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PoolSync Wifi Controller by AquaCal

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PoolSync Wifi Controller (#ECP0343)

PoolSync Wifi Controller by Aquacal

The PoolSync WiFi Controller gives pool owner the ability to control a pool heat pump right through a phone in the PoolSync app. Get simple control for a great price! Effortlessly control PoolSync Ready equipment through the simple phone app. Whether at home or on the road always be in sync with your pool.

PoolSync works with all AquaCal®heat pumps with an HP9 controller.

How PoolSync Works

The PoolSync is a communication device that allows the user to view and control PoolSync Ready devices via the PoolSync iOS or Android app.The controller device is connected to the PoolSync Ready equipment by a four(4)wire connection using an RS485 protocol. When paired with the PoolSync device, advanced functionality and control of the PoolSync Ready equipment will be available.

The ChlorSync®chlorinator:

  • View current salt level and water temperature
  • See how much salt to add, when needed
  • Receive a notification when the cell needs to be cleaned
  • Be alerted should the unit need attention
  • Change the chlorine output percentage
  • Activate or deactivate 24 hr Boost mode
  • View remaining cell life
  • Enable / disable pool cover control

The AquaCal heat pump:

  • View current water temperature
  • Change desired temperature
  • Change modes (when applicable) - Off / Heat / Cool / Auto

PoolSync Features



Get your Pool In Sync!

With the PoolSync Wifi Controller and App, you can adjust your ChlorSync output and your heat pumps settings from the palm of your hand!

Download PoolSync on the App StoreDownload PoolSync in the Google Play Store

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