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Canada Testimonials

Heat Siphon

#96 Posted May 2014 by Chris Klohn Okanagan, Valley, BC Canada

My family and I would like to thank you again for the exceptional service and product.  To all of those on the fence about ordering from Pool Heat Pumps, please read through our testimonial.  Our family installed a 22’x42’ Doughbougy Autumn Breeze last summer.  We live in Central British Columbia, Canada.  While still quite far up North, our climate still gets quite warm over the summer months.  Daytime highs are typically 90-100 degrees in July and August with overnight lows in the low 50’s.  April and May are much cooler as is September and October.

Last summer we kept our pool covered when it wasn’t in use.  The warmest temperatures we saw the water climb to was in the low to mid 80’s.  For the most part, the temperatures always hovered around the 76 degree mark which felt a little cold to the adults but was fine for the kids.  We were looking to extend our swim season a month or so earlier and later with some form of heat.  We had no interest in quickly bringing the pool up to temperature and wanted a source that could maintain our water in the mid 80’s.

After several months of research and questions we stumbled upon Asa Strong at Pool Heat Pumps.  He answered all of our questions thoroughly and promptly and took the time to explain the facts about heating your pool with a heat pump.  In our current economic times of corporate distrust both my wife and I had an overwhelming sense that we were being taken care of right from the beginning………….our feelings were later confirmed.

I was originally set on a Rheem 170,000 BTU commercial model.  Asa explained the pro’s and con’s and we ended up going with a Heat Siphon Z700HP.   We came to an agreement on price including all taxes, duties, etc shipped to our door.  The price was several hundred dollars less than any other company including the shipping.

Unfortunately, the Heat Pump was only shipped to the local terminal.  The company wanted an additional fee paid to have it delivered to the house.  We called Asa promptly and explained the situation.  To his credit he arranged local delivery and paid for it all out of his pocket.  He told us he would honor the agreed upon price despite the shipping mix up.

The Heat Pump arrived in immaculate condition.  We thoroughly inspected it before signing for the delivery.  The installation was completed in a little over two hours by myself and an electrician.  We installed a bypass due to the 160 GPM output of our Hayward variable speed pump on maximum flow.

The air temperature was 50 degrees and the pool temperature 46 degrees three weeks ago when the heat pump was first turned on.  During the first day the water rose to 58 degrees.  Each evening the heat pump would turn off as the air temperature cooled below 45 degrees.  Despite the pool losing 4-6 degrees each night we were able to bring the pool up to 76 degrees after four days.  This was our average temperature last summer and it was only the second week in April.

The temperature then warmed into the 60’s for the following week.  Our pool rose to 88 degrees within two more additional days.  The water temperature has stayed at 88 degrees for the last three weeks and we have been in the pool everyday. We were shocked at how quickly and efficiently the Heat Siphon brought the temperature up.  It runs for approximately 3-4 hours each afternoon to maintain the 88-90 degree temperature despite the outside air temperature averaging 60-70 each afternoon with the overnight lows dipping to 50 degrees.

I have no doubt we would be able to bring the pool into the mid 90’s if we wanted to.  We have had zero problems with the heat pump since the installation and it runs extremely quiet.  The water coming out is 8-12 degrees warmer than the pool depending on the flow rate set on our pump.  There was a great deal of condensation the first day which I mistook for a leak.  We tested the water for chlorine and it wasn’t present confirming it was just condensation.

Again, I can’t say how pleased we are with the product and the service Asa provided.  He is clearly a cut above the rest and personally took care of us.  Our seven year old son is in the pool everyday after school enjoying the warm water with us.  The ease of installation, performance and price are all second to none.  We would highly recommend Asa Strong and Pool Heat Pumps to any of our friends and family.

Please copy and paste our testimonial and the pictures you choose below onto your website.  We are 110% thrilled with the heat pump and the service you provided us.  Just for fun, we took the pool up to 96 degrees ast week!!  It was 55 and raining outside and the steam was just pouring out of it :)  Thanks again for all your help and the amazing service. 

You are truly a cut above the rest.

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Heat Pump

Posted June 22, 2013 by Adam Crouse Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

I was a little nervous as we have never made such a large purchase online before. Everything arrived on time and the service was second to none. Now we are enjoying our 90 degree pool no matter what the temperature is. Thanks Asa

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