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Salt Water Chlorinators for Pool & Spa

Why Chlorinate your pool?

You enjoy fresh clean water in your swimming pool. For the health, safety and comfort of you, your children and guests you want the most sparkling water in your swimming pool. Chlorine is the best way to sanitize water, be it drinking water or swimming water. There are many common ways to sanitize your pool with chlorine; chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine, granular chlorine and chlorine gas. The easiest and safest way is to generate your own chlorine at a constant low level.

Do I Need a Salt Chlorine generator?

Salt is a natural element found in the earth, in our body and in our homes. It is used to season and preserve our food, rinse out contact lenses and soften our drinking water. Salt is a very economical commodity. When the ions in salt are passed over specially coated blades and induced with a low voltage electrical charge it is converted into chlorine. It is the same process that is used to convert seawater into laundry bleach. When this process is incorporated into your swimming pool you have your very own "chlorine generator".

How a Salt Chlorine Generator Works

When salt passes through the chlorinator cell, it is converted to chlorine.  After sanitizing the pool water, it turns back into salt, and then the process begins all over again.  The best part is that the salt is at a much lower level than even contact lens solution, so there is no 'salty' taste to the water.

How a salt chlorine generator works

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