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Investing in a Pool Heater


Many homeowners invest $20,000 to $30,000 or more in their backyard swimming pools and find that the water is comfortable for only one month out of the year in most parts of the country; 6 months out of the year in the south. For an investment of approximately 10% of the swimming pool price, you can multiply your enjoyment of the pool by as much as 600% in most of the country and 100% in the south.

With a heat pump or gas heater you can enjoy your pool almost 6 months out of the year in most of the country and all year long in the south. These numbers are similar for Europe.

It makes no sense to invest so much money in a pool and then suffer with cold water when your pool can be: part of your daily pleasure, means to relieve stress, part of an exercise routine and a way to promote family togetherness.

When making your choice to buy a pool heat pump. Three of the most important things are: the reputation of the manufacturer and the length of time they had been in business, the quality and the reliability of the heater and the efficiency (COP) of the heater.  

Note*  We highly recommend using a solar blanket along with your heat pump to lower operating costs by up to 40.  Click here to view our solar covers.

If you want to lower your electric bill, look for pool heaters with the highest COP.

All of these qualities are very important in your selection of a pool heat pump. If one is missing then it might not be the best selection for your pool. We are here to help guide you to pick the highest quality heat pump from some of the most reliable manufacturers that will give you the highest savings in operational costs and will give you and your family many years of warm water and happy pool experiences.

Extend Your Swimming Season Using Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heating is the best option for getting the best value.  Solar pool heaters are the most cost effective and are the best environmental choice.

You can extend your swimming season up to one year depending on where you live.
No cost of operation
Environmentally Friendly - No Fuel equals no pollution
Typically lasts 20+ Years
Includes Great Warranty  
Quick and Easy to Install
Minimal Maintenance Required


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