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Waterway Power Defender 165, 1.65 HP Variable Speed Pump

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ENERGY STAR certificationWaterway Power Defender 165 In-Ground Variable Speed Pool Pump

Waterway pumps boast maximum efficiency and outstanding performance, at a tremendous value. These American made pumps utilize state for the art energy saving technology, while providing quiet, quality filtration for your pool

The energy efficient and user friendly design of the Waterway PD-165 Power Defender 165 Variable Speed Pump, 1.65 HP saves you money and prolongs the life of your above ground pool's filtration system! You can depend on the high performing Waterway Power Defender 165 Variable Speed Pump to provide enough power to get the job done while saving you energy costs! The latest technology Variable Speed Motors, totally enclosed construction with a powerful external fan – protects the motor against dirt and moisture and provides for extremely cool operation of the motor. Changes from 230 V to 115 V at the flip of a switch.

This makes it an ideal replacement pool pump for a pool of any size.

PD-165 Features:

    • 2" Plumbing
    • Automatically Selects 115V / 230V
    • 1.65 HP
    • Freeze Protection
    • Auxiliary Relay Option
    • Dual Voltage
    • Silicon Carbide Viton Shaft Seals provide for superior wear and chemical resistance

Power Defender Dimensions
Power Defender 165 Performance Curves

Simple Setup & Programming:

• Factory Preset Option provides maximum energy savings while saving time at setup
• Fully programmable built-in timer and speed control for up to 7 different programs
• Convenient Quick Start guide located directly on controller lid
• User interface rotates to all four 90 deg positions for ease of access
• Onboard battery backup saves programming during power outages

Automation Compatibility
• Operates seamlessly with Waterway Oasis Control system
• Connects with other leading pool controllers via relay control option

Efficient, Permanent Magnet Motor Operation:
• DOE and Energy Star compliant & qualifies for local energy rebates, where applicable
• Save up to 90% versus standard, single speed pump operation
• Energy saving low speed filtration dramatically reduces pump noise
• Improved system-wide hydraulics reduce wear on all pool equipment
• Longer filtration cycles produce cleaner water and better distribution of pool chemical.

Easy Installation:
• Dual voltage wiring options for 115V or 220V installations
• Built-in handle for easy transport
• Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) finned aluminum motor enclosure shields electrical  components from moisture and debris



Part Specifications

Union Connections:
2" CPVC High Temp Fittings
Dual voltage wiring options for 115v or 230v installations

Model Specifications


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