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4x8ft Solar Panels for Pool, 1.5in Header

Materials Included
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Techno-Solis Solar Panel for heating pool

4' x 8', 1.5" Header Solar Panel
Choose an economical heat source with Solar panels by Techno-Solis. This is a heating system that is manufactured with the best quality parts, materials and mounting hardware to bring you an efficient and durable solar panel that will last for years to come. Get the most out of your investment by installing a solar heating system that will lengthen your swim season so you can enjoy your pool longer.

System Components
All pre-packaged systems include the following materials:

What's Included in the Solar Panel Installation Kit

Solar Panel Specifications

Header Size:
Overall Length:
95.18 In
Flow Channels:
Recommended Flow Rate:
4.9 GPM
FSEC Rating/ft:
1006 BTU
Wind Load:
150 mph
Weight: Dry/Wet:
19/44.7 lbs
Fluid Capacity:
3.09 Gal
Max Operating Pressure:
35 Psi

Solar Panel Sizing Calculator

Use the solar panel sizing calculator below to determine the right amount of paneling you will need to heat your pool year round.

A properly sized solar panel system will raise temperatures.

By raising water temperature, your swimming season can be extended in colder locations by as much as 100% and works year round in warmer weather.  There may be periods during extreme weather conditions when the pool water will become cooler, however when warm weather returns, the pool will be back to a comfortable temperature. 

Swimming Seasons
No Heater
Solar Heater
6-7 months
12 months
4-5.5 months
10-11 months
4.5 months
9 months
3-4 months
8 months
3 months
6 months
2 months
4 months
1-1.5 months
3 months

Solar pool heating systems are the best option for recreational pools and can also be designed for commercial and industrial applications.

Solar pool heating sizing map


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Solar Panel Sizing Calculator
Step 1: Pool Size:  ' x ' Measured in feet, (width x length).
Step 2: Shading Factor:  Type of pool.
Step 3: Roof Faces:  What direction does your roof face?
Step 4: Panel Size:  Select your preferred panel size.
Step 5: Established Desired Swimming Season See chart below.
Florida Residents - Using the chart to the right, find your location, then choose the corresponding factor number. If you are located between two numbers, use the average. When in doubt, use the larger Extending swimming season in Regions of Florida

Outside of Florida - Using the map below, find your location, then choose the corresponding factor number. If you are located between two or more numbers, use the average. When in doubt, use the larger number. (To see the potential swimming season for your area, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Swimming Season Zones for Pool Heating
Enter the swimming season factor number including the decimal point:
Number of panels needed: 




Ten (10) Year Lifetime Limited Warranty

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