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Commercial Heating Systems

AquaCal Big Bopper Commercial Pool Heat Pumps

Great Big Bopper heating system by AquaCal. Commercial pool heat pump that heats and cools large commercial swimming pools up to half million BTU's in one unit. We supply electric pool heater units for large pools, available in single or three phase and offer heaters up to 300KW for commercial applications. Commercial Gas Pool Heaters are used by Municipalities, Hotels, Resorts, Schools and wherever more than 400,000 BTU's are needed.

Great Big Bopper Features

Titanium Heat Exchanger

  • Patented counter-flow water management system
  • Heats water faster and more efficiently
  • Impervious to chemical corrosion
  • Durability without sacrificing performance
  • Lifetime warranty

Microprocessor Controlled - with Digital Display

  • Patented counter-flow water management system
  • Accurate and easy to read bright blue display
  • On-board self diagnostics
  • Microprocessor controlled defrost cycle


  • Extends swimming season longer than any other heat pump on the market
  • Continues to heat in freezing temperatures to minimize heat loss
  • Cool your pool to a refreshing temperature
  • Set to heat, cool or autotemp

Corrosion Resistant Cabinet

  • Patented counter-flow water management system
  • Rust resistant, heavy gauge G90 Galvaneal steel with 7 step Powder Coat process
  • Polymer condensate drain system
  • Polymer coated fan and coil guards