals to use in fresh or salt water applications to protect the aquatic life from the harmful components or metals like copper that most common heaters have. We like digital display thermostats and quality scroll compressors with titanium heat exchangers all designed to keep the right temperature in warm and in cold weather. These components will assure the longevity and reliability of your equipment and will let you feel at ease knowing that your investment is being taken care of. Our heat pumps come in HEAT and HEAT/COOL versions; a full range of capacities, and models available depending on your application and needs.

When sized properly your heat pump will provide a stable and constant temperature for your water pond. The digital display thermostat will make it easier to operate with a touch of a button. The heat pump operates by collecting the (free) heat from the air and moving it to the water using very little electricity to run the unit.

Because of the ability to maintain optimum temperatures and reduce high costs of conventional heating methods, our heat pumps are suitable for:

- Hydroponics Operations

- Research or Government Institutions

- Aquaculture Facilities

- Public Aquariums

- Large Personal Aquariums or Ponds

We offer different options for aquatic water heating:

Breeder Heat Pumps:  Manufactured and specifically designed for Aquaculture applications.  Breeder Brand.

Aqualogic Heat Pumps:  Manufactured and specifically designed for Aquaculture applications.  AquaLogic Brand.

Titanium Heat Exchangers:  The only heat exchanger part that can be adapted to existing Aquaculture Systems.


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