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Lo-Chlor Aqua Blanket

For over 35 years, Lo-Chlor has been the manufacturer and distributor of top quality pool and spa solutions. Lo-Chlor produces highly effective products that are rigorously laboratory tested, with award winning retail packaging, unparalleled service and support. Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL and our products are Made in the USA.

Aqua Blanket, the liquid pool cover, delivers water conservation by dramatically reducing pool water evaporation by up to 40% all year long. Conserve water AND preserve the beauty and instant availability of your pool with ease.

A pool cover, or solar blanket, will physically cover the pool and reduce evaporation. But traditional covers are hard to maneuver and prevent you from enjoying the the beauty of your pool. Now you can have the benefits of a pool cover without the hassle. Save water and its replacement cost with Aqua Blanket™, the “pool cover in a bottle.”