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4x10ft Solar Panels for Pool, 1.5in Header

Techno-Solis Solar Solar Panel
Materials Included
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Techno-Solis Solar Panel for heating pool

4' x 10', 1.5" Header Solar Panel
Techno-Solis Solar Panels are the best option for getting the most value. It’s possible to heat your swimming pool for free, with clean energy so you can save energy and money. Once Techno-Solis Solar Panels are installed, you can enjoy maintenance-free solar energy with zero additional costs. Made with the highest quality non-depleting UV Stabilizers, all Techno-Solis system panel kits produce environmentally safe energy that will not pollute the environment.

System Components
All pre-packaged systems include the following materials:

What's Included in the Solar Panel Installation Kit


Techno-Solis Solar
Heater Type:
Solar Panel

Solar Panel Specifications

Header Size:
Overall Length:
119.55 In
Flow Channels:
Recommended Flow Rate:
4.9 GPM
FSEC Rating/ft:
1006 BTU
Wind Load:
150 mph
Weight: Dry/Wet:
24/53.6 lbs
Fluid Capacity:
3.56 Gal
Max Operating Pressure:
35 Psi

Ten (10) Year Lifetime Limited Warranty

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