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Pool Heater Reviews, Heat Pump Installation Photos and Testimonials

We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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Heat Siphon Z575HP

Posted August, 2011 by Paul E. Los Angeles, CA

Finally we can really use our pool. After ten years of barely ever getting in, we've found our family swimming daily now with the Heat Siphon heat-pump. The fact that we can adjust the temperature makes a big difference. Yes, the electric bill is slightly higher, but the trade off in swim-time and grandson time in the pool is well worth it.


Posted August, 2011 by Charles G. East Islip, NY

We are all set up. Turned the heat pump on last night for the first time. The ambient air temp was in the high 60's last night. We woke up to an 84.1 degree pool! We ordered a solar cover from our local pool store and it will be in tomorrow. The pool water was 76 last night around 6:00 at night. Its just under 24 hours since the initial heating, and the temp is now 87. That is without the cover. Very impressive. I couldn't get the kids out of the pool today. Unfortunately, I couldn't go in with my injury, but I'm looking forward to September. Thanks again for your help. This was a great investment!

Heat Siphon Z700

#81 Posted July, 2011 by Ed Hardy Coldstream, British Columbia

The Z700 heat pump arrived, and I have it installed. I poured a concrete pad outside the garage for it, then drilled two 3 1/2" holes through the wall and put ABS pipe in them as a conduit for the 2" flexible PVC I used for the heat pump piping. I am enclosing photos of the install. I put the unit on a platform of 1 ½” plywood, on casters for ease of moving, with rubber matting on the top of the platform and around the edges as skirting so critters won’t live underneath. The unit has to sit at about 45 degrees to the wall, which made planning the piping a little more complicated. In the garage, I had to work around the existing wiring conduits, so it is not as neat as I would have liked if I were doing it from scratch. However, the entire original pool installation was not well done, as I indicated in my original email. The instructions do say not to have a bypass, but I put one in for better ease of draining the pipes inside the garage at start of winter. Since I am the only one who deals with this, I have no concerns with it. We used to have to run the geothermal all night to get the pool up a couple of degrees, and it could almost never get it up to more than about 80 except in really hot weather. When I finished the install on this unit, I held my breath and threw the breaker. The unit started up, and at that time, the pool water was about 74. We went out for a few hours, and when we came back, the unit was off. I thought it had shorted out or something, but no, it had already gotten the pool up to 86. 74 to 86 degrees in about 5 hours! My son had his 7th birthday last weekend, and we had eleven 7 year old boys in the pool. The day was a bit cool, so I turned the heater up to 88 and no problem at all! After several years of cool pool and the kids (and wife) going constantly from pool to hot tub and back again, we finally have a very efficient pool heater which can do the job in no time flat! Thanks very much. Regards



125 TI

#80 Posted July, 2011 by Ryan Heilman West Chesterfield, NH

I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in purchasing my 125 heap pump. The unit has now been running for two weeks. Your estimate of about a degree an hour increase in temperature was spot on for my 15,000 gallon pool with temperatures in the high 70's low 80's. I appreciated the time you spent educating me on not only heat pumps in general but the pros and cons of each model you carry and also the support you provided me when trying to decide where to install the heater once it was received. I was reassured I made the right decision to use after I had a calibration issue with my heater and within an hour I had an answer on how to recalibrate the unit. I was shock when I received a follow up email from you a couple days later insuring that my issue was resolved and or to see if I needed any other assistance. Your customer service is greatly appreciated.



Heat Siphon Z700

Posted July, 2011 by Doug A. Winnepeg, Manitoba

A few of our friends that have pools have been amazed at how efficient the Heat Siphon Z700 heat pump is, and believe it or not, very few people in Winnipeg seem to be aware of these! Most of the people here have either solar, or a gas/solar combination, but lots of people here spend between 300.00 and 400.00 a month during the summer to heat their pools!, so you can imagine how much $ they could be saving over five years or so with a heat pump! I would have nothing but good things to say about your service should anyone ever ask! Pool is at 84 Degrees, and I'm loving it!!

Jandy AE2000

Posted June 2011 by Mike R. Nesconset, NY

I wanted to follow-up and close the loop. An in-house Zodiac technician came to my home on Thursday, inspected my pump, and determined that the cause of the break within the heat exchanger was unknown and replaced the exchanger under warranty. He works throughout the northeast and sees many heat exchangers that are damaged from freezing and in his words “never saw a heat exchanger break in the way mine did”. I wanted to thank you for getting involved. My experience proves that it does matter where you buy. The result I received from Zodiac was a direct result of your intervention and the influence has given your buying power. It is one thing to have the buying power, it is another to be willing to get involved and use this influence on the consumer’s behalf. Thanks for getting involved and helping us reach the desired outcome. Thanks again

125 TI

Posted June 2011 by Chris Reading, PA

Hello again a few weeks later. Thanks for the great recommendation on the 125Ti. I finally had it installed 2 days ago and all we can say is wow! On Tuesday, the water truck filled my pool. We took the temperature and it was 67 degrees when it was going in. Within 12 hours it had climbed over 13 degrees to a wonderful 80 degrees. I absolutely hate cold water and this unit allows me to max out my pool investment by allowing me to keep the pool open from April through Sept/early Oct, all attributable to the 125 Heat Pump you sold me. I spent a lot of time on the internet searching for a great heat pump at a great price after I rejected a "deal" from my pool installation company. After finding you guys and getting some great advice from Asa, you topped it all by saving me almost $1,000. The pictures of installations of the same make/model really helped as well and saved me some money with the install team. I will always recommend my friends and family to you as you have simply provided great advice and a great product...with all the pre- (and post-sale) support that goes above and beyond! That's pure gold these days. Best Regards P.S. Made in America too...nice

Heat Siphon Z575HP

#79 Posted June 2011 by Mike L. Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island, Canada

I wanted to email and thank for the amazing customer service, advice, expertise, understanding and patience. We were looking all over the Internet for the best deal on a pool heat pump. We are a new family with a new house that has a pool that had a natural gas pool heater. We knew nothing and this was a big purchase for us. We live in Nanaimo, BC Vancouver Island, Canada where prices are ridiculous.


This unit is CSA approved for operation in Canada. We went with the digital version for a little more. IT IS SO WORTH IT!! It has been a very cold long spring. Our in-ground pool is a 8' deep, 16x40 ' lazy L'. We live on a ridge by the ocean where it is very windy. We have a solar cover on the pool, that has done nothing but insulate as our weather has been so poor till this week(no sun). The pool was 10c(50f) degrees and the air at noon was 12c. We have a 4 month old so we set it to 33c(91.4f). It was 7c(44.6) so the heat pump would not run some nights. The days were cloudy at times raining. The pool was up to temp in only 4 days!! We now have it set at 32c(89.6).


It steams on cool windy day. We absolutely love the digital settings. It tells you the temp you set it at, air temp, pool temp in a scrolling pattern. Best few extra $ we spent ! The pool is consistently 32c. Now it's sunny it gets over that with solar cover on. We will drop the temp accordingly as summer hits. All our neighbors still have their hideous black winter covers on and we have been swimming since May 1st...over a month!!. Install was a breeze. My pool guy plumbed it quick. My electrician hooked it up fast. I put down 4 garden cement pads from local garden store at a cost of $40. Used a level to ensure flat. The unit is NOT LOUD. My neighbor never knew I installed the pump at our fence even. Asa has answered every question I have had, no matter how silly. He's great!! We had the pump shipped to Sumas, WA. We took the ferry and came home same day. Ferry trip was $120. We filled up with has and bought some groceries and so that paid for the trip!! We saved well over $3000 from buying from Kevin and got a WAY BETTER MACHINE. We have had it running in the worst weather and probably should have waited a few weeks. But wanted to get in the pool. We are in swimming while others inside their house...nighttime, is simply amazing!! Thx again, for the GREAT product & service !! *any locals can come check out the pump or email me, and my pool guy & electrician is $35/hr !! Regards



125 TI

Posted June 2011 by Mike D. Rehoboth, MA

You were right, the heat pump works Perfectly! The heater arrived on Thursday, I poured the concrete pad Friday morning before work. We had it connected to the pool pump Friday afternoon, and our electrician came Saturday morning to connect it. Our pool temperature in the morning on Saturday was 70 degrees, by 4:00 in the afternoon, it reached the temperature we had set it at: 80 degrees! The following day, Sunday, was my daughter's graduation and we had a party after the ceremony. The air turned cool in around dinner time, but we had a pool full of kids, who did not want to get out of that warm pool! Thanks to you and all of your help, the party was a success. We are so impressed with the speed of delivery and the ease of installation. Now all our friends and neighbors who have pools being unused these past few weeks because of the cool weather, are inquiring about our heat pump. I will, of course, be sending them your way. Thank you again

Heat Siphon Z700HP

Posted June 2011 by Brian C. Oneonta, NY

Just to let you know that I got the Heat Siphon 7HP installed and running in my 22’ X 42’ pool. Started it with no problems at all at 1PM on Saturday (pool was at 68 degrees) … by this morning the pool is up to 79 … and should be at the set point of 82 by the time I get home this afternoon … So an increase of 12 degrees (with cool nights and no solar blanket) in about 48 hours. Appreciate the great service and the quick response to all of my questions. Best regards,

Heat Siphon Z700HP

Posted June 2011 by Rob M Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada

I just wanted to drop you a quick note on Z700HP HEAT SIPHON. At this point in time after a couple of weeks of operations its working beautifully! Installation was truly very easy even though I had my hesitations before I tried installing it myself. But it truly was a breeze to install and it started up right away like a charm and like the Ad says, set it and leave it. I do find it quieter than my last heater for sure. I will take some pictures in a little while an send you my set-up if you like? Anyway Kevin I was nervous ordering an item like this online but so far I have no regrets. We will see what next year brings.....

Jandy EE2500 HE

Posted June 2011 by Luanne P. Enterprise, AL

Just recently I have talked with someone that is possibly interested in a pool heater. Without hesitation I could give them your name. Since 2005 we are still loving our Jandy heater and the fact that we can swim for six months of the year here in south Alabama. Not only are we still happy with our Jandy heater, but you were so good to work with. Our purchase with you was the most costly thing I'd ever gotten off the internet, so I was leery, but the whole process was a good experience and I'm happy we did business with you and that I can recommend you to others interested in a heater also. I was glad to see that your web site is still up and going strong. Best of luck to you and your company! My words were sincere. My experience with your company was good and I have no problem recommending you to anyone that might be interested in your pool heaters. Besides being happy with our Jandy, Asa Strong is a really good guy to work with and represents the company well. He is a great example of what customer service is all about, and that is not easy when dealing with folks you don't see in person. It is my pleasure to help your business! Best of luck to you in this slow economy!

S125 TI

#78 Posted June 2011 by John Carlucci Smithtown, NY

We wanted to express our appreciation to you for our recent purchase of the 125ti featured on your website. You have given us an exceptional product and, most importantly, you have provided us with the most professional and consistent advice throughout the process. You have consistently responded to all of our many questions, and we greatly appreciate your knowledge and expertise as it pertains to this system. We are pleased to report that our unit is functioning perfectly, and that it has enhanced our pool experience tremendously.



Heat Siphon Z575HP

Posted May, 2011 by Mark F. Pinehurt, NC

Thanks for taking care of me in regards to a pool heater. Kevin was awesome to work with and answered every question I asked. Customer service is a top priority in your company and it shows. I mentioned a company that has cheaper prices and would not purchase from them again because their customer service was horrible after the purchase. Thanks again

Heat Siphon Z700HP

#77 Posted May, 2011 by Tom Gutowski Modesto, CA

Thank you very much for all your expert help with our heat pump installation. The pump works great and looks much better than our old gas heater. You guys run a truly great service. I would recommend you to anyone. We are very happy with Heat Siphon Z700HP heat pump. Our old gas heater broke down so I started to look for an alternative. I was never very happy with the cost of heating the pool with gas. I did a lot of research online and I found your website. The pump arrived in perfect shape as advertised. I thought I would have to pay someone a lot of money to have it installed but after some research, I realized that I could do it myself. I already had a dedicated 220v breaker box by the pool pumps so wiring was very straight forward after a trip to home depot. The heat pump runs fairly quietly, it is not any louder than my air conditioner. It is certainly not as fast in heating the pool and especially the hot tub but with little planning it is not a big deal. My electric bill is higher but my gas bill is much lower so I am looking forward to the savings all summer. Once again, thank you for great service.



105 TI + Hayward Pump for Above Ground Pool

#76 Posted May, 2011 by Gregory Bosch Orange County, NY

All I can say about is that they run an absolutely outstanding operation. From my very first phone call through delivery, through set-up and install, they were amazing. They took me from knowing absolutely nothing about Heat Pumps to knowing well, a little bit more about them. But, they sold me the right product for my pool and application and we are VERY satisfied. Everyone that works there is very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help in any way possible. The e-mails are FILLED with information and they take the time to answer any questions. To anyone considering a heat pump, you can feel confident in the people at Side-note: My wife was not completely on board with me purchasing a heat pump but she is as satisfied as I am with the entire experience. I WILL be recommending to anyone in the market for a pool/heater. Thank you again to all who made our first pool such an enjoyable experience.


125 TI

Posted May, 2011 by Don L. St. Joseph, MO

I did a lot of research and sole searching before I ventured into the heat pump product. I have friends who have a gas heater and never turn it on because it is too expensive to run and they have much more money than I. I looked hard at installing solar heat but when I weighed up cost and the number I would need and the visual effects of the panels I decided to go heat pump. That was a great start then I had to find a good supplier, again good old google came into use. I contact various companies but the rapport I had with Asa was way way better than all the other companies, your prices were also very competitive. I have had my 125TI unit since May 2008. and it has been faultless. We run the pool at 85degs, old bones don't like cold water............................. Turned the heat on Sunday morning, pool temperature was 72.5 degs at 6.15am and raised to 80.8 by 8.30pm and then to 82.5 overnight at 6.30 am. Can't tell you when it topped out at 85 but were swimming in our outside bath early afternoon. Its a great product easy to install and we wouldn't be without it. Its a little difficult to state the running costs as its not on a separate meter but it certainly is not expensive. If you have any customers who would like to view or discuss in our area feel free to let them have my contact details. Thanks for a great product and to Asa for being a true honest gentleman.

85 TI

#75 Posted April, 2011 by Walter Peters Houston, TX

I appreciate your great service and educating me on Saturday to help me make a quick decision, my wife and baby boy were able to enjoy our pool 4 months sooner than if we waited for the sun to heat up the pool naturally. We swam all weekend and the water was 88-90 degrees, perfect!



Raypak 8350 TIE

Posted April, 2011 by Don F Hilton Head Island, SC

I want to thank you for your super customer service. I just received the Rheem heat pump I ordered on Friday. I will make my customer very happy also.

Jandy EE2500 HE

Posted March, 2011 by Kenneth B. Costa Rica

The heat pump is installed and is working perfectly.  It arrived without damage.  Still need to install the remote control. Many thanks again for your excellent and efficient service.

Jandy EE 2500

Posted February, 2011 by Robert B Texas, I just thought I'd share with you that I finally received delivery of the pool heat pump and it appeared to be in perfect condition. I just want to say thank you for working this through with us. Your professionalism made things go very smoothly.


Posted February, 2011 by Howard H. Tequesta, FL

Many thanks for your prompt response to my request. BOTH copies have been received. We continue to enjoy our pool heater, thanks to you. For me, there is no such thing as too much information. And, importantly, you nailed it in terms of recommending the perfect pool heater for us based on our needs. It is a pleasure to do business with you. A lot of my Florida friends have pools, and, as we know, after a decade in the Florida elements, especially if you are on or near the water, the pool heater may need to be replaced. I spent $200 chasing leaks, and when I found out there were 3 and any freon added leaked out, I decided it was time to call Kevin. Boy, am I glad I did. My 14 year-old daughter just told me I was the best Dad in the world as she emerged from a swim in a nice warm pool in February. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends who find themselves in need of a pool heater and may not wish to write a check for $5,000 for a heater for a 15 X 30 pool. All the best.


#74 Posted February, 2011 by Jim Newman Phoenix, AZ, You have been most diligent in answering my questions and insuring we purchased the correct pool heat pump. I see from your website that many owners have shared their installation with you.  The installation was finished yesterday and it wor4ks!  I personally did the work except an electrician ran the wire to the box on the wall.  The white PVC piping is new and the old piping is painted silver.  I placed new concrete pads under the pump/filter and the heat pump. We will turn on the heat during the last week of March. Thanks again.



Heat Siphon Z575

#73 Posted February, 2011 by MJ S & Martha J. Siede Hollywood, FL

Hello! I've attached some pictures of our pool, and new heat pump( Z575 Heat Siphon) connected, as well as a picture of the temperature after about 18 hours of running. The pool temperature started at about 63 degrees, It's up about 10 degrees since I started it up!

I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help and expertise. All transactions with your company have gone smoothly without any hitches. When I started this process, I didn't know which end was up! Do I get an electric heater, a natural gas heater, solar panels or heat pump. I filled out your questionnaire and received a prompt response from Asa Strong. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain the differences in a way that I was able to understand. Your website is an encyclopedia of pool heating information and very helpful. Asa thank you for extending the special discount price from December 2010. We so appreciated it. I can't wait to start swimming!
You can count on us to refer you to any and all folks looking for and
inexpensive, hassle-free way to heat their pool! It gives me peace of
mind to know you are only a phone call away!




#72 Posted February, 2011 by Joan L. Georgetown, DE

This is the second heat pump we purchased from this company. It is very economical to operate as opposed to gas. Plus this company (Pool Heat Pumps) was responsive when we needed a part and tech support, so when we put in our new pool, we ordered another heater from them. It was delivered free, in a timely manner and works just great.




#71 Posted February, 2011 by Ann Crum Brown County, IN

Everyone at, The install was creative to say the least! (see my photos). And yes, that black hose is directly off of a Shop Vac! I have a VERY basic swimming pool. People thought I was insane to spend so much to heat a $500 pool~I knew what I wanted, and knew where I could skimp. I could not stand the thought of going into debt to have a swimming pool. I settled my mind on an above ground due to cost. But those metal sided monsters still cost over 5 or 6K for the size and depth I wanted..add into it the cost of excavation because we are on sloped hillside. To have it installed would have added more cost. I doubt we could have put one of those up properly. With my flimsy soft sided pool, we did manage to excavate our own place, after 3 attempts of putting it up, starting to fill, seeing we were off level, draining, etc.. we saved the cost of paying someone to excavate. We spent our hard work and time to get it done, but cost wise, we saved a bundle.. and learned the ropes of putting the pool together and dismantling which is required for storage during winter. An inconvenience, yet not so bad once you learn how to handle it! Think about how cheap the initial cost was! 500 dollars for a 24 foot 48 inch deep pool! Here in Indiana, most people choose to shut their pools down Labor Day weekend. That is crazy to me. It is mid-October, and I will be getting into my pool this evening!




#70 Posted January, 2011 by Jackie Sandage Carson City, NV

We have had the heater up and running since last Friday.  Oh my goodness, it is awesome!!!!!  Everyone (yes, me too) have been in the pool every We keep the solar blanket on it religiously so the heater does not kick on too often but keeps it nice and toasty warm. LOVE IT!!! Thanks Again


Smartemp Control Board

#69 Posted January, 2011 by David R.  

I want to thank you and for provided me with the proper replacement control board for my pool's Smartemp heat pump, including the courage to replace the control board myself.  After learning that my heat pump was not functioning, I called a pool repair company to fix the heat pump.  They came out and told me that a  needed a HVAC guy. I had one come out.  He told me that my control board was bad, but he did not have the replacement and could not help.  I googled heat pump control boards and found your firm.  You sent me pictures and installation instructions by email to give me confidence that this is what I needed before I ordered.  Everything you said was right.  You shipped the control board out immediately, I installed it and my heat pump is working great.  Because of you I spent a only few hundred dollars on a replacement control board versus $3,600 on a new heat pump.

I appreciate your service and devotion to customer service.


Heat Siphon SX5.0

#68 Posted December 2010 by Dave Dahl Willingford, CT

Let me say it was truly a pleasure doing business with you and  My Heat Siphon SX5.0 arrived in about 5 days safe and sound.  Delivery was convenient as I set the date and time.  My new pool was just installed 2 days ago and hooking up the Heat Siphon was quite easy.  One trip to Lowes' plumbing dept and I had what I needed to go from 2" male threads to a 1.5" slip-on hose fitting was all it took. I did have a licensed Electrician do the wiring for me.  Anyway, I have an 18x33 above ground oval (18,000 gal).  After I filled the pool the water temp was 68 degrees at 8pm.  The next day at 5pm it was 85 degrees.  That's 17 degrees in 21 hours for an 18,000 gallon pool!  My solar cover was back ordered so I don't have one yet.  The overnight low air temp was 58 degrees.  In the morning my pool was 80 degrees (lost 5 degrees overnight).  At 7am I turned My Heat Siphon back on and by noon I was back to 85 degrees.  1 degree per hour.  The unit is also very quiet. Needless to say I am very pleased with my investment and choice of on-line dealers.  I still have to extend my deck out to the pool and do some landscaping but please see attached pics of the initial installation.  Regards, Dave Dahl



125 Heat/Cool

Posted December 2010 by Robert C Arizona

Recently we purchased a pool heat pump. We wanted a unit that would not only heat our pool in the winter but also cool the pool's water in the summer. We highly recommend Representative, Asa Strong to assist you in your unit selection, as his competence, reliability and knowledge of products is so diverse. With her assistance our unit arrived within a few days of ordering and it's installation was uncomplicated. At start up of our unit, the pools water temperature was 54. Within 72 hours, it was 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We do have a automatic cover and recommend having one a must for the unit to provide consistent water temperature. Over the Christmas holidays we had several families visiting with their children. Swimming was an ALL DAY event in the pool. It was like swimming in bath water. Many thanks to Asa of Pool Heat Pumps. We did a lot of price comparisons both locally and over the internet. Pool Heat Pumps offered the best economic purchase and variety of units. We love our heat pump!

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