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Pool Heat Pump Installation Photos

We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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Installation #65 Posted March by Jeff Paxton Columbia, SC

Follow up email after purchase. I have been very pleased with our heat pump.  It was easy to install it is easy to operate and so far it has been very reliable.  We have had zero problems with this unit.  Also, it has paid for itself in energy savings in only 6 months time.  What more could I ask for. Nice unit. Jeff Paxton Chief Engineer Embassy Suites


  heat siphon review embassy suites

Heat Siphon DX3.25

#64 Posted October 2009 by Donald Natale Downington, PA

I just wanted to drop you a line about how satisfied we are with our Heat Pump we purchased from your company. We live in the Northeast in Pennsylvania and have used propane to heat our pool for the past 7 years. We were very reluctant to try a heat pump for the pool not living in a warm climate like Florida. After many talks with you and making the purchase in March of this year, we could not be more happy, Our pool was always the correct temperature and our Electric Bill never was more than 80 or 90 dollars usual. You have a great product and great service. Thanks again and we will think of your company whenever we purchase pool supplies.


  heat siphon installation natale 1 heat siphon installation natale 2 heat siphon installation natale 3

#63 Posted October 2009 by John Wright Ft Lauderdale, FL

Just a quick note to let you know how satisfied I am with  I received the unit 48 hours after ordering and the installation was done the next day.  The unit works perfectly and now we have a pool that can be used 12 months a year instead of 6 or 7.  If any prospective buyers would like to contact me, feel free to use me as reference.  Thanks again


  pool heat pump review swimming pool cover blue pool pump installation

Heat Siphon DX5.0

Installation #62 Posted May 2009 by Don Campbell Flower Mound, TX

I just wanted you to know how much I like the new Heat Siphon DX 5.0 that I purchased from you.  It arrived safely and I was easily able to install it myself.  I had an electrician connect my Single Phase 220 power yesterday morning.  We turned it on at 11:30 am and I showed a 10 degree rise in the pool temp ( 72 to 82 ) in 24 hours.  It reached my desired temp of 85 this afternoon at 5pm.  We had a cool night last night (64) here in Flower Mound, TX., a suburb of Dallas, and it was about 85 today.  I have lots of shade over my pool so this will help us get it warm early and keep it warm all season long and well into the fall.  My grandkids are coming over on Saturday and we'll enjoy the warm water.  Thanks again

Heat Siphon DX5.0
#61 Posted May 2009 by Jim Herd Hagerstown, Maryland thanks for your help, I must say doing business with your company was a great experience. Not only did I get a great price on my heat pump, I felt I got really expert advice on what to buy and how to install it. Your website is really very good and is chock full of great easy to find content. It was the website that attracted me to your company. But once I made the decision to buy I was delighted with the communication about my order and your amazingly fast response to my E mail with questions about the install. And finally being able to reach someone on the phone at that moment in the install when there was that one last question really made the whole experience a pleasure. The install is now complete and the unit is really moving the needle (quietly I might add). I am raising the temperature on a 22,000 gallon pool  by over one degree an hour! It makes me wonder why I have waited so long to add a heater? Thanks again for all your support. Please feel free to use my letter as a testimonial for others as I can recommend the company completely.


  heat siphon pool heat pump installation testimonial herd 1 heat siphon pool heat pump installation testimonial herd 2 heat siphon pool heat pump installation testimonial herd 3 heat siphon pool heat pump installation testimonial herd 4 heat siphon pool heat pump installation testimonial herd 5

Raypak RMHP 115

Installation #60 Posted September 2008 by Ron Starr Elmhurst, IL

Well, I didn't know what I was doing, but I looked at pics on your site, asked at pool store and at Home Depot.....after 10 trips to Home Depot (because I kept forgetting stuff) I got it pretty slimmed down and simplified. I poured a concrete slab (something I've never done before) looking up instructions online.  The unit came and I needed help moving it, but me and 3 other guys got it on the slab.  Next....I looked for an electrician.  My pool is in the center of the backyard and because I have a concrete patio between house and pool....all bidders said to trench around patio and pipe to side of house.I got the job done by a family member who gave me a break at $600 + 2tickets to a Cubs game...everyone else was over $1000 to put in a new breaker, run conduit and wire.  It took  1 guy about 6 hours, including couldn't have cost more than $150 so these guys were trying to rake me over the coals....and given the economy, these bidders should have been happy to work!!! Anyhow, attached are pics of the final install.  I was able to run flexible tubing from skimmer to Filter and from Pool Frog back to the return on side of pool.  Even though Rheem has backflow check valves in it, Installed on between heat pump and Pool Frog for extra safety. Contractor used PVC piping, 50 amp breaker, and a disconnect with Seal Tight next to the pump. Ice cold air coming out of top of pump....if someone could invent a way to funnel that back into a home/office/lifeguard shack, they would truly be "green"....heating pool, and using same energy to cool the office/home. Here are the heating stats on pool (we're swimming in it today) Heat Pump finished install and had power at 4pm CST.....Chicago air temp 75.  I set filter to hi speed and heat pump to 87, let the pump run all night. By 9am next morning (or 17 hours later) pool was at 80 degrees (night time temp was high 50's low 60's), I let it run to about noon before taking cover off to vacuum and noon or within 20 hours of install my 10,000 gallon 21' round above ground pool was at 87 degrees.....  I couldn't wait to jump in..... We didnt' get 87 degrees until fathers day last year, using solar panels and solar cover. These pumps are amazing and efficient....couldn't believe I'm swimming on May 20th in bath temp waters.....


    raypak pool heat pump installation review starr 1 raypak pool heat pump installation review starr 2 raypak pool heat pump installation review starr 3 raypak pool heat pump installation review starr 4
      raypak pool heat pump installation review starr 5 raypak pool heat pump installation review starr 6 raypak pool heat pump installation review starr 7

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #59 Posted May 2008 by Peter Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Hi Poolheatpumps team, I wanted to let you know I have received the Heat Siphon and had it professionally installed last week. My main hesitation prior to ordering was the noise it may cause.  My experience with house heat pumps was that they seemed excessively noisy. As you explained by phone, the Heat Siphon is relatively quiet with the Scroll compressor.  I may not have to put in any hedges or other sound dampening measures as I had anticipated.  My neighbors have indicated the noise does not bother them either, so all went according to plan.  The pump works just as I had imagined.  I have a 18X36 sized pool I keep it covered with a solar cover.  Air Temperature when Istarted up was 60 F and the Pool temp was 66 F at 9 pm on Tuesday.  By 9pm Wed, the pool was 75 F and air temp was 60 F.  By Thursday morning at 7 am the pool was 79 F .....and by that evening I was looking at 82F. Over the week-end  I only had to run it only once by the day to maintain the temperature in the low 80s ( weather has gotten much better). It hasn't been below 80 F for over a week which is the first time in 13 years.  We have been using the pool more in the last week than all of the last 2 years.  Thanks again for all your help


      pool heat pump scroll compressor review peter 1 pool heat pump scroll compressor review peter 2 pool heat pump scroll compressor review peter 3

Jandy AE3000 TR
Installation #58 Posted May 2008 by Ken Kirkland, WA

Thank you for your help in selecting a heat pump for our pool.  We live in the cascade foothills and our source for heating the pool prior to the heat pump was a propane heater. Our propane bills went from $1,000 per month in the winter before we built the pool to $5,000 per month after we installed the pool.   To be sure it is a nice pool – It won an award as the best new residential concrete pool in the state of Washington for 2008 by the concrete industry.  However I felt that $4,000 was too much to heat a swimming pool. That is when I called you. After getting the dimensions of our pool it is 22ft by 44ft you recommended the Jandy AE 3000 TR heat pump at a delivered cost of just about one month’s propane bill. I installed the heat pump this winter and I set it to 87 degrees I lowered the propane temp to 82 degrees.  


I found that the heat pump worked great whenever the outside temp was over 50 and that even in the coldest Washington weather the propane almost never came on. What that equated to is our propane bill went from $5,000 to $1,000 and our power bill went from $800 to $1,000. That is a monthly savings of $3,800 every month and We only paid a little over $4,000 for the heat pump.  Thanks again for all of your help and support.


  luxury pool installation ken 1 luxury pool installation ken 2 luxury pool installation ken 3 washington state pool construction luxury pool installation ken 4
          jandy pool heat pump ae3000 installation

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #57 Posted December 2007 by Jim Whandley Cocoa Beach, FL

My SX5.0 is installed and keeping the pool at 87 degrees, I lose about 4 degrees overnight with the cover on but after less than 2 hours running, I’m back to 87 again. I haven’t gotten my electric bill yet but I think it will be reasonable. The installation went very easily, I did have an electrician friend help with the electrical work though. I am very happy with my experience buying from you. Even though everything was done by internet or phone, I am really reminded of the way it used to be buying things from my small town business friends years ago. I felt that you were truly interested in seeing that I had a good experience and would do what was necessary to make my experience a pleasant one. Everything went exactly as planned, thank you and keep up the good work. I’ve attached several pictures, one with Oliver, our King Charles Spaniel, checking out the installation and a shot of the pool area decorated for Christmas. Thanks for making this a pleasant and lowest cost experience.


  whandley pool heater installation heat siphon whandley pool install

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #56 Posted November 2007 by Bill Davis Cypress, TX

Thanks for all the help I received from you and Mr. Strong in my purchase of a Heat Siphon SX5.0 heat pump. The quality of your service was exceptional. Also, I could not be more pleased with the performance of the unit. I received it in November, hooked up the piping then, but I did not get around to doing the electrical hook-up until last weekend. Nothing was very difficult, and my electrical work needed only a minor adjustment to pass inspection - not too bad for an accountant. All materials, piping and electrical, were under $300. I turned the unit on at 4 PM Saturday with pool water at 68 degrees and no cover. Sunday morning the water was 76 degrees. Monday morning it was 88 degrees. I thought I'd see if it would go to 100 just for the heck of it, but when my wife thoughtfully suggested this might not be good for the pool plaster, I shut it down at noon on Tuesday pushing 96 degrees. I have no doubt it would have gone to 100. It's amazing, and I love it. This is a new toy I'm really going to enjoy. Thanks again. Based on the numbers other companies advertise on their web sites, it appears 6.0 kilowatts is about correct for this size heater. I have been keeping the pool at 90 degrees! - what my daughter and grand children like. With a cover that I did decide to buy last weekend, I only have to run the heater for three to four hours a day in this weather, overcast days in the high sixties to low eighties and nights mid forties to mid sixties. I run the pool pump from 11 am to 7 pm. The heater runs from 11 am until 2 or 3 pm and doesn't come on again until the next day. Maybe $3 to $4 a day at 12 cents/kilowatt plus taxes? We'll see when I get the electric bill. When the sun comes out to stay and the air begins to hang around 80 more consistently, I'll start backing off on the temperature. I don't think the heater will be running much at all. Of course, by May it will be off until late September. I couldn't be more pleased and impressed.


  backyard pool davis 1 backyard pool davis 2

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #55 Posted November 2007 by Paula Monfort Winterpark, FL

We have our new heat pump in and love it !! What a cost saver and it works so fast and efficiently with our spa and pool. Your company was very personable and we appreciate all the help you gave us! Thanks for everything !


    heated swimming pool heat siphon sx heat siphon how to install

Raypak 8300TIPD

Installation #54 Posted October 2007 by Jeff Ancker La Quinta, CA

The Rheem 8300 TIPD is now installed and running. Thank you for your valuable information and experience which helped me choose the right heat pump. I will attach a few photos for you to post on your site. The installation is in La Quinta, CA near Palm Springs. In 60 degree weather with 45% humidity the heater was raising my 55 degree pool water by two degrees per hour and on a separate test with the same weather conditions my spa water was raised by 18 degrees per hour. I am very pleased with the performance and look forward to not having those high propane bills!


  heated swimming pool ancker heated swimming pool ancker 2 raypak pool heat pump and swimming pool pump

Heat Siphon

Installation #53 Posted October 2007 by Jim Harvey Costa Rica

I've emailed photos of the pool heaters and the swimming pool. By switching from propane to your heaters and pool covers, our fuel bill went from $5,000.00 per month to $200.00 per week. I really never believed that the savings would be so great. I cannot thank you enough for your help and also for your great service. If you have potential customers that have doubts, they are welcome to call me.


      large indoor pool 1 heat siphon pool heat pumps

Jandy AE3000

Installation #52 Posted September 2007 by George Barhydt Goshen, IN

I have just finished installing my Jandy AE3000T heat pump. The instructions were excellent and all went very well. It will be about six months before swimming season returns to northern Indiana. I told my pool builder to put me first on his Spring list of pools to open, as I will be ready and cold water will not be a problem. Thanks again for your good service. Please see enclosed pictures of the installed unit and place on your website if you wish. Thank you


  jandy control systems jandy remote control system jandy ae3000 pool heat pump 1 jandy ae3000 pool heat pump 2

Jandy AE2500

Installation #51 Posted September 2007 by Bob Serrano Roswell, New Mexico

Here are a few photos on my heater setup. The crazy valve setup allows me to disconnect the pump from the heater without losing pool operation. Should you want more information on the dome or from me please call me or email me. Thanks for the in sight on the heater operation.


serrano 1 serrano 2 jandy pool heat pump ae2500 jandy pool heat pump ae2500 serrano 3

Raypak 5100

Installation #50 Posted September 2007 by Joel Thompson Elka Park, NY

Here are a couple pictures of the Rheem heat pump we bought last spring. It's in a novel application as a heat-recovery machine in a solar greenhouse. The 3000 square foot greenhouse has no other heat source, even though it often gets below zero here in the mountains of New York. The heat pump takes heat out of the indoor air during the day and stores it in a 5000 gallon tank, where it is used for night-time heating via pipes cast into the concrete floor. During the summer the heat is used to make hot water for a nearby hotel. A side benefit is free cooling of the greenhouse, reducing the amount of ventilation we need. I mounted the heat pump on an overhead rack to keep it above head level, and to get the warm air from the top of the greenhouse.


  heat pump installation solar panels

Heat Siphon SX 5.0

Installation #49 Posted March 2007 by Sal DeMarco Palm Coast, FL

It has been a few months since we installed the heater. The installation went very smoothly. The old heater lasted 15 years. It never functioned as well or as economically as the SX 5.0 heat siphon. The first time we turned it on the water temp. was 78 degrees and it brought the temperature up to 90 degrees in approximately 4 hours. Amazing. The electrical hookup was a snap. The plumbing was much simpler than the old one. I want to thank you for your help in determining the correct heater for us and the quick, on time delivery. Attached are three photos. Two showing the installed heater and one of our pool.


  heat siphon pipes pool fence heat siphon heat pump pipes 2

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #48 Posted October by Jim Cummings West Islip, NY

It was a lot more work then I thought having to run 130 feet of wire and about 15 feet of plumbing but it was well worth the the time. The heat pump is even better then I thought it would be. I purchased a unit that was larger then needed for my pool but it runs less and heats it up faster. Asa was so much help in deciding what unit and brand would be good for me. He NEVER failed to answer a question or email and all he advice was sound without the pressure or sales pitch you get from so many other companies. I can not say enough about his company or Asa himself. Here are the Pictures of the final product.....


  above ground pool heat pump installation 1 above ground pool heat pump installation 2 above ground pool heat pump installation 3 above ground pool heat pump installation 4

Heat Siphon HP5.0

Installation #47 Posted October by Dick Soverns Palmer, AK

Looks kind of rough, but there will be a retaining wall across the front and side, and the area will be a lot larger. Thinking in terms of a larger pool next year, but will have to check the capacity of the pump to heat it first. Wife and daughter love the water temp.


  above ground pool heat pump installation raypak above ground pool heat pump installation raypak

Kopec 650TI

Installation #46 Posted September 2006 by Eric New Hampshire

I'm a satisfied customer of yours. I've been using my Kopec 650 TI for 3 years now and it is still chugging away. I fixed a near disaster from last year. I apparently have been closing the system wrong. I use compressed air to drainall the water (so I thought) but the beginning of this year both the inlet and outlet pipes had cracked and pushed off the top. I glued them back in place leak free. (Just lucky I guess!) My question - how do you drain the darn thing? I found the drain plug but I can't figure out how to open it. Thanks in advance


  heat siphon pool heat pump new hampshire heat siphon pool heat pump new hampshire 2

Heat Siphon DHP 5.0

Installation #45 Posted September 2006 by Paul Hilliard Elizabeth City, NC

Just wanted to let you know that I successfully installed my Heat Siphon today, there were no problems and I finished in about 3 hours. I wanted to submit to you some photos for your web site. The customer service at your company is outstanding and I tell everyone about you and your company. This was the reason I came back to buy my second heat pump. Well take care and thanks for the great service, and I’m now ready for spring to enjoy this new baby. :)


  heat siphon pool heat pump north carolina 1 heat siphon pool heat pump north carolina 2 heat siphon pool heat pump north carolina 3

Heat Siphon SX 5.0

Installation #44 Posted September 2006 by Thomas Rut Moscow, Russia

Thomas bought his Heat Siphon for his villa in Cypress last March 2006. This month we received this great testimonial letter from him... Asa, You must have steadfast determination to embark on a project like this when you own a holiday villa in North Cyprus, but the result is spectacular year round swimming over the Mediterranean Sea! (see photo). We ordered the single phase 50 Hz Heat Siphon SX 5.0 with scroll compressor on March 14 and arranged for air freight to Larnaca airport via AIT worldwide logistics.


After some UK flight routing problems, the unit arrived at Larnaca on March 20, but required a further week before completion of customs clearance formalities. On Marchh 27 I had made arrangements for collection at the dock, but the local freight forwarding company had inadvertently dispatched the unit on a delivery truck with the wrong address. Driving around the island with mobile phone soon wrangled the truck down in a local retail park to transfer the unit onto my truck. Driving across the Turkish controlled border proved to be very interesting as they took a decision on how much duty to charge me.


After considerable debate and discussion with head office, they eventually waved me through without paying any duty (which was wonderful as I had already paid European Union duty at South Cyprus customs!). Arriving to the villa I was fortunate to have some neighbors come across to help me move the Heat Siphon onto the concrete foundation. Beyond that, it was a simple matter of running underground electrics, making plumbing connections (although drilling through reinforced concrete required some rather serious air drill equipment!), and commissioning the unit. Within 72 hours we had the pool up to a very cozy 82 F and all the children in the estate were laughing and having a great time.


It was a joy to see the dream come true – the first heat pump in North Cyprus! While the logistics of air freighting a heat pump all the way from America to a remote region such as North Cyprus can be tedious and difficult, I must praise Asa and the AIT team for their follow-up and support. I really want to thank Asa for including some critical PVC fittings to help complete the installation, for if he hadn’t, I doubt I would have found them on the island. I priced heat pumps in Europe before contacting and found that even with shipping and customs costs, I was saving money by doing business with Asa.

  pool heating in russia patio pool

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #43 Posted September 2006 by Bob Williams Palm Bay, FL

Here are some picture of our pool before and after the heat pump install, we had 84 degree water in less than 24 hours.

  heat siphon pool heat pump installation #43 heat siphon pool heat pump solar cover swimming pool solar cover swimming pool 2

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Installation #42 Posted September 2006 by George Chehalis, WA

We FINALLY got the pool installed two weeks ago, and fired up the heater. It took a few days, but it got the pool up to 84 degrees. It’s wonderful getting into a nice warm pool while it’s 45 degreesoutside and raining. Thanks for guiding us to this unit. I’m a little nervous about the electric bill, but at least it’s cheaper than propane. We live about 1500 feet from the Newaukum River in Lewis County.


When we were installing our heat pump last month, we thought it would be prudent to elevate the heater a bit because we have had some flooding before (10 years ago), so we built a concrete pad that was about 18 inches higher than native ground…I think you might guess where this is going. Tuesday morning when we got up the river was roaring through the backyard and the heat pump was above water with about 8 inches to spare. We haven’t given up on this swimming season yet, so the heater was running the whole time and we went swimming a few hours after this picture was taken. It was 50 degrees outside and raining - water raging all around - but the pool was a calm and balmy 85.


Once again, I think you got the worst of the weather up north…but we did get a few inches of snow. I have attached a photo from this morning – and unlike last time, I can assure you we won’t be swimming today!

  Winter snow pool heat pump washington pool heat pump

Heat Siphon HP5.0

Installation #41 Posted August 2006 by Guy New Brunswick, Canada

Guy purchased his heat pump from us in 2005. This is the original email that we received from him:


Good morning Asa, I received the heat pump yesterday, everything is fine, I'm going to store it in my garage for the winter and then install it in the spring. I'll keep you posted on how that goes and maybe send some pictures as well. Again I thank you very much for all your help with my order from the selection of the unit to the delivery. If anyone is looking for a heat pump I'll be sure to send them your way. This was the first major purchase I made over the internet from the United States and between my customs brokers and you the transaction and delivery went flawlessly.


Guy On June 2008, we received another email from him with some pictures and an update:


Hello Asa, I purchased my heat pump from you a few year ago and finally got some pictures taken of the pool. I thought I would send some. We're starting our third season with the pool and the heater is worth every cent. I started the heat pump and within 48 hours the water went from the low 60s to 84 degrees, something my pool guy told me it would take 3 to 4 days. Anyway just thought I would update you and tell you how pleased we are with your products and service. Guy

  backyard swimming pool in canada backyard swimming pool in canada 2 heat siphon review

Jandy AE3000

#40 Posted April 2006 by Carlos New Jersey

Once again thanks for your cordial and professional service. It was a bit reassuring to confirm that I wasn't dealing with a flight by night company when the UPS delivery guy spoke about the numerous heat pump deliveries he as made coming from your company in the last couple of years since he started his job. I was surprise to have the heater delivered and placed next to the filter in four days. It took one day for the installation and two days later the water temperature was at 86 degrees. The whole family was enjoying the pool in late May (Outside temp 72 degrees). Here are a couple of pics of my little monster. Super quite too.


jandy pool heat pump review carlos 1 jandy pool heat pump review carlos 2 jandy pool heat pump review carlos 3

Jandy AE2000

#39 Posted April 2006 by James and Mary Beth Berry Jacksonville, FL

Thanks again. We ended up adding a 4x4 slab to set the unit on. Plumbing installation took less than 1/2 day. Looking to have it wired up and working in about a week. We're attaching some pics of the final job. You're welcome to post them if you like.


jandy pool heat pump review berry 1 jandy pool heat pump review berry 2 jandy pool heat pump review indoor pool

Kopec 650Ti

#37 Posted March 2006 by Artie McAuley Richmond Hill, NY

We have warmth in our pool! Here's the "Sitch" in a table.  I hope I've given you some sort of an idea about the capabilities of the Kopec 650 SCTI. I, also, have enclosed some pix of the installation. Hope you enjoy them! Feel free to use them wherever you want.



Water Temp

Air Temp

12:45 PM


89 o

1:45 PM

79 o

91 o

2:45 PM

83 o

89 o

3:45 PM

85 o

88 o

4:45 PM

86 o

85 o

7:00 PM

89 o

81 o


kopec pool heat pump 1 kopec pool heat pump 2 kopec pool heat pump 3 kopec pool heat pump 4 kopec pool heat pump 5
kopec pool heat pump 6

Heat Siphon SX 5.0

#36 Posted February 2006 by Sean Cheevers Gautier, MS

I would like to thank you for the service you provide in supplying  pool heatpumps. I received my Heat Siphon within a week of placing the order and had it professionally installed two days later. It was an easy install and has increased the water temp. 16 degrees in the last 36 hours. It was a pleasure doing business with you and would recommend your company to any one considering a pool heat pump purchase in the future.Attached are some pictures of the heater and pool, I have been swimming each day since the heater brought the tem up to it. Again, thanks for making it an easy transaction.


backyard swimming pool heated heat siphon residential installation cheevers 1 heat siphon residential installation cheevers 2 heat siphon residential installation cheevers 3

Heat Siphon SX5.0

#35 Posted January 2006 by Tim Davis Phoenix, AZ

Hey Asa, Just wanted to say I got the pool heater on Tuesday, did the plumbing on Wednesday, re-did part of it on Thursday, and had an electrician wire it up tonight. At first start-up the fan blades were catching the cowling/housing and it was shutting it off. So I took off the top cover, wiggled the housing around a bit and put it back on. Seems to be centered properly now and is up and running. Temp was 64 when I started it at 8:30pm. Waiting to see how quick it warms it up. Here are a few pictures of the pool pump installation process. Feel free to put them on your site if you feel they would be of use. I wonder how many people actually have 24'' of clearance around the units. I sure don't. Pool is up to 80 degrees right now. Not bad, 65 degrees to 80 degrees in a day and a half. I do have one question though. Where the 2 inch PVC pipe screws onto to the unit itself, I have a small leak there, a drop every 10 seconds or so. So I re-did the line to it and tightened the heck out of the threaded part and still have a bit of drip. Do you know if people normally use plumbers tape on those threads or if you think that would help? Thanks, TIM Follow Up Email Dear Tim: Thank you for writing back. I hope that you and your family are well. I am happy that you have it all working. The fan must have shifted in shipping. Those unions shouldn't need Teflon tape. The seal is at the o-ring gasket. It couldn't hurt to try the tape or maybe warm the o-ring and reinstall it. They have o-ring lube at pool stores that help when the union is tightened to. The heater makes a lot of condensation when it takes the heat out of the air and sometimes some water drips from the water lines. If you find that nothing you do helps then let me know and I will send you some new unions. Please let me know if you have other questions or if you want me to call you. Sincerely,


arizona pool heater pump installation heat siphon 1 arizona pool heater pump installation heat siphon 2 arizona pool heater pump installation heat siphon 3 arizona pool heater pump installation heat siphon 4


#34 Posted February 2006 by Tony United Kingdom

Thank you Tony for the picture.  Hopefully some of the people looking at my site will contact you if they are in the mood for an English vacation.


    united kingdom tony

Jandy Heat/Cool

#33 Posted January 2006 by Jeremy Hill Merced, CA

I was very skeptical when I forked out $4,000.00 to pay for the top of the line Jandy heat pump for my pool. I decided to go a little bigger than required. I was told by everyone and anyone in Merced CA, that "Those heat pump things don't work around here." Asa repeatedly assured me that they didn't know what they were talking about, and that it would work fine. I was worried. The heater arrived FAST. Nice Fed-ex semi pulled up front with a hydraulic lift, wheeled it right to my garage.


I contacted my local pool company and they agreed to install it for $600 as long as I knew "It wouldn't work this time of year." I said I knew this, but that I wanted to get a jump on Summer. The install was a deal as far as I'm concerned. They put in a separate sub-panel from my breaker box, 2 different valves...etc... a bunch of stuff for the money.


I'm just glad I didn't The guy knew exactly what he was doing even though he hadn't installed a Jandy before. I fired it up Tuesday morning and the pool was 46 degrees (COLD) and outside temp was 50 degrees. 72 hours later the pool was 74degrees. With average daily air temps of 55 degrees, I keep the pool covered all but the hour that I swim each day. I have found that I only have to run the heater 5 hours (6 max ) a day to keep it between 72 and 74 as long as it is covered. Now that the pool is above 70, the heat coming out of the jets is VERY warm. In fact, I was surprised at the volume of water that this heat pump can crank out each minute.


I was also surprised at the warmth at which it comes out. I purchased the hot gas exchange option for a little extra for those days below 45 degrees, and although I don't even think I have had to use this option yet, I'm planning on using it next January. In the mean time, I am extremely pleased. I am now using my pool all 12 months of the year. It is cool to step out of the water at 9 at night and see the steam rise off of your body into the 45 degree air. Again, I thought that these heat pumps were too good sounding to be true, but let me tell you, technology has come along way, and their efficiency is staggering. I feel sorry for people with solar and gas. In may when the air warms up a bit, I plan on bumping my pool up to 90 degrees for parties on the weekends. I don't feel like spending that kind of money now.


One very interesting note. The technician that installed the pump after completing the installation said "yeah, I think these things are the way to go, I might look into one of them for my pool." Haaa Haaa degrees for parties on the weekends. I don't feel like spending that kind of money now. One very interesting note. The technician that installed the pump after completing the installation said "yeah, I think these things are the way to go, I might look into one of them for my pool." Haaa Haaa


  backyard pool backyard patio pool heat pump

Heat Siphon SX 5.0

#32 Posted January 2006 by Bob Welch Plattsburgh, NY

Installed my pool heater on this month. Finally, after all our rainy weather, I was able to crank it up yesterday at 1:45 pm. My water temp went from 58 to 82 at 7pm today. So far so good, I'd say. Installation was a piece of cake. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Looks like we'll be enjoying lots of warm water. Feel free to post any of those photos and many thanks for the kind words of a good looking job. That means a lot to me.  How nice it is to get such a quick response.  Hope you're all doing well.


pool heat pump shed 1 pool heat pump shed 2 pool heat pump shed 3

Jandy AE3000

#31 Posted December 2005 by Tom Miller Punta Gorda Isles, FL

Thanks again for your help yesterday. I called the people you gave me phone numbers for at Jandy and they are setting up service to correct that minor temp read-out problem. Also , what I want to order is part #6613 and PDA ps4 for pool and spa. When you have a chance please let me know the prices, so I can order these. Also , I am enclosing pictures of my pool and the new Jandy system I installed myself in about 3 hours, This system is so simple to install, a child could do it! 3 power wires in (220 volt single Ph and the rest is all plug in and only fits one way! GREAT! The automated Chlorine system was just as easy, maybe easier (because it's smaller!) Your company is Great and I know you will always be a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Again and again.


jandy heat pump testimonial miller 1 jandy heat pump testimonial miller 2 jandy heat pump set up testimonial miller 3 pool and spa pool and hot tub

Heat Siphon SX5.0

#30 Posted November 2005 by John Flanagan Port Richey, FL

Hi guys. Thanks for the quick turn around time from ordering to delivery! Here's a picture of my new installation. It was a breeze to install. I used no-hub connectors for future servicing and pump replacement. Sincerely, John Hi't find 20 x 20 blocks, so I used 24 x 24 and some leveling sand. Yes. You can post it. Those no-hub connections will allow me to easily change out my old motor when it goes. God bless whoever invented the rope saw ! It made it so easy for some of the cuts that needed to be made. Here's another pic. Thanks again


  heat siphon florida heat siphon florida

Jandy HM90

#29 Posted October 2005 by Brad Kueter Coco Beach, Florida

Hi Asa, once again I want to say thank you for being so easy with for the purchase of my Heat Pump. The Jandy HM90 is doing a good job for me within 2 days of running only 8 hours a day it raised my pool temp by over 10 degrees.

  jandy heater and pool pump kueter jandy heater and pool pump kueter 2 jandy heated pool jandy heater and pool pump kueter 4

Heat Siphon

#28 Posted May 2005 by Keith Gemelli Dumont, NJ

Hello, Pool heater is great - Had to shut it off because it got too hot - up to 88 Degrees. I had 34 people over to my house on Sunday and my neighbors are still waiting for PSE and gas bill.

swimming pool in backyard heated swimming pool in backyard heated heat siphon gemelli swimming pool in backyard heated 4 swimming pool in backyard heated 3

Jandy AE 2500

#27 Posted April 2005 by Tim Williams Taylors, SC

my pool heater has been up and running for 3 weeks or so now and is doing great. I am using the pool cover which helps hold the heat in tremendously. Thanks for all your help. It really seems to heat the pool quickly. I have attached a couple of pictures of the installation. Best regards

  jandy pool heat pump raypak williams jandy pool heat pump raypak williams 2

Jandy AE 2000

#26 Posted March 2005 by Gregg Brewer Surfside Beach, SC

Sorry it took so long to re-send these pics to you of my first installation. I didn't snap pics of the second install before I left Myrtle Beach but I'll be back in early June and get some at that time. As far as I know, things are working complaints is usually good news...thanks again for all your help...I feel like I am a "heater installer" now. The second unit only took less than a day (counting the extra trip to Lowes) Cheers

  south carolina pool heating jandy pool heat pump south carolina pool heating jandy pool heat pump installation

Heat Siphon SX5.0

#25 Posted March 2005 by Bruce and Terry Westminster, MD

We apologize for not sending pictures and a e-mail sooner, but life has been busy and hectic on the Main front! We absolutely love the Heat Siphon, the pool water went from 56 degrees to 92 degrees in less than 3 days. Our pool is 16 x 34, with an 8 ft. diving well. To say the least, the Heat Siphon is phenomenal!!! It is so nice and relaxing to swim in the warm water, which we never could have done that early last year. We did have an electrician do the electrical work and Bruce installed the PVC plumbing himself, with only a tiny leak on the first try. Second try was a winner!! We were up and running with everything the first week of May and would have liked to have had the pool opened earlier, but like I stated things were just hectic. We really enjoyed doing business with you and receiving prompt answers to all of our questions. We look forward to many years of nice warm swimming! Take care. Two happy customers in Westminster, MD!

maryland heat siphon pool heat pump heat siphon pool heat pump in maryland neighbor pool

Kopec 525

#24 Posted February 2005 by Brad Steinmeyer Phoenix, AZ

I wanted to take a second and drop you a quick email about my recent pool heater experience purchasing the Kopec 525s from you. Please feel free to share this with anyone that would like a recommendation. I have to say I was a bit nervous about such a large purchase from a website. I really appreciate your low pressure, fast responses during the decision making process that lasted for over two months (my fault not yours). Although your heater was by far less expensive than anywhere I could find, I would gladly have paid what the local folks were charging for the experience I had working with your company. I picked up the heater at the trucking terminal, and really appreciated you getting it out the door so fast. It arrived without a hitch on Friday. Saturday morning I poured concrete and by the afternoon the unit was sitting on the pad. I completed the PVC work in about an hour, it was my first time so there was an educational process. The hardest part was running the wires from the breaker to the back yard. I have an Electrician friend, and that worked out great, otherwise I recommend having someone else do it. I cut out the solar blanket to fit the pool, and fired the heater up at about 6:30 that night. The pools was sitting at 60 degrees when I started, and by Sunday night around 7 PM, we were at 88 degrees. I keep the pool at 88 degrees and the heater does not run as much as I thought it would. I am very please with this experience, and would welcome any questions from people in Phoenix considering using your company. Thank you again for your support and for the wonderful heater, my kids think you are great! I attached a few emails of the project. Best Regards,

Steinmeyer 1 Steinmeyer 2 Steinmeyer 3 Steinmeyer 4

Jandy AE2500

#23 Posted February 2005 by Michael McElroy Tampa, Florida

This is a very short story....February 9, about 7:30pm, I ordered my Jandy AE2500 from your company. You notified me it shipped the morning of February 10, Thursday.  About 5:00pm Friday, I got a call from a trucker stating he wanted to deliver my heat pump; he got here about 5:20pm and put the heavy thing right next to the new equipment pad I was still installing after removing my old heater.  I was able to complete the pad and plumbing on Saturday, finished the electrical work on Sunday, tested the heater and turned it on (water temp about 70).  This morning my wife and I swam laps in 86 degree water (Happy Valentine's day!). So, it took about 100 HOURS to order, deliver, install and operate my new heater. This week in Tampa will be sunny and the mid 70's, so we'll use the pool a lot!


Heat Pump

#22 Posted December 2004 by John Griffin Florida

I received an installed the heat pump and I have an 82 degree swimming pool now. When I started up the unit this morning in overcast skies at 56 degrees, the pool temp was 67 at 9 am, by 2 pm the pool temp was 81, still with overcast skies and 66 degrees. The heat pump used 40 KWH (meter readings) during this test. I have attached a picture that you may use as desired. If you would like me to uplink a good reference to you website I can do that. Thank you

    Installation griffin 1

Heat Siphon SX5.0

#21 Posted October 2004 by Hazel and Joe Kerrigan Liverpool, UK

We are now home to a cold, wet & windy U.K., wishing we were back in warm & sunny Florida! Just a line to let you know how pleased we are with our pool heat pump. It was delivered without any problem, at least once we'd sorted out the problem with our phone, it was! It was all up & running in no time & the water heated up very quickly. The unit looks smart, & is quite quiet compared to the one fitted to our next door neighbor’s home. It was lovely & warm to swim in, in fact we had to lower the temperature a little! 


Thank you for all your help & advice with our purchase. Nothing was too much trouble & you were always so speedy in replying. We shan't hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know of who's looking for a pool heater.

  Installation kerrigan 1  Installation kerrigan 2  Installation kerrigan 3 

Kopec 525

#20 Posted September 2004 by Don Ladyn Phoenix, AZ

Here are photos of construction and the Kopek unit. They are self-explanatory. I threw in the rainbow to prove it actually rains here once in awhile. And, there's one of me. Use photos as you like and share w/Kopek. I was the GC on pool construction. Managed 14 trades, did negotiations and scheduled all. I got the thing done, ground break to filled, in about a month. The heater was ordered "just in time" and was here 4 days before plumber needed it. Thanks for your letters of advice and I look forward to years of warm water winters.


Installation Ladyn 1  Installation Ladyn 2  Installation Ladyn 3  Installation Ladyn 4  Installation Ladyn 5 
Installation Ladyn 6  Installation Ladyn 7  Installation Ladyn 8  Installation Ladyn 9  Installation Ladyn 10 
    Installation Ladyn 11  Installation Ladyn 12  Installation Ladyn 13 

Heat Pump

#19 Posted September 2004 by Linda  

Love my new heat pump. I keep the pool at 88 degrees so I can jump in anytime. Darth Vader has grown on me just like you said it would. I appreciate all the time you took helping me decide on which heat pump to buy. You must have the patience of a saint.


  Installation Linda 1 above ground pool with pool heat pump

Kopec 650

#18 Posted August 2004 by Jim Archer Warwick, RI

Well, the scroll compressor is scrolling, the fan is blowing really cold air out the top, occasional strange water squishing noises are coming from it and, best of all, warmish water is coming in to the pool! I finished hooking up the last bit of electrical at about 9:15PM. Then, I turned the breakers on one by one, checking the power on all the way to the heater. Finally I turned that last one on and the green light came on. I switched the heater on and, as expected, it did nothing.  About 5 minutes later it fired up on its first try! So at 9:30 when the heater started the pool temp was 74 degrees.


The outside air temp was 63 degrees. By 11:00PM the water coming in to the pool was noticeably warm and the air coming out the top of the heater was very cold. So it seems to be working properly. (follow up email:) I finished off the wiring today and did a few other little odds and ends. I ran the 4 #12 TCO wires from inside the electrical panel up through the conduit, into the electrical box and then in to the pump house through a hole in the wall behind the electric box. I don't think it's a great idea to run these control wires in the same conduit with the 220VAC line, but I could see no other way to do it. The TCO is not wired, as I'll need to call the manufacturer for instructions next week. But the wire is run. I have some pictures of the mostly finished install here.


All I did after I took them was foam up the gaps in the holes that the water pipes and electrical conduits run through (you can see these same holes in the earlier pictures, before I put the pipes and conduits in). So that's it, except for TCO override wiring is I decide to use it. I plan to clean up the junk behind the heater and if you like I can send some more pictures after I do that. If you would like any particular pictures just let me know. I can resize these also if you like. Also, the shower you see behind the heater does not work. In fact, the junk behind the heater is what's left of the shower stall, which I demolished to make room for the heater. The gray pipes to the left of the heater are the pipes I mentioned that used to carry pool water to the now removed solar panels that used to be on top of the house. I was not able to use those pipes as electrical conduit, because they are full of rain water. I may get rid of them at some point, but for now they are not hurting anything. The electric box contains the 50A GFCI 220VAC breaker.


The box and breaker came as a complete assembly from Home Depot. Actually, all the materials used - except the heater itself - came from Home Depot. The last pic is a picture of the pool house, which should have been included in the before pictures. The pump and filter are in the back of the building, accessed through a door not in this picture. I want to thank you for all the help you have given me during this entire process, from pre-sale to complete install.


You have been a great help and I do appreciate it! If I ever run across anyone who needs a pool heater I'll certainly send them your way. (follow up email:) Well, the job is finally done. I called the factory and spoke with someone who explained exactly how everything worked and how to wire it. I wired the TCO last Saturday and it seems to be working just fine. The pool keeps its temp at about 91 degrees, which seems to be where people like it the best. We'll see what happens in September, but I am not too concerned. I just have to find a cover for it now. Thanks again for all your great help. I have given your web site to a few friends of mine with pools!


Installation Archer 1  Installation Archer 2 Installation Archer 3 Installation Archer 4 Installation Archer 5
Installation Archer 6 Installation Archer 7 Installation Archer 8 Installation Archer 9 Installation Archer 10
Installation Archer 11 Installation Archer 12 Installation Archer 13 Installation Archer 14 Installation Archer 15
      Installation Archer 17 Installation Archer 18


#17 Posted September 2004 by Andy Colby Charlton, MA

I wanted to shoot you a few pictures from the installation of the heat pump purchase. We installed it on April 19th and since about a week later the pool has been at about 80 degrees. Again we purchased the RHEEM RAYPAK RHP 100 and it seems to work great in our 20X40 in ground. Thanks again for all your help. Feel free to post these if you like.

  Installation Colby 1 Installation Colby 2 swimming pool cover reel system

Heat Pump

#16 Posted June 2004 by Mark Hubsch Yardley, PA

We finally got the pool dug and the heat pump installed. I'll let you know how well it works for us but I wanted to let you see the final installation before fences go up. Thanks again for your help.


  Installation Hubsch 1 Installation Hubsch 2 Installation Hubsch 3 Installation Hubsch 4

Heat Pump

#15 Posted June 2004 by Charles Heap Spain

Well Asa, here we are in June, three months on from completing the installation of the heat pump we bought from you! Time sure does fly when one is having fun and we sure are now the pool is at my temperature. After much trialing we have decided that 32dC is ideal at this time of the year with 34dC in winter, we are real softies. Prior to retirement I was an Energy Consultant so I take a real interest in cost and performance of energy related plant so I have monitored the heat pump From the start.


To my delight the costs are proving less than expected and in its first three months of operation the heat pump has run for a total of 604 hours and cost 199 euros in electricity, an average of just over 2 euros a day. As I now swim every day I feel that this is very good value and of course our friends love it. Now we are in summer and the sun has real heat the heat pump barely runs as the solar heating system has taken over. They work well together with the solar control system automatically ensuring that no heat is lost by the solar panels when the sun goes in. In fact I think its an essential part of the total installation.


Anyway, there are three small pics below: the heat pump, the steps which lead from the heater to the pool, and of course the pool itself. Also attached as jpeg files are three larger versions in case you prefer these, hope the pics are of use to you.


  Installation Heap 1 Installation Heap 2 Installation Heap 3

Heat Siphon SX 5.0

#14 Posted September 2004 by Tammy Tinoco Costa Rica

I need to tell you how thankful I am with you for join me during all the process to buy my four SX 5.0 HP50 Heat Pumps. I did a thousand questions and you were always there for me. Now I couldn't be happier with the result... no more gas, no more expensive bills!!!! Thanks a lot!


  Installation Tinoco 1 Installation Tinoco 2

Heat Siphon

#13 Posted June 2004 by Tim McDonald Florida

Hope these photos are OK.

Picture 001 - Finished project looking West from Sliders

Picture 003 - View from Northwest.  You can see the Navigator I bought from you!  Love it!!!

Picture 005 - My "Guard Dog" on guard.

006 - View from West.  Catch the 'heat pump" purchased from you, on the
side.  The Aqua Rite is on the wall hidden in this picture.  Really
love both of these products!!!

Picture 007 - 18 inch raised
planter Waterfall.  The Navigator keeps the pool absolutely spotless and
the Aqua Rite takes care of the water sanitizing needs.

Picture 009 - Ferocious guard dog???

Picture 010 - And this is where I hang out on weekends.  Swimming, BBQing and relaxing.


Installation McDonald 1  Installation McDonald 2 Installation McDonald 3 Installation McDonald 4 Installation McDonald 5
Installation McDonald 6 Installation McDonald 7 Installation McDonald 8 Installation McDonald 9 Installation McDonald 10
      Installation McDonald 11 Installation McDonald 12



#12 Posted June 2004 by Jim L. New York

Here are some pictures for your website. We installed our Rheem Raypak RHP 100 heat pump and opened our pool on May 3. The water was 53 degrees. After about a week of running during the daytime, we had it up to 83 and were swimming. Spring temperatures in upstate NY can be quite cool. I am surprised how little the unit runs in order to maintain the temperature in the mid 80s. After cool nights, it will run for a few hours when the pump comes on in the morning. Installation was a painless and it fired right up. I did the plumbing myself and had hired an electrician do the wring. I figure we saved about $700 compared to purchasing locally. I couldn't be happier with the unit and the service you provided. Thanks again


        Installation Jim 1 Installation Jim 2


Heat Siphon

#11 Posted June 2004 by Harold Ivey Mississippi

Well of course, you were right. The Estes delivery man helped me place the carton next to my pre-positioned pad, and every thing else went flawlessly. Plenty of flow, apparently, because the heat pump started as soon as I turned on the pool pump. In less than an hour, the water temperature was up almost four degrees! At that point, I adjusted the thermostat, and I think 83 degrees is where I'm going to leave it. Here are four pictures of the completed installation. The first, taken looking north along the edge of the deck, shows how close the Heat Siphon is to my Endless Pool (1616a). Photo 1621a is looking east towards the deck.. Photo 1612a is of the control end of the heat pump. I figured if I went ahead an wrapped the pipes now, it would be one less thing to remember later. Finally, 1648a is taken from the deck, with the heat pump visible through the deck railing. Here also is one view of the modification to the original water quality system (1603a). The lower pipe at the top of the photo, is heading towards the supply side of the heat pump. The valve at the top right that doesn't connect to anything is now connected to the Heat Siphon return. I'm using three valves, just in case the weather gets so bad I have to drain the unit, that I can go back to the little electric heater. Sure hope I don't have to do so, though! You have my permission to use this text and any of the photos on your web site.


      Installation Ivey 1 Installation Ivey 2 Installation Ivey 3


Heat Siphon

#10 Posted May 2004 by Rob Warren Massachusetts

Just wanted to update you on the heat pump you sold us over the winter. It is installed and working like a charm. When we opened the pool on April 1st the water temperature was a cool 56 F. The air temperature was mid to low 50s. The pool temperature is now 88 F with air temperature around 65. The entire family is now using the pool. Normally the wife and I would not use the pool until mid July when the water became 83 degrees. May 4th we were in the pool and loving it. The neighbors think were crazy but after a very cold winter on Cape Cod we deserved it. The heat pump you sold us was the first thing we ever purchased on the internet. Having been a police officer for 24 years (and seeing many people scammed on the internet) I was not to thrilled about making such a large purchase with someone I have never met. You patience to our many questions and willingness to spend long amounts of time on the phone helped us make the decision to buy from you...(not to mention we saved $1,800.00 over a local dealer). Prior to making a purchase we checked with several others who purchased from you. They all stated what we now feel. You are an honest businessman who can be trusted, your prices are great and we are glad to recommend you to others. Ps. The local dealers are not happy you are around...I wonder why? Attached are some pictures of the before during and after. Total cost for electrician was $150.00. Total cost for plumber was $110.00. If I had done it myself (which could easily have been done) would have been approximately $75.00 and two days work. I have given your name to several people in the area...hope to do business soon.


  Installation Warren 1 Installation Warren 2 Installation Warren 3 Installation Warren 4 Installation Warren 5
        Installation Warren 6 Installation Warren 7


Kopec 650SCTI

#9 Posted April 2004 by Michael Brown Greenwood, Indiana

We installed 2 weeks ago, and we brought the pool temp from 58 to 80 in 48 hours. The air temp went from 72 the first day to 82 the second. On the third day, air temp was 84 and pool temp went to 86. We swam the first week of May in Indiana. That’s pretty awesome. The heat pump runs very little now that the water is up to temp.


  Installation Brown 1 Installation Brown 2 Installation Brown 3 Installation Brown 4 Installation Brown 5
      Installation Brown 6 Installation Brown 7 Installation Brown 8


Heat Siphon

#8 Posted Date by Ruth & Mike Zupko Pleasant Valley, Utah

We have been very satisfied with our Siphon Heat Pump. It arrived in record time. It was installed in July and has been very efficient. Our electric bill only increased about $30.00. We have still been using it even though the temperature has dropped in the 30's at times. It was like a hot tub yesterday even though the outside temperature was in the 40's. staff have been very accommodating with any questions we had.


We like Asa's friendly and personable attitude. I would recommend this company for it has efficient and friendly service. I will use them for my next purchase. Thanks you are great. P.S I am often asked if it will work in dry climate like Utah.  It works great.  We have not had any problems with it and turn it on as soon as the weather is above 40 degrees. The pool is 96 now,  I like it warm like a hot tub in the early morning.  We really appreciate your recommendation and service.  Thanks again


      Installation photo zupko 1 Installation photo zupko 2 Installation photo zupko 3

Heat Siphon

#7 Posted Date by Jeff Pennsylvania

Here's a few pics for the website. Thanks again!

      installation photo jeff 1 installation photo jeff 2 installation photo jeff 3

Heat Siphon

#6 Posted Date by Paul Nasiatka Long Island, NY

Just a quick note to say that I received the heat pump yesterday and the delivery went flawlessly. I plan on installing it this weekend and will let you know how it goes. I hear that these pumps are getting very popular on Long Island (the driver told me he delivers a lot of them) and I will strongly recommend to people that ask that they talk to you first. I have attached a few photos of my heat pump pre and post installation. The pump works great and in the first 12 hours of operation raised the pool temperature 6 degrees from 82 to 88. Regards


  Installation nasiatka 1 Installation nasiatka 2 Installation nasiatka 3 Installation nasiatka 4 Installation nasiatka 5
    Installation nasiatka 6 Installation nasiatka 7 Installation nasiatka 8 Installation nasiatka 9

Heat Siphon

#5 Posted Date by Jon Baron Massachusetts

I just wanted to send you some pictures showing the final result of my heat pump installation. Everything works great, just as you described! I was careful to follow all the instructions from the manual and from what you had said, the pool was warm and ready to use in 24 hours. Now it's finally summer up here, 98 today! Thankfully, the heater only kicks in when I need it, set it and forget it. I really appreciate all your help. I had done significant research on the Web, and you were, by far, the most knowledgeable, provided the best selection, and the best price. This was a big investment and I'm glad I did it right. Regards


      Installation photo baron 1 Installation photo baron 2 Installation photo baron 3

Raypak RMHP 100

#4 Posted Date by Jim McManamy Connecticut

I've attached a few pictures of the new heat pump installation. Everything went very well. The pump arrived very quickly and installation was a snap. It's very efficient. I use a solar cover at night and the pump only needs to work just a few hours each day to keep my pool at 85 degrees. Thanks a lot.


      Installation photo mcmanamy 1  Installation photo mcmanamy 2  Installation photo mcmanamy 3 

EUS Mark 6

#3 Posted Date by Jana H. Ohio

Got my heat pump installed yesterday!! I ran the 220 wire to the unit and got an electrician to make the final connections and checked  the voltage and whatnot - saved me a lot of money doing all the preliminary work. I did the plumbing myself - 3 valves, 2 unions, a check valve, 10 feet of PVC, nearly a dozen elbows and a can of cement later... I got it working. What a day for this "I will try anything" hack plumber. The water is still very cold but the unit is working perfectly so far. I cannot wait to actually get in my pool and swim after nearly a month of looking at cold water!! Thanks so much for your patience and help during the sales process... I had a million questions and you answered them all quickly! You gave me great advice and a fantastic price!! Thanks again for all your help! It has been an extreme pleasure doing business with you!!


        Installation photo jana 1  Installation photo jana 2 

Heat Siphon

#2 Posted Date by James Henry Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hi Asa, Here are some pics of my pool heat pump in Tulsa, OK. As you can see it has raised the pool temp almost 10 degs already and it has only been running since 2pm yesterday. It has only been about 85deg air temp here during the day and around 70 at night. I don't know exactly how many gallons my pool is but it seems that this unit will have no trouble keeping it warm! I did the entire install in one day by myself (yes I'm a little handy at this staff) but I didn't have to take any special tools to do this installation... just the fact that the heat pump install is so straight forward makes it easy. Thanks recommending the heat pump! Sincerely, James H.


    Installation Photo Henry 1 Installation Photo Henry 2  Installation Photo Henry 3  Installation Photo Henry 4 

Heat Pump

#1 Posted Date by Phil Florida

Installation went well, and the heater started right up. The thermostat has now shut it down at 85 degrees


      Installation photo phil 1  Installation photo phil 2  Installation photo phil 3 

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