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Troubleshooting Guide For Kopec Pool Heat Pumps

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TROUBLESHOOTING (Analog Models Only)

Your Kopec pool heater is very easy to troubleshoot. 60% of service calls are customer or installation related. You will be charged for a service call if a service person is dispatched and there is nothing wrong with your unit. Please take a few minutes to read through this section to avoid these charges before calling for service. When calling for service, please have your model and serial number available.

Note- unauthorized personnel servicing your unit will void your warranty

Unit not starting. Green power light off- Breaker or fuse may be off. Reset or replace. If new installation, the unit may be wired wrong by electrician. If the unit still does not run, call for service.
Unit not starting. Green power light on- Unit could be in time delay mode. Wait full 5 minutes. Remember, do not turn thermostat up and down during the time delay mode. The time delay will reset and start over every time thermostat is adjusted. Check the temperature setting and the temperature of the pool. The pool may be at the desired temperature, therefore will not run. If you’re not sure of the water temperature, adjust the thermostat to the maximum setting and wait 5 full minutes. Unit still does not run, call for service.

Unit not starting. Red trouble light on- If outside temperature is below 45 degrees, wait until it warms up to at least 50 degrees. Check water flow. The following causes of low water flow are:
Pump may be off. Adjust time clock so pump will run longer if needed.
Dirty filter or clogged pump basket.
Where applicable, plumbing valves could be turned in the wrong position, which could restrict or prevent water from getting to the heater.

Pool pump could be too small. At least a 1HP pump is suggested for adequate water flow.
If new installation, the unit could be piped backwards. Remember, water IN is on the RIGHT and water OUT is on the LEFT.
Note If your heater is in a pool / spa application, operate the heater in both pool and spa plumbing modes. If the unit runs in one mode and not the other, then it is likely that the problem is in the plumbing and not the heater.

Unit still not starting, call for service.

Unit is running, but not heating If cool air is blowing out of the top of the unit, then the unit is heating. Your circulating pump run time may have to be increased. (See the factors that effect performance section of this manual).
Note Remember that the unit will not run without water and your circulating pump time clock controls the amount of time the pump runs. If this is an initial start up, very cool or high desired temperature condition, you will have to increase your time clock pump-running period accordingly.
If you have considered all operating conditions and reviewed the factors that effect performance section of this manual, then call for service.
Unit is leaking water The leak is normal condensation or an internal plumbing leak. Shut off unit for at least 2 hours and leave circulating pump on. If leak stops, then it is normal condensation. If the leak continues, call for service.