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Refurbished Pool Heating Systems

Sometimes we receive sales inquiries about scratched, dented or Refurbished pool heat pump heating systems or pool heater units. This is a subject that we believe you might reconsider before purchasing your pool heater. Even though the idea of the savings might be tempting because these heaters regular price had been discounted. We strongly advise against it.

Here are a few reasons why:

The damage might have happened during shipment. When this happens the pool heat pump or pool heater has to be repackaged and shipped back to the manufacturer where it's tested, fixed and resold as a refurbished unit. The return shipping process might take weeks and involve several people handling the product (homeowner, truck driver, warehouse people) and many highway miles.

We feel that this is a type of equipment that should be moved the least amount of times possible. We only ship our heat pump or pool heater or pool heaters with lift gate trucks (unless requested otherwise) The trip usually takes 7 to 10 days (even less sometimes) with indicators that we glue to the carton that activate when somebody mishandles the box. We don't believe a returned damaged heat pump or pool heater or pool heater will be shipped in the same way and probably will be treated rougher manor. We have seen some serious shipping damage and since we want the least possible chance that our customers will be disappointed because we want them to have the best heaters, we have made a company policy not to have anything to do with that aspect of the business. We discourage customers from going in that direction or from buying used heaters that a neighbor has.

Some refurbished units are last years models and some are as old as 3 or 4 years old. This also means they had been sitting for a while without being tested. Fan bearings and compressors not being lubricated, seals drying out, cabinets being moved and bumped, etc. We are constantly moving inventory and our units are as fresh from the production line as possible.

A damaged heater is a pool heat pump or pool heater that somebody rejected. Why would you like to inherit somebody else's problems? This should be a fun thing for you and something that will bring you 12 to 18 years of warm tropical water. We do not want to have you start a relationship with our company with somebody else's old problem. Some of these units malfunctioned while running at the previous owner's site and then were disconnected to be sent back to the supplier. Some were smashed in transit. We lose about 1 in 200 heaters. (some fin damage is ok as it is hard for an air conditioner or pool heat pump or pool heater to leave a factory without somebody bending a fin) Even a scratch or two is OK. Most of the warranties on refurbished heaters are also prorated.

We stand behind all our pool heat pump or pool heaters that we have ever sold. If something ever happens to your heat pump or pool heater or pool heater and you need to contact the manufacturer, we will be there to hold your hand throughout the process. We can only do this with a product that we believe will be 100% reliable to you.

Finally, we only sell high quality, brand new, perfect condition pool heat pump or pool heaters. If we do have a clearance or special it will include only our favorite brands and or they will have been tested at the factory before shipment. New pool heat pump or pool heaters that are not experienced travelers make us happy. With the money you save from us we hope that you will use it to travel on a European vacation and then you will be the experienced traveler and not the heater.

Please check our site often as we have some great discounts and sales sometimes with FREE SHIPPING going on each season.

This is a picture of a damaged heat pump or pool heater or pool heater. Damage in this case happened during delivery. Notice how the unit has completely shifted and lost it's original shape. This unit will travel back to the factory for repair and to later be listed as refurbished for sale. Not for sale from us though.