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Get a Free Pool Analysis to find what size pool heater you need to heat your pool

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Raypak Gas Pool Heaters

Raypak gas pool heaters are ranked among the most advanced pool heaters, with enough options and features to make them a great choice for any pool. Gas Pool Heaters by Raypak are easy to use and allow you to set your pool or spa temperature using the digital interface. Raypak Natural Gas or Propane Gas heaters are available for small spas or large pools.

Each unit has a standard set of cutting-edge components, but there are also choices available between models, such as natural gas or propane, differing ignition systems, and size. All these options allow for owners to get the most out of their gas pool heater without compromise. Raypak’s gas pool heaters are easy to use and built for reliability.

Easy to Use
Raypak’s digital interface provides a level of control that takes the stress out of pool maintenance. Gas heater units are equipped with a microprocessor-controlled thermostat and the digital display makes it simple to interpret and set. The unit is also remote compatible with connection capabilities for any two-wire or three-wire remote systems. To make maintenance even less troublesome, there are self-diagnostic controls installed into the heater, letting owners quickly and efficiently get to the root of any errors that may occur. Maintenance on hardware is also a breeze, with an easily removable burner tray and pilot assembly.

Besides automatic programming, the Raypak line of gas pool heaters has a number of features that make each unit extremely reliable. The cabinet is made with PolyTuf textured powder coating to resist most types of corrosion and rust. There are also options for cupronickel heat exchangers for improved corrosion resistance against harsh pool chemicals. The stainless steel burners are self-adjusting to maintain a constant gas pressure for safe combustion. The pagoda-top design improves wind-resistance to reduce the risk of airflow obstructions like falling leaves or snow, and it also improves energy-efficiency. All units are equipped with ceramic fiber combustion chambers to reduce the amount of residual heat retained after switching off and this also improves the unit’s performance while running. Thanks to controls on water temperature and flow-rate, Raypak gas pool heaters have a condensation-free operation, improving the life of the unit to make these the last pool heaters you will ever need.