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Pool Supplies

Swimming Pool Supplies

We carry a wide selection of discount pool supplies and replacement parts for your pool heater or heat pump from many different manufacturers. We carry control boards, capacitors, scroll compressors, pressure switches, fan motors, fan grills, fan blades, valves, transformers, titanium heat exchangers, and temperature pressure sensors.

You can clean your pool with salt water chlorine generators (also known as Chlorinators) that create chlorine for a crystal clear pool.

During the summer months SAVE money by reducing water evaporation with solar pool covers. Don't forget to include the pool cover reel accessory that makes it convenient to cover your pool. We even offer a liquid solar cover to extend your swimming season without the hassle. Our liquid pool blanket creates an invisible barrier on the water and conserves heat and water.

We offer durable pool side seating and accessories if you're looking to spice up your patio or deck. Relax by the pool comfortably on outdoor furniture made of all weather marine grade upholstery and filled with UltimaX beans. Proudly designed and made in the USA!

When it comes time to close your pool in the winter, don't forget to winterize your pool heat pump from the elements with a custom made heat pump cover.

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