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AquaCal TropiCal 90, 96,000 BTU Pool Heat Pump

AquaCal Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Pool Heat Pump, TropiCal
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AquaCal TropiCal Pool Heat Pump

AquaCal TropiCal 90 Pool Heat Pump

The T90 pool heat pump from Aqua Cal’s TropiCal line combines state-of-the-art features for a reliable and affordable unit. To maximize efficiency, the corrosion-resistant evaporator has a large surface and the tube-in-tube heat exchanger is made of titanium to eliminate any corrosion from harsh pool chemicals. Also, the fan grill is vinyl-coated to protect the unit’s internal components from rust and other damage. With an automatic defroster and 90,000 BTUs, this unit is great for keeping your pool warm even when the temperature drops into the 40’s.

AquaCal Heat Pumps are PoolSync Ready


Heater Type:
Pool Heat Pump


BTU Output, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80
96000 BTU
COP, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80:
BTU Output 80/80/63
90,000 - 99,000 BTU
COP 80/80/63

Model Specifications

Heat Only
Refrigerant Type:
Display Controls:
Heat Exchanger:
Titanium Tube-in-Tube

Electrical Specs

Maximum Breaker Fuse Size:
60 Amps
Recommended Fuse Size :
60 Hz
Phase Type
Single Phase
208v - 230v
Minimum Circuit Ampacity / Max Breaker:

Pool Water Flow

Flow Rate: Min/Max:
30/70 GPM
Water Flow Min/Max GPM:

Physical Specs

Weight (lbs.):
Length x Width x Height (in.):
34" x 34" x 39"
34" x 34" x 39"
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Dimensions:
37" L x 36" W x 45" H

National: Two (2) Years Parts. Seven (7) Years Compressor. Two (2) Years Labor.

Florida: Two (2) years labor, Seven (7) years parts, lifetime on the titanium heat exchanger.

North East: (CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, & VT): Seven (7) Years Parts. Seven (7) Years Compressor. (2) Years Labor. The Manufacturer's Patented ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger carries a lifetime warranty on the titanium tubing part only.

Download Owner's Manual for details.

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You can’t imagine how much I’m enjoying this pump! What a gift.

Purchased AquaCal T90 Pool Heat Pump
Pool Size: 10,000 Gallons
I did a lot of research over the last few years about some type of heater for my above ground pool. I had never considered a heat pump until this year. Looking at the various options for sale through regular pool suppliers didn't tell me much about what type of heat pump would be best for me. Then I came upon and I am so glad I did. I had questions about everything - what type was best, what size, best warranty, etc. I submitted my questions and almost immediately I received an answer. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was given several choices along with which company had the best warranties and which would work best for my pool size. They also gave me information to give to my electrician about the installation. When it came time for installation my electrician called them for more detailed description on what type of hookup the unit needed and they gave him the information over the phone. That type of customer service doesn't happen very often! Overall, a wonderful experience and an excellent product. We are loving our nice warm water in our pool this year and I'm sure we will continue to enjoy it for years to come. Thank you Pool Heat Pumps!
We live in Las Vegas and were told by others that the heat pump doesn't work in low humidity, but Asa assured us that the heat pump would meet our needs. We got our heat pump installed at the beginning of the summer and on its first use it raised the water temp from 78 to 85 in about 6 hours, which way exceeded our expectations, but granted the air temp was 100. It used about the same electricity as running the AC. We've only needed to use heat pump once since then when we didn't put on the pool cover and it was windy overnight. Otherwise, the pool cover and summer temps have kept the water in the high 80s. Looking forward to seeing how the unit works this fall and next spring.

Pool Size: 40x20
35,000 Gallons
Best price in the market
The Aquacal heat pump is amazing! Our pool stays at 90 to 92 degrees and feels amazing, especially at night when it is cooler outside.

Pool Size: 15,000 Gallons
Following several months of research on pool heaters, I settled on an AquaCal heat pump. This company has been wonderful from beginning to end. It all starts with the first phone call to "Asa Strong". Asa, the owner of this company for many years is to be commended for his patience, kindness, knowledge, and expertise. He certainly knows the product! This particular heat pump was recommended by many pool companies in the city where I live, so I felt confident I was making the right choice based on the science behind the functioning of the pump! The unit arrived when the company said it would arrive in excellent condition! The set up and installation was seamless! Then for the final test! Turn it on and watch the temp of the water heat up. It heats up quickly and the wonderful feature of shutting itself off when it arrives at the desired temp is great. How brilliant to be gathering the air to heat up your pool! This was an investment well spent and have been thoroughly enjoying the warmth in what can be a cold New England!
We used it for the first time this past weekend and it worked great. It heated the pool from 75 degrees to 88 degrees in less than 12 hours total time and the ambient air temperature ranged from the low 70s to mid 80s.
Installed late November 2016 to replace an aging 400,000 BTU gas heater that heated the water fast but cost a lot to run. Any time we used the pool a lot, I always cringed when the next natural gas bill arrived!

Since I was having some HVAC work done on the house, I paid the crew to install the pool heat pump too since they had installed them before. In hindsight I paid them way too much as it took just an hour for two guys and I could have done it myself with a little help to place the unit. Oh well.

In December/January in the Phoenix area, the days are cool (50-60F) and nights are fairly cold (35-40F) and while the heater can most definitely raise the water from an initial 50F to our desired 90F (with the thermal cover on), it really struggled to do so. It took 5 days to get there (running 12 hours a day) and then it had to run 6-8 hours a day to maintain it. Unless you have guests and plan on doing a LOT of swimming in Jan/Feb it probably isn’t worth heating those two months in a desert climate like this, but yes it is capable if you REALLY need it. To be fair, Asa actually did warn me about this so it wasn’t a total surprise, but just be aware if you have similar climate.

It is now mid-February and a different story. The days (70-80F) and nights (50-60F) are warmer and the heat pump easily maintains the desired 90F, running 2-3 hours a day to make up for the overnight losses (again, thermal cover on). Based on our high natural gas rates and low winter electric rates, I am saving a lot of money and projecting a 3 year payout on the incremental upgrade cost over replacing my aging gas heater which I had to do anyway. Also, since it heats so slowly I now keep the water at 90F and we can use it any time, unlike the gas heater which I used only when we wanted to swim (since it heated much faster) and let it cool off in between use, so we found we didn’t swim nearly as much. In March and April we have more visitors coming and expect to swim every day and it should be even easier to maintain.

Bottom line, after almost three months I am happy with the heat pump and think you will be too so long as you know how it struggles when the air temperature is low and that it heats the water much, much slower than gas… so once you get it to the desired temperature you’ll probably want to maintain it there. On the plus side, the pool is ready to use all the time so you will end up using it more.

Surprise, Arizona
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