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Solar Blanket Handler Pool Reel System

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FeherGuard Pool Reels

FeherGuard Pool Cover Reel System Solar Blanket Handler

The Blanket Handler Reel System is designed with many convenient features and is constructed for durability. The 'three way' end design makes the Blanket Handler the perfect fit for in-ground pools, and above ground pools with decking.

Built to fit in-ground pools that are 13'4" to 20' (4.06m to 6.1m) wide and up to 40' (12.1m) long.

  • Unique three way design enables stationary placement, fence or wall mounting, or mobility with the included easy lock casters.
  • Easy lock casters provide stability.
  • Convenient handles on both ends.
  • Wide track bearings for easy cover rolling.
  • Optional Casters

Feherguard Pool Blanket Handler Features



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