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Get a Free Pool Analysis to find what size pool heater you need to heat your pool

Pentair Gas Pool Heaters

The Pentair MasterTemp series of gas pool heaters were designed to offer an ideal compromise between power and energy-efficiency. Pentair heaters are efficient with user-friendly features and quickly raise pool temperature. Natural gas or Propane Gas available for small or large pools. 

These models are designed to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature and extend your swimming season for months – all while keeping your carbon footprint smaller. Pool owners choose Pentair MasterTemp pool heaters because they can maintain their pool without too much extra effort or expense, and feel better about their impact on the environment.

Safe and Simple Use
Several features on the Pentair MasterTemp make it a user-friendly unit. The digital display allows for straightforward temperature controls and pool maintenance, with indicator lights to inform users of the pool heater’s operations. The unit itself is lightweight and compact, designed for easy installation and maintenance. The manual gas-shutoff allows for safe access to the unit and allows for regular maintenance.

Environmentally Responsible
The MasterTemp models are all designed to make as little impact on the environment as possible. They are all designed for low NOx emissions, meaning that your pool heater will not be adding significant amounts of pollution to the air. The rust-proof exterior is built to last, so excessive maintenance or part-replacement is a thing of the past. Choosing Pentair’s MasterTemp pool heaters is a responsible decision not only for your family and your finances, but also for the environment.

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