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Astral Pool Products

Astral Pool Products

AstralPool is a leader in the global pool industry. Offering customers an expansive array of swimming pool products across both the residential and commercial pool and wellness markets; with a strong geographical footprint with operations in over 45 countries.

Guided by clear values and come to work every day with a simple and direct mission in mind: To create the perfect pool and wellness experience.

By staying focused on this mission, Astral Pool will create value for all customers, pool owners, investors and employees.

At AstralPool, all our activities revolve around swimming pools. Regardless of the size or shape, Residential pools or Olympic pools, temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor, hotels or local communities, sport complex or water parks, we have the capacity to provide you with the optimum solution.
Every year, AstralPool is involved in the construction of more than 500,000 pools worldwide. AstralPool is a multinational group of companies that includes 100 facilities in over 30 countries ready to provide you with quality products and services.
For over 35 years AstralPool has been providing quality swimming pool equipment, services and the ability to solve installation and design challenges in the residential and commercial pool industry.
AstralPool has ensured their position as a reference point in the swimming pool industry as the official Sponsor of FINA (the International Swimming Federation). Together with affiliated organizations including The Association of Pool & Spa Professional (APSP), World Water Park Association (WWA), Texas Public Pool Council (TPPC), American Zoo & Aquarium Association (AZA) and the National Recreation & Parks Association, AstralPool values its relationship with these organizations.
With 6 advanced production processes: plastic injection, polyester casting, stainless steel bending, fiberglass winding, thermoplastic blow-molding, and thermo-conform technology. Meeting and exceeding the demands of a global swimming pool market AstralPool is constantly researching and improving manufacturing techniques. AstralPool takes great pride in professionalism, manufacturing techniques, rigorous quality control & engineering processes. We invite you to see for yourself how AstralPool became the world-wide industry leader.

Production center is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

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