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Pool Heating in California

The Golden State"

We want you to know that California is the 9th most popular destination for our heat pumps in the United States, but it should be on the top 3. I'm not sure the reason why but I suspect that either they haven't been marketed properly or the local obsession with gas and oil heaters by pool servicing companies has stunted heat pump growth in your state. We have some campgrounds, motels and resorts who have removed their working gas heaters and installed heat pumps. Also many newly constructed homes are starting out with heat pumps. Some of our customers use our heat pumps with the hot gas defrost to heat in temperatures below 50 degrees.
We ship to California every week with incredible feedback, but pool owners are still given a hard time about their decision to use a heat pump by their local heating professionals. We want you to know that in over 28 years in this business and 11 years on the Web we have not had one customer from California who regretted his or her decision to use a heat pump to heat their pool. In fact we find that once somebody gets one in a certain area, they convert their friends and neighbors away from gas and oil to the most efficient technology available to heat pools; heat pumps.


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