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aerotemp heat pumps

AeroTemp Pool Heat Pumps

Discontinued. For technical support or repair service please call the manufacturer: (727) 823-5642

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When it comes time to purchase a pool heater, smart shoppers like you do their homework. Your local AeroTemp dealer is prepared to help you understand the many advantages of AeroTemp pool heaters...important qualities like operating efficiencies, ease of operation, durability and reliability

Once you begin to compare, you'll learn why AeroTemp is the right choice in modern pool heating.

Exclusive Technology and Benefits

Don't be mislead by low initial purchase price. A pool heater is a long-term investment with very real operating realities. You must consider these important factors:

  • Installation costs
  • Operating cost
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Product life expectancy
  • Aesthetics (Does the heater compliment your pool/patio design?)

Your swimming pool is an important investment and a swimming pool heater can help you maximize your pool fun and investment. Make the right choice in pool heating - AeroTemp.

Important Features

Heat pump pool heaters are the most effective pool heating systems available. And with unique micro-computer technology - combined with specially-designed and proven componentry - AeroTemp heat pumps operate most cost-effectively throughout a full range of operating conditions, significantly outperforming the competition in the critical 40-60 degree air temperature range.

Ease of operation

To operate the AeroTemp heater, simply program in your desired pool water temperature and let AeroTemp do the rest. It is that easy!

Whisper-quiet operation

A ball bearing fan motor and an insulated compressor make AeroTemp the quietest heater available.

Built to last

Like all well-manufactured products, attention to detail means long life. For example, AeroTemp places all electrical components in a watertight control box to ensure component integrity. Count on AeroTemp pool heaters to last nearly twice as long as standard fossil fuel heaters.

Compact, modern design

AeroTemp is UV treated non-metal cabinet is rustproof and able to weather the harshest conditions. Its compact, modern design blends into every pool/patio landscape.

State-of-the-art, push button technology

1. Advanced heat exchanger design utilizes corrosion resistant cupro-nickel in a compact design for optimum heat transfer and low operating costs.

2. Insulated compressor ensures whisper-quiet operation. Compressor available in scroll or piston options.

3. The fan automatically adjusts to operating demand for maximum performance and efficiency under all conditions. Whisper-quiet operation.

4. Maintenance-free, non-metal cabinet never rusts or corrodes

5. Oversize coated evaporator for high-efficiency and increased BTU performance

AeroTemp heatpump pool heaters incorporate digital technology to create the most advanced, efficient heating system available. The micro-computer controlled unit is quiet and simple-to-operate, yet provides state-of-the-art design and capabilities.

Water temperature is precisely controlled and displayed at all times. Operating parameters are automatically monitored and adjusted for peak performance at all temperatures and conditions. AeroTemp is even equipped with built-in service analyzers to insure safe, problem-free operation well into the 21st century.

Low operating costs, long-life expectancy, whisper-quiet operation and advanced design technology make AeroTemp pool heaters second to none. When considering a pool heater, remember that the answer is in the technology. Make the smart choice; choose AeroTemp.

The answer is in the technology. Join tens of thousands of happy families who:

  • Extend their swimming season
  • Use their pool more often
  • Swim in comfortably warm water all season long
  • Enjoy their pool more

Why Choose AeroTemp?

Introducing AeroTemp, the micro-computer controlled heat pump designed to transform "free heat" from the outdoor air into precious pool a cost that will keep you smiling all season long.

AeroTemp pool heaters are efficient, reliable and economical. Unlike natural gas or propane heaters, AeroTemp operates efficiently by using "free heat" always available in the outdoor air. By incorporating the latest technology, AeroTemp offers you the most effective method of heating pool water.

AeroTemp pool heaters can save you as much as 80% on operating costs when compare to other heating methods. And, AeroTemp heats your pool safely and economically rain or shine, day or night. AeroTemp is environmentally safe, too, creating clean energy with no combustible by-products.

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