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Gulfstream HE125RA Pool Heat Pump 125,000 BTU

Gulfstream Heat Only
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Gulfstream Pool Heat Pumps

The HE 125 RA heat pump is a high efficiency, ultra-quiet pool heat pump manufactured by Gulfstream. Model is 122,000 BTU to 125,000 BTU and customized with the most comprehensive digital control board available. With easy to operate interface, you can keep your pool heated consistently throughout the day with even heat technology.

Set it and forget it! The easy to use LCD screen includes a simple to manage 3-button control panel to evenly heat your pool to your personal preference. Compatible with all automation systems.


  • Titanium Turbo Heat Exchanger
  • Efficient Scroll Compressor
  • Super-Quiet 8 Pole Emerson Fan Motor
  • Higher efficiency in colder weather
  • Quiet – as low as 56 decibels at full operation
  • No-Rust ABS Cabinet
  • Digital Diagnostic LCD Display reads in real words
  • Super-Sized Evaporator Coil (20 square feet of wrap-around coil)
  • Patented Refrigerant Metering System
  • 2” Water flow - no need for an external bypass
  • Plumbing located out of the way
  • Compatible with all remote control systems
  • R-410A Refrigerant is environmentally friendly

Heat Pump Pool Heater is AHRI Certified

Single Phase


Heater Type:
Heat Only


kW Input:
BTU Output, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80
125,000 BTU
COP, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80:
BTU Output 80/80/63
100,000-109,000 BTU
COP 80/80/63

Model Specifications

Pipe Size:
2" FIP
Heat Only
AHRI Certified
Fan Speed:
825 RPM
Fan Load Amperage :
Fan Motor:
1/3 HP
Refrigerant Type:
Refrigerant/Factory Charge:
4.4 lbs
Display Controls:
Compressor LRA:
Compressor RLA:
Heat Exchanger:
100% Titanium
Plumbing Size:
2" Union

Electrical Specs

Main Time Delay Breaker:
Maximum Breaker Fuse Size:
Recommended Fuse Size :
50 Amps
60 Hz
Phase Type
Single Phase
Minimum Circuit Ampacity / Max Breaker:
Average Running Amps:

Pool Water Flow

Flow Rate: Min/Max:
30/70 GPM
Optimal Water Flow GPM:
45 GPM
Water Flow Min/Max GPM:

Physical Specs

Weight (lbs.):
31" x 31" x 46"
Shipping Weight:
273 LBS
Shipping Dimensions:
33" x 31" x 50"

HE Series: 2 years labor, 10 years on parts (years 8, 9, and 10 are pro rated).

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Happy Swimming.

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Asa, I wanted to let you know our heat pump is doing great, we love our Gulfstream HE125RA heat pump!
The installation went smoothly and I couldn’t believe how fast you shipped it out to me. I wanted to wait until I received my electric bill before I reply back to you. I set the temperature to 85 degrees for my 14x32 pool. We’ve had some pretty cool weather this spring here in Tennessee and to my surprise my bill was only about $40 higher than this same time last year with no heat pump. Thank you for your help with my purchase!
I live in Northern NJ, About 10 degrees cooler then anywhere else in NJ. Extending the time to use my pool and providing a warmer experience for the girls in the house was my purpose. I have an above ground 18x12, not huge. This thing is the best. I literally had it hooked up by 9pm the day it arrived. The pool was at 65degrees. I put the warmer on overnight and by 11am it was already up to 84, I had it set on 85. Now that it is up to temperature the compressor rarely kicks in. My pool is not insulated, not in direct sun light and we rarely remember to put the solar cover on. If it does cool off a little it is right back up to temperature in a very short period of time. Also the condenser is near the pool, it is so quiet I have to look over to see the fan spinning to realize its running. Do not think further, Also I have not seen more then a 30 dollar increase per month in my electric bill, this thing heats up so fast and maintains the heat so well it is hardly running!!!!! I am so confident this heater is great I have no problem you emailing me with questions. Just an FYI, One night my kids turned the temperature up to 98 and the pool actually got up to 98, it was like a hotub. Crazy how good this heater is.
This is the 2nd heat pump I’ve purchased from pool heat I purchased my first on about 10 years ago with Asa’s patient help and guidance. It worked fantastic and was super happy. Fast forward 10 years and admittedly poor pool maintenance practices resulting in winter damage to my heat pump putting me in the market for a new one and there was no question that I would come back to Asa and pool heat for a replacement. Asa is so friendly, responsive and helpful. He gave me my best options for a new heat pump. Again patiently answered all my questions and got my heat pump here VERY quickly.

I got the Gulfstream HE125. It is great! Quiet and efficient. I had an issue with the display panel initially but contacted gulfstream and they sent me a replacement right away. I’m very happy with my new heat pump and with my experience with pool heat If I’m ever in need of another heat pump, this is where I’ll get it from.

Pool Size: 32x16
This is an excellent company to do business with. My Gulfstream heatpump works as advertised. I love it!!

Pool Size: 32x16
The heat pump is great! Actually exceeds our expectations. Exactly as described. It heats our 16 x 32 above ground pool to where ever we set the thermostat and it heats it up fast. Im so glad we purchased this pump.
Weather patterns have become pretty erratic here in Ohio. June and July are beautiful for swimming but it gets down into the sixties in August, and last August it regularly got down in the forties. I'm SO glad I got the heat pump this year! Last year I might as well have closed on July 31st; this year I'm shooting for October 1st.
From initial purchase at to he local installation in New Hampshire by Daigle Pools, my wife and I had a great experience considering this is our 1st in ground pool. Expert services from helped us select the right size equipment for the pool. Delivery was prompted and pump was expertly shipped (one of my biggest concerns when ordering). Daigle Pools, Londonderry, NH were fantastic - they didn't pressure me to buy the equipment from them and also gave solid advice on heating equipment - for this, they will are my only go to Pool Company in NH I will go too. They setup the equipment and opened pool - they will be coming back for maintenance and the closing. Excellent company - working with Jim was a breeze. My family is excited to extend the New England pool season.
The entire purchase experience was A+++++. Great Product at a fantastic price and the service was absolutely top notch. Would highly recommend.

Pool Size: 25,000 Gallons
Asa, The heater is up and running and I performed 2 separate tests. The first test was with the solar cover on. The temperature increase from 83 degrees to 86 degrees in approximately 3 hours, maybe a few minutes longer. This test, I did not track any temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. This was done at a starting time of 11 a.m. about 4 days before the second test. The second test, which was performed on August 25th, 2017 started at 8 a.m. in the morning, and ended exactly at 2:22 p.m. Ironically, I went outside to check on the temperature of the water and the heat pump shut off at one degree higher than set temperature. The heater never turned back on for the remainder of the day. Easy to follow as the unit is outside my office window at home. Please note that this test was performed without a solar cover. Below, you will find a detailed spreadsheet tracking temperature increase of water every 30 minutes. The other information was obtained from an internet search. The cost of electricity is based on rates in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Updated 09/28/2017

The heater has also been used several times in the month of September. The water has always been maintained at 85 degrees. The filter shuts off around 7 p.m. In the morning, and without any solar cover during the evening, the starting temperature has been around 82 degrees. The pool water temperature was back up to 85 degrees within 4 hours. It appears that the higher the starting temperature, the water will heat up in a shorter time. Therefore, it is best to keep the heater on at all times. I can easily turn on pump/heater at 6 a.m., and by 12 p.m. have the pool back up to temperature. I am really happy with the unit and as the season ends in NJ, I will have to wait until 2018 before real testing and true cost of electricity can be determined.

Gulfstream HE125RA Pool Heat Pump - Pool Size: 33x17
I was close to purchasing a different brand based on other sellers recommendations until I spoke with Asa at about Gulfstream. This is a superb unit and I am very impressed with all aspects. It was super effective in raising the temp of the 24,000 gallon pool from 79 deg to 85 deg in about 15 hours. Then, I took it up to 89 deg the next day to see what it would do. Again, it got it there quickly. We are in North Carolina and the ambient air temp was 80 deg that weekend. It is easily maintaining the temp at 89 deg and I don’t even notice it running very much. The unit is very quiet and looks great. I think the plastic structure will allow this unit to last a long time.

Thanks for the great recommendation. I would purchase from you again and I have already recommended your company to many others.
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