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About Our Company is a family owned business specializing in swimming pool heaters, pool heat pumps, pool heating systems, parts and pool supplies.  We ship daily and export worldwide and have provided excellent customer service for over 25 years in the pool heating business.

The experts at have seen just about every pool heater that has ever been manufactured and know the strengths and weaknesses of various brands and heating methods.  If you need assistance, we are here to help you find a pool heater that is just right for your needs.

Our Goal

Our goal at is to give you the best prices on swimming pool heat pumps and pool heaters from top brands. If you find a competitor with a better price, feel free to ask us about price matching. We are committed to providing you a friendly, affordable purchasing experience. This is our commitment to you as an online pool heating dealer.  Contact us any time with questions that you may have, so that you feel that you are getting the best pool heat pump for your money.

Quality support is provided to all of our customers and we invite you to check our credentials and our customer response page to discover how thousands of clients just like you have been delighted with our company.

We want you to be happy and share with your neighbors how much money you are saving by buying a swimming pool heater from us, and how much less in operating costs you are paying because of your decision to use a pool heat pump.

If you're not sure which pool heater you need, don't hesitate to contact us and one of our pool heat pump experts will personally help you.

Asa J Strong 

Asa J Strong, CEO
President of Rio Bravo, Inc.

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We will help you find the right heater!

When it comes to choosing the right heater we know that it can be very confusing. There are many heaters on the market and some of them have different labels that can add more confusion. A heat pump is an investment that should last many years and it is important that you are well informed and can make an educated choice.

We are pool heating experts and we know which manufacturers provide the best warranties, the best customer service and best quality products. Most importantly, we have had experience with almost every North American heat pump manufactured over the last twenty five years.

It is our goal to make your heat pump purchase a satisfying experience, from the moment you order to the day that your heat pump arrives at your home on a lift gate truck (if you need one) that lowers the unit to the ground.

We are always here for you, contact us if you have a questions or any issues with a manufacturer. If you tell us about your area and your weather, we'll be the most qualified to help you with your pool heater decision.