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Commercial Gas Pool Heaters

Lochinvar has been involved in the Commercial application of heating water for pools since the early 1900s.  In the 1970s Lochinvar started to produce residential and commercial gas pool heaters.  Lochinvar pool heaters are used the world over and in many pools used for competitive swimming events.  

If you have a pool that belongs to a Commercial Enterprise, like Hotels, Motels, Country Clubs, HOA's and Condo Associations, an ASME Commercial grade gas pool heater is a must.

If your pool uses a salt system, you will need a pool gas heater with a Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger.  

If you are not sure on the size of pool heater you need, please call us for advice at 800-741-9956.

Here are some of the features you can expect from your Lochinvar ASME pool heater.

  • Pool and Spa Temperature control
  • Password Lockable Control
  • 3rd Party Remote Compatable
  • Sealed Combustion Chamber
  • Electronic ignition
  • Can be wired 240V or 120V
  • Low Nox Emissions
  • ASME Construction
  • 3 year Limited Warranty on Heat Exchanger
  • 2 year Limited Warranty on Parts