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Just yesterday (4-12-12) I finished the heat pump installation and cranked her up.  Everything works and all checks were passed.  Had 77 degree outside air temp and 59 degree exhaust air coming out of the top of the unit, achieving just over 1 degree per hour pool temp increase in the units first hour of life.  The next morning, I programmed the pool pump timer to start at 5 am.  I checked the pool at 8 am sharp and had 80 degree water (water temp has been pretty steady at 76 degrees lately). 

You may recall that my install was tight to say the least, but we finally got the small site dug out enough to squeeze the C575 into place for final hook up.  Interesting to note as you look at the pictures that we were concerned about the exhaust air not being able to escape up and away from the intake area.  I took temp measurements on both sides and the front at 12 inches down from the top of the unit.  No temperature drop on the right side and front, however I did show a 1 degree drop on the left side of the unit (with the lower overhead clearance).  It certainly appears that the unit is able to perform well within expected parameters despite this very tight location that I put it in. 

The pit that the unit sets in is 10 inches deep.  The clearances are as follows at the 10 inch measure point from the bottom of the unit:

right side as you look at the main picture         4 inches

left side                                                               3 inches

front side                                                            6 inches

Above the 10 inch height, the clearance measurements are :

right side 27 inches

left side 31 inches

front side 12 inches to the white privacy lattice, then an additional 10 inches.

The vertical clearance as you look at the main install picture (from the service side) are:

left side - 7 inches at lowest point

right side - 31 inches

heat pump installation 87 Jones 1

heat pump installation 87 Jones 2

heat pump installation 87 Jones 3

heat pump installation 87 Jones 4

heat pump installation 87 Jones 5

heat pump installation 87 Jones 6

heat pump installation 87 Jones 7

heat pump installation 87 Jones 8

heat pump installation 87 Jones 9

heat pump installation 87 Jones 10

heat pump installation 87 Jones 11

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