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Heat Siphon Titanium Heat Exchanger

2C100, 2C200, 2C300
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Heat Siphon Titanium Heat Exchanger

Guaranteed to never rust or leak due to corrosion and pool water will never enter your refrigerant system or ruin the compressor. With exclusively electrically isolated Titanium, backed by lifetime warranty.

Rifled Design

Heat Siphon heat exchangers have rifled design, specifically for collecting the absolute highest amount of heat into your pool with the best efficiciency, even in cold temperatures!

No pH or Chlorine Limits!

Please note, although there are no pH or chlorine level limits, we strongly recommend that you check your water balance weekly and visit your pool professional regularly. Good water balance is easy to maintain. Though our Titanium heat exchanger is designed to withstand pool water that is out of balance, bad water chemistry can cause damage to or failure of other equipment on your pool.

Most importantly, poorly maintained pool water is unhealthy for you, your family and your friends using your pool.

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