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Gulfstream HE150RA Pool Heat Pump, 142,000 BTU

Gulfstream Heat Only
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Gulfstream Pool Heat Pumps

Gulfstream has manufactured the HE150 RA heat pump to maximize performance and efficiency so you can heat your pool with minimal costs.

With patented refrigerant metering system, you get a high efficiency heat pump that has better performance, especially in cold weather. Optimized for R-410A Refrigerant to regulate flow through evaporator coil. Achieves maximum efficiency at low temperatures, saving you money with lower operating costs.

Available in 3 Phase and Heat/Cool.


  • Titanium Turbo Heat Exchanger
  • Efficient Scroll Compressor
  • Super-Quiet 8 Pole Emerson Fan Motor
  • Higher efficiency in colder weather
  • Quiet – as low as 56 decibels at full operation
  • No-Rust ABS Cabinet
  • Digital Diagnostic LCD Display reads in real words
  • Super-Sized Evaporator Coil (20 square feet of wrap-around coil)
  • Patented Refrigerant Metering System
  • 2” Water flow - no need for an external bypass
  • Plumbing located out of the way
  • Compatible with all remote control systems
  • R-410A Refrigerant is environmentally friendly

Heat Pump Pool Heater is AHRI Certified

Single Phase


Heater Type:
Heat Only


kW Input:
BTU Output, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80
142,000 BTU
COP, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80:
BTU Output 80/80/63
120,000 - 129,000 BTU
COP 80/80/63

Model Specifications

Pipe Size:
2" FIP
Heat Only
AHRI Certified
Fan Speed:
825 RPM
Fan Load Amperage :
Fan Motor:
1/3 HP
Refrigerant Type:
Refrigerant/Factory Charge:
4.8 lbs
Display Controls:
Compressor LRA:
Compressor RLA:
Heat Exchanger:
100% Titanium
Plumbing Size:
2" Union

Electrical Specs

Main Time Delay Breaker:
Maximum Breaker Fuse Size:
Recommended Fuse Size :
50 Amps
60 Hz
Phase Type
Single Phase
Minimum Circuit Ampacity / Max Breaker:
Average Running Amps:

Pool Water Flow

Flow Rate: Min/Max:
30/70 GPM
Optimal Water Flow GPM:
45 GPM
Water Flow Min/Max GPM:

Physical Specs

Weight (lbs.):
248 LBS
31" x 31" x 46"
Shipping Weight:
276 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:
32" x 31" x 50"

HE Series: 2 years labor, 10 years on parts (years 8, 9, and 10 are pro rated).

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Happy Swimming.

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Works great
Asa helped us choose the perfect heat pump. Once we got it installed we went from using our pool 2 or 3 times a week to using it every single day. Well worth the price of the pump and installation!
Just installed a few days ago but very, very happy with this so far. It was easy to install, the build quality looks to be very good, the controls and display are clear and simple to use plus it is very, very quiet. I can't imagine the need to pay more for one that is even quieter.
Nice unit. Heated pool quickly. No problems yet
We live in central NJ. Our heavily shaded inground pool (21k gallons) had a propane heater system that needed major repairs. My wife and I are engineers, and we ran the numbers for all of our heater replacement options using our experience with the propane system as a reference. We decided that the cost savings and environmental benefits from a heat pump outweighed any inconvenience from the reduced heating rate compared to natural or propane gas. We brought in three pool companies to quote the work. All of them gave nonsensical reasons for not installing a heat pump, and the price quotes reflected their lack of enthusiasm. One company did let on that the incentive for installing heat pumps isn't great because pool companies cannot provide service to heat pumps (only companies qualified to work with AC coolants, like a heating & AC company). Thus, we went the semi-DIY route by ordering the heat pump unit from and couldn't be happier with the results. Asa (the owner) was an excellent resource and was willing to match a lower price on another website. We called a number of heater companies and chose a Gulfstream unit due to their warranty, excellent customer service and the footprint of the unit working well with the pad originally sized for the propane heater. We were able to bring in electricians not associated with the pool companies and got significantly lower quotes for the work. We hired some strong arms to swap the heaters on the pad and did the plumbing ourselves. The heating rate and energy consumption matches our expectations and we were pleasantly surprised how warm the water felt coming out of the pool jets. We are grateful for the service and information that provided for this project. Everything went very smoothly and we saved a good deal of money compared to working with a local pool company!

Best price out there and my new HE-150 RA was delivered Freight Shipment within 4 or 5 days. It took about 1 hour total time to install. It's been running flawlessly ever since. This unit heats our Pool and Spa and makes for quick heat up of the Spa on our colder nights here in Florida!
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