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AquaCal SuperQuiet 225 Pool Heat Pump, 143,000 BTU

AquaCal Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Pool Heat Pump, SuperQuiet
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AquaCal Heatwave-SuperQuiet Pool Heat Pump

AquaCal SuperQuiet 225 Pool Heat Pump
Large pool owners turn to the SQ225 pool heat pump from AquaCal’s Super Quiet line because it provides an ideal balance between efficiency and durability. With 143,000 BTUs, this unit can easily keep extend your swimming season into cooler weather. There are one-phase models and three-phase models available. It operates with little noise because of its scroll compressor, and the installation is made easier thanks to its off-set plumbing.

The digital thermostat features an LED display for simple temperature setting, and a keypad lockout prevents tampering. The UV-treated plastic protects the unit from harsh weather and rust, while the titanium ThermoLink heat exchanger is virtually corrosion-proof.

AquaCal Heat Pumps are PoolSync Ready


Heater Type:
Pool Heat Pump


kW Input:
BTU Output, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80
143,000 BTU
COP, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80:
BTU Output 80/80/63
130,000 - 139,000 BTU
COP 80/80/63

Model Specifications

Pipe Size:
2" FIP
Heat Only
AHRI Certified
Refrigerant Type:
Display Controls:
Heat Exchanger:
Plumbing Size:

Electrical Specs

Maximum Breaker Fuse Size:
60 Amps
Recommended Fuse Size :
50 Amps
60 Hz
Phase Type
Single or Three Phase
Minimum Circuit Ampacity / Max Breaker:

Pool Water Flow

Flow Rate: Min/Max:
30/70 GPM
Water Flow Min/Max GPM:

Physical Specs

Weight (lbs.):
Length x Width x Height (in.):
34' x 34' x 44'
34" L x 34" W x 44" H
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Dimensions:
38" L x 36" W x 49" H

National: Two (2) Years Parts. Seven (7) Years Compressor. Two (2) Years Labor.

Florida: Five (5) years labor, Seven (7) years parts, lifetime on the titanium heat exchanger.

North East: (CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, & VT): Seven (7) Years Parts. Seven (7) Years Compressor. (2) Years Labor. The Manufacturer's Patented ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger carries a lifetime warranty on the titanium tubing part only.

Download Owner's Manual for details.

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I just wanted to let you know I finally opened my pool 6/26/18. Had some issues with my neck and wasn't able to do it sooner. I started the heater on Friday 6/29/18 at noon. The water temp was 65. By 5:00 PM on Sat. 6/30/18 the temp was 90. Perfect!!!! I love the SQ225 and it is super quiet. My pump is too loud now. I am so glad I went with this model. You were right, I just had some minor plumbing adjustments to do and it was all done ready to go in no time. Thank You so much for all your help. Sincerely, Ruth Laing

Pool size 36x18
I live in southeast Mississippi and pool is inside the house we purchased this year and we tried to heat with propane but cost was completely out of range so I ordered a Aqua cal heat pump and it keeps the pool at 85 degrees for about a dollar a day. P.S. Thanks to asa we got the best heat pump for our 18x36 pool. 143000btu

I could not be more happy with my AquaCal electric pool heater. Asa was extremely knowledgable on both gas and electric powered pool heaters. We felt the electric would be best for us and our desired use. We opened our pool in early May and the heater kept our pool at a comfy 85 degrees. There is no doubt the pool heater is going to allow us to use our pool in the Spring and well into the Fall. No doubt one of the best home improvement purchases I've made.

L Shaped 30,000 Gallon Pool
The grandkids and I were still swimming at Thanksgiving in Southeastern Oklahoma. I expect to get at least 4 extra months of swimming by using the Aquacal heat pump. I can also use the inlet to give myself a nice warm massage. We all love it so far.

Pool Size: 36x18
Best purchase I have made in many years. I have always hated COLD water. For many years, I would only swim when a heat wave in July sufficiently warmed the water enough that I could walk in without hesitation. I purchased the largest model for our 20' x 40' inground, concrete pool. Asa was the ONLY person who understood what size ewe needed. The pool company did not and even Aqua Cal folks contradicted themselves. My husband installed our unit and it took about 3 days for it to go from 68° to 85° at the end of May, 2017 I Delaware. Water stayed a constant 85° and even went warmer on it's own when temperatures climbed into the 90's. I swam more this past summer because the water was gloriously warm than I have in the last 15 years! I can not recommend a heat pump enough. Will definitely buy another when we wear this one out!

Pool Size: 20 x 40, 30,000 Gallons
I live 30 miles west of Minneapolis in Minnesota (very cold winters) and purchased a new Aqua Cal $Q225 pool heat pump in May 2017 to replace a 5 year old Raypak propane pool heater. The heat pump is used to heat a 15 year old, 30,000 gallon, 20'x 40' in ground, vinyl lined pool.

Until l found, I found the process of purchasing a heat pump in Minnesota to be unbelievably difficult. I talked to my pool service company in addition to two others during my research phase and not one of them told me that a heat pump would work for my purposes. In fact, I was told it would not work and that I would need a gas heater in addition to the heat pump. I knew this was not accurate and contacted Asa Strong at Asa was very patient, helpful and continued to assure me that a heat pump was a good option for Minnesota/cold weather pools.

I understood that the drawbacks of a heat pump included:

- higher initial price,

- inability to heat water during extreme cold periods (temps below 45 or 50)

- slower heating of pool water

The advantages included:

- Lower operating cost (based on my calculations of what a gallon of propane costs, compared to a KW of electricity, this is a huge savings),

- Longer heater life (about twice as long on average)

- Titanium Heat Exchanger is guaranteed and more resilient to water chemistry problems.

The first drawback wasn't really a drawback when compared to the heat pumps avg life span and the fact the heat exchanger is guaranteed (this was the reason I needed to replace the RayPak propane heater). And, because I do not really begin using the pool until late May or early June, and typically do not swim much past labor day, I was not concerned about the second drawback on the list. Finally, because I planned to set the temp to a certain temperature and leave it (usually 87 degrees), I wasn't all that concerned about the time it took to move the pool water temperature. The Pros far outweighed the Cons and I ordered the heat pump.

Delivery was a very quick and was a breeze. Installation was a bit trickier, as I did not have a clear idea who to use. I ended up hiring my very negative pool service company (they did a fine job, all the while questioning my decision) and a local electrician. One thing that did surprise me was the amps needed for the heat pump. I assumed I was perfectly fine for electrical needs because I have a stand-alone panel at the equipment pad that had room for a220v circuit. However, l was initially told that I would need to bring more amps out to the panel. Luckily, that did not end up being necessary for me, however, l do suggest other buyers look into this, as it is something to consider when figuring out the costs.

Once everything was hooked up and running, I started taking notes. Following are dates, times and temps as the heat pump brought my pool from 59 degrees to 87 degrees in just under 3 days:

6/1/17 Water Temp Outside Temp
4pm 59 80
10pm 62 71

8am 65 70
noon 68 85
5pm 72 88
9pm 74 83

8am 78 73
noon 80 86
5pm 82 87

8am 85 69
noon 87 78
The continuous running of the pool heater cost approximately $40 during that 3-day period to run, assuming my math is correct. Once the heater reached 87 it turned off and only runs a bit in the morning to bring it back up to the set temperature. We have an aquamatic pool cover and that helps retain overnight. My pool pump and heater are set on timers to run 9am - 7pm.

The only other thing I would mention is that the pool heat pump drains water as it runs. I had not run across that information in my earlier research and it surprised me. I thought I had a pool leak. It's worth noting for people who have their equipment near their house or where it is visible because I would imagine that over time it might have an impact.

I could not be happier with my heat pump. I can't understand why pool service companies in Minnesota are so misinformed and ignorant. But if you are worried about using a heat pump in a place like Minnesota, don't be. They are awesome.
Sales guy was great to deal with. He answered all my questions. When the incorrect model was delivered from the manufacturer, he got it all worked out in a matter of hours and the correct heat pump was shipped as a replacement. Very pleased with the purchase and
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