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Pool Heater Reviews, Heat Pump Installation Photos and Testimonials

We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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Pool Heat Pump

#94 Posted January 4, 2013 by Jim Curtis Brandon, FL

I needed a heat pump that could produce 140,000 BTU's and am very satisfied with the performance.



Pool Heat Pump

Posted January 3, 2013 by Chuck Witt  


Gulfstream HE90

#93 Posted January, 2013 by Cris Stellenwerf Oakland, New Jersey

My heat pump is finally installed. I did a lot of research and searching on the Internet prior to speaking with you. I just wanted to thank you for the great advice on which heat pump to purchase. You are very knowledgeable and were a pleasure to deal with. Now that the nights are starting to cool down in New Jersey the heater is really being put to use. Your company is second to none. I have recommended to many people and will continue to do so in the future.



Heat Pump

Posted December, 2012 by Jason high  

Wonderful and very knowledgeable company would use them again thanks so much.

Heat Pump

Posted December, 2012 by Frank Quigley  

The transaction was smooth; the delivery was timely and careful; the installation was a piece of cake and the pump rums like a QUIET charm

Heat Pump

Posted November, 2012 by Dave Kintner  

Great product, we heard many horror stories about pool heaters (gas) and got the heat pump, we were very surprised and pleased how efficient it runs. We used our pool up until almost the first of November!

Heat Siphon Z575

#92 Posted August, 2012 by Keith and Melissa LaPier Plattsburgh, NY

We purchased a Heat Siphon heat pump model Z575HP in April 2012 from and Asa, Sales Representative, was truly amazing to deal with. I had numerous questions regarding heat pumps for my pool and Asa answered all my questions. Asa took the time to explain the difference about each of the heat pumps that I had questions about. She even went above and beyond by finding an electrician in my area to install my heat pump who also did an amazing job. Asa called and spoke to the Heat Siphon and this company (Red Rock Mechanical) is now authorized to fix my Heat Siphon heat pump if needed. I do not expect to have any problems but I just wanted to ensure that we had an authorized dealer in our area to fix the heat pump if needed. The Heat Siphon Z575HP tells the current temperature of the pool. When I first set my pool it was 62 degrees and it took less than a day to reach 85 degrees. It was truly amazing. The cost to run this heater is minimal. Asa and did an amazing job with helping me select the pool heater I needed for my pool. I was skeptical purchasing an expensive item on the internet at first but now I highly recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you for all your time and effort.


Heat Siphon

#91 July, 2012 by Michael Webb Ponca City, OK

Here are pictures of our backyard. I am almost finished. Long haul. We also have a water garden next to the pool as you can see in the pictures. I took night pics too in order to show it lit up. I would love to write a review and have some of the pics on your web site if you wish. I have a swim-out that we installed 3 jets in. I put ½ inch nozzles. I can flip the switch to spa, and open the valves and it works as a great little spa too. Thanks again for all your help. Very happy



#90 Posted July, 2012 by Mike Gieseke  

Best heat pump and service from a great company. Just wanted to say thanks to the crew. This Jandy heat pump is far better than i expected . The service i received from pool heat made me feel relaxed and confident that making a big purchase over the internet would be smooth, and it was. From day one to the day i received the product took  5 days and it went smooth from ordering to shipping there were no headaches. So thanks to the crew I highly recommend pool  heat pumps .com. p.s  I'm floating in 92 degree water and it feels great. thanks


Heat Pump

Posted July, 2012 by Anastasia  

I wanted to thank you both for your help with the heater. I have to say that when it works it is absolutely superb. I just wish that these little things didn't go wrong. Finally after replacing both a faulty water pressure sensor and a faulty thermistor everything is working beautifully again! We had family over for the last two weekends and the nieces and nephews really enjoyed the warm pool. Thank you again for your continued help. I have to say that you have been absolutely wonderful to deal with and your support has been a huge help! Have a great summer!

Heat Pump

Posted May, 2012 by Richard P. Escue  

We wish to thank you all very much for your assistance in solving problems with one of the two heat pumps we purchased through your company for our research facility. We were surprised when one of the units failed to start normally and we had a very important deadline that needed to be met. Caroline was extremely helpful in trying to contact the factory in our behalf and was very prompt in calling back to provide status reports and following up to see if the work was accomplished correctly and on time. It is a real pleasure to do business with a company that obviously cares about making certain that their customers are happy after the sale. Caroline truly went the "extra mile" to help us out and we are very grateful that your company assisted with providing us warranty service even when the factory was no longer able to do so. We are very pleased to recommend to anyone wishing to purchase heat pumps for their pool or spa.

Heat Pump Review

Posted June, 2012 by Micah Portney West Nyack, NY

I did a lot of research about heating my pool. I kept coming back to heat pumps but was concerned that they would not work in the northeast here in NY. I read one of your customer testimonials from NY and even contacted him by email. He was nice enough to email and tell me how pleased he was with your heat pump. I finally took the chance and purchased a heat pump from you. We received it within a week and had it installed the Friday of memorial day weekend. The electrician turned it on about 5pm and the pool was at 67 degrees. By the time we had people over on Saturday afternoon, the pool was 88 degrees. As men do, I purchased one a little larger than I needed and I am sure that is why the huge temperature difference so fast. With our solar cover, the heat pump almost never needs to turn on and we keep the pool at 90 degrees. I just need to tell you that I am so happy that we purchased the heat pump from you guys. The time that your staff took to speak with me on the phone and answer all of my questions was wonderful. They were happy to help me track it on its way here, and the truck driver even took it down with the pallet jack to the pool when I threw him a $20 tip. Everything about this experience with your company has been wonderful. I am sure if we ever run into any warranty issues, we will get the same level of service from you guys. Thanks again and please feel free to use this testimonial on your website.


Posted September, 2012 by Maurice Suissa Montreal, Canada

I just wanted to let you know how absolutely happy we are with the heat pump. It's hard to imagine the pool season ending! It is working so well, and the pool heats up rather quickly. At the end of August, we had a bout of rain and chilly weather. The pool temp dropped to about 74....with the dreary weather, I shut off the heater until it the forecast improved. The first nice day I flicked on the breaker. The following day I had the pool at a toasty 88 degrees! And we don't even run the pump at night. I love this unit!!! Thanks again

Heat Siphon

#88 Posted May, 2012 by Jason Couturier Ottawa, Canada

I Just want to say thank you for the great service your company delivered. I just want to say how extremely pleased I am in dealing with “Poolheatpumps”…..I was very nervous with purchasing online for the amount I spent and you personally have changed my mind on buying online items. You guys delivered professionalism every step of the way and came through on everything you promised.  The Heat Siphon unit was delivered in time and in perfect condition. I just want to truly thank you for everything ….I have and will continue to pass along your company’s name to all in my community with who to deal with when it comes to Heating a pool…please let all of your worried customers contact me at the below email address if they have any hesitations!! One very happy customer.


Heat Pump

Posted April, 2012 by Michael Qualls Carrollton, KY 

Just wanted to let you know that I had powered up the heat pump that I purchased from your company. Everything seems to be working fine, let it run for a few hours and will begin full time heating in about 2 more weeks. Thank you for everything and all your help. I apologize again for being such a worry wart over the shipping incident. Have mentioned your company to a few people putting in pools around Carrollton, KY and hope it will generate some business for you.

Heat Siphon

Posted April, 2012 by Mike and Karen Frederiksen Tucson, AZ

To all at After quite a bit of research, we recently purchased a heat pump from I didn’t know very much about heat pumps at first and I was a little reluctant to make such a large purchase from an internet company but I would like to tell anyone out there that may be considering buying a pool heat pump, that provided a top quality product at an unbeatable price and the level of service was maybe better than I have ever experienced. Most importantly, the heat pump works fantastic. The pool temperature went from 59 degrees to 85 degrees in just 24 hours and we’re now looking forward to swimming most of the year instead of only about 3 months last year. A sincere thanks to all at

Heat Siphon C575

#87 Posted April, 2012 by Steve Jones Key Largo, FL

I want to again thank you for your very friendly and professional help in selecting the correct type and size heat pump for my application. I did a lot of homework on this before finding you guys and it didn’t take more than a minute with you to know I was talking with folks who really know the heat pump business! It was impressive how prompt and exact your follow up was on the many of the questions I had, due my unusually tight install location. Everything from pricing to delivery went very smooth. I really wished I had just contacted you first and spent all my research time elsewhere! (like fishing). I absolutely will recommend your firm to anyone that is considering a heat pump!



Heat Siphon

#86 Posted Date by Georgine and Tom  

We have the Heat Siphon up and running, the water is toasty warm. It heated from 71 to 84 degrees in 12 hours with night time lows of 60 and highs in the 70's. The pool is only 6000 gallons and we oversized the heater but we were very impressed with the time it took to get the water warmed up. We cover the pool at night and the heater doesn't seem to run much to hold the 84 degrees. All in all, it was a simple set up. Delivery was quick and they even put the pallet in the garage for us while we had the installation set up. Your company has been great to work with. Thank you for all your help and with the decision on which heat pump to purchase. We think the Heat Siphon was a good fit for us. Thank you again for all your help



Posted January, 2012 by Henrik and Suzie Cape Coral, FL

We are so excited to have bought our pool heater from You where so helpful as I did my research. There is so much to pick from and you where the only company that DIDNT try to sell me something I didn't want. You sent me clips to watch, manuals of different heat pumps so we could educate ourselves. After several emails and me changing my mind going from pump to pump. You always reached out and offered me the best guidance and price. You where understanding and kind as you help educate us with different products. You found us the best warranty and product in our price. The pump arrived on time and was professionally installed. We are so happy with our Pool Heater and our Electric Bill! Thank you for all the personal attention you gave to us.


#85 Posted December, 2011 by Marc Siton Beaver Falls, PA

Thanks again for all your help at the start. The heat pump is great and a joy to have. I was able to enjoy my pool a little longer and shut down my pool in late October.  Here are some pictures and my baby dog is in it to show we're a real customer with real praise for this product. Take care and take it easy! Regards


Heat Siphon Z575

Posted November, 2011 by Sidney M. Buna, TX

You guys are great to deal with! Great products, great prices and priceless advice.....It don't get no better than that! I'm looking forward to putting the heat pump in service next season. Thanks for everything!!!

Jandy EE3000

#84 Posted September, 2011 by Scott Massey Fall City, WA

You folks are fantastic!! I completed the heat pump installation; and two days later we're up to temperature - from 58 to 83 degrees. The Jandy EE-Ti 3000 is terrific, and my wife loves the water at 83-84 degrees, as do I. With the price of propane hugging $3.00 a gallon; we were not getting a lot of use out of the pool. With the heat pump easily capable of heating the water to the low 80's in November - we'll be using the pool a lot more often - year round. The installation diagrams in the Jandy/Zodiac manual were clear and straightforward. I was able to do all of the plumbing and a lot of the electrical work and brought in a certified electrician to check the work and make the final electrical hookups. The new Jandy heat pump is plumbed in parallel with an existing propane heater (as diagramed in the Jandy manual) with a check valve in the heat pump outlet line prior to the propane heater inlet line. I've installed shutoff valves and a bypass valve to facilitate water flowing through the system if I should ever have to remove the heat pump for maintenance. I've also installed a couple unions to enable complete removal of the heat pump water lines for easier access to the other pool system components. One feature that helped sell the Jandy system was the "maintain temperature relay" on the heat pump to override the pool circulation pump schedule and start the pool circulation pump when the temp drops. Working with the Jandy diagrams was a big help and once I got the wiring figured out for my TightWatt2 pool timer instead of the diagrammed Intermatic, the rest was easy and we were off and swimming!! Enclosed are a few photos of the installation.



Posted October, 2011 by Anne C. Nashville, IN

Hi, I just wanted to pass along this year's performance of my wonderful heat pump. It was hard to get things going at first this year. We had cold and wet conditions for most of April, even into May here in Indiana. Once it was all setup, it was even better than last year. I learned to use liquid shock instead of the cheap powder stuff at the big box stores like walmart, menards, etc. I went to a local pool supplier for my liquid shock, where they test my pool chemicals for free. They helped me a lot and are located in Columbus, Indiana. Since it was not as warm this fall as last fall, I had to close my pool before Novemeber 1. The pump cannot keep the water in my 24 foot 48 inch deep pool floppy sided cheapy warm if it dips below the low 50's at nite, and cant reach at least a high 70 the next day. I use a good quality solar blanket all the time, to maintain chemical balance and reduce heat loss. I am feeling like some sort of expert by now! LOL! But I am still amazed at this RUUD heat pump. It churns out some hot water, let me tell ya. Lots of times way after dark, during cold spells in the Indiana summer (could dip down air temp in the 60's) we go near where the water feeds back in, just because it is SO WARM. p.s. till next year, have a great winter, and Christmas. I'm still trying to think of a way to not EVER shut down my pool!!!! That would be a Merry Christmas, indeed. I also switched to a sand filter for my cheap pool. No more 10 dollar filter cartridges to replace!!


Posted October, 2011 by Nick P. Cape Coral, FL

We were so pleased with the staff of pool heat pumps. They helped me with any questions I had, plus were so patient. The heat pump I bought runs quite. All so efficiently. Very happy with the product, thanks.

Jandy EE1500

Posted October, 2011 by Dan M. Queen Creek, AZ

I wanted to thank you for a great buying experience. The heat pump was shipped sooner than I expected. I hooked it up yesterday and it works great. Very easy to setup and program. Thanks

S125 TI

#83 Posted June, 2011 by Patrick Rolling Southington, CT

As my backyard is complete and useable, here are a few pictures of the S. you may use them as you wish If you need additional reference for my area you can have me on your list. You really are taking care of the follow up and are running a great business. Water is being heated to 87 degree..

After some very wet weather, long power outage due to the hurricane, we finally started the pump today! Here are some pictures. My backyard is not yet finished and looks like a swamp from torrential rains (yes even in CT). Pump works great, very easy to setup, and is heating the pool as I write. Thank you





#82 Posted August, 2011 by Bob S. Elk Grove, California

This is a video of our customer Bob S. in Elk Grove, California, which is just south of Sacramento.  He was told by many people that heat pumps do not work in his area. Well, here is video proof that they do work there and they do work well!  He was very kind to film this video for us.  Thanks, Bob!

Click to watch Bob's Video

Heat Siphon Z575HP

Posted August, 2011 by Earl J. Saskatoon, SK

Absolutely amazing customer service. I e-mailed a question on a Friday night, and somebody phoned me within the hour. I was hoping for a reply e-mail the next week... There was a problem at the border with brokerage fees, but one call to and they assured us they would take care of it, and they did. Great product and fantastic service. I would recommend them to anyone.

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