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Gas Pool Heater Installation Checklist

Please read your heater installation and users guide carefully and review the checklist below before installing the heater. Note: The heater MUST be tested before connecting it to any remote controllers or switches. If you have problems or questions, please call a pool heating professional or contact the manufacturer (phone number located on the front of the unit.

Electrical Checks

  • Check for loose connections on wiring harness and safety switches
  • Check for correct power to heater (120V or 240V)
  • Check that fireman’s switch or time clock/remote is correctly wired (24V)

Gas Checks

  • Check that heater and gas supply match
  • Check that gas supply pipe is correct type and diameter
  • Check that gas valve(s) are turned on
  • Check that there are no gas leaks and that heater passes gas pressure test
  • Check gas pressure on inlet side of heater gas valve

Water Checks

  • Check that water piping is correctly connected to the manifold
  • Check that correct pressure relief valve has been installed (if code requires it)
  • Check for correct location of chemical feeder
  • Check pressure switch adjustment

Start-up Checks

  • Check circuit breaker
  • Check main FILTER pump
  • Check that system valves are correctly set
  • Check water chemistry
  • Check that filter has been cleaned and/or backwashed
  • Check CONDENSATE TUBING is at its highest position at the cartridge outlet.
  • Measure the supply pressure before and after the heater is on. Be sure the pressure drop is not more than 2 inwc.
  • Set water flow to maintain a temperature rise of 30°F +/- 5°F between the water inlet temperature and the water outlet temperature from the heat exchangers.